Important Things You Need to Know About RealDoll

Important Things You Need to Know About RealDoll

The progressive technological advancement also rains on the sex doll industry. Several ideas that stay as a dream for so long have now come to reality. One of the milestones in the industry mentioned in the existence of the development of the so-called RealDoll. This sex doll version was conceptualized and produced by no other than the great Abyss Creations, a popular sex doll and sex robot manufacturer based in California USA. Well, RealDoll would look like a typical love doll at a glance, but as you get closer to examine the wholesomeness of this creation, you’re going to see that it’s far different. Generally, they are life-size and life-like versions of the ones you frequently browsed over the internet. But they are equipped with more advanced technologies that allow them to perform several functions you might not know yet. RealDoll is made from the sturdiest metal as its skeleton and hyper-realistic silicone as its flesh. Texture and capabilities are really cool, according to the testimonies of the users. 

Important Things You Need to Know About RealDoll

Due to its highly-advanced features, the chief purpose of RealDoll is to serve as a sex buddy. People get attracted to them at first sight and aroused to their beauty, especially when the dress is taken off. RealDoll’s advantage from other common sex dolls in the market is its ability to cater to various sexual activities that the user may demand from them. RealDoll is extremely beautiful and attractive to a wide range of get-ups, wigs, make-ups, and its inner temperature can also be regulated via baths and electric blankets for a more realistic penetration. 

But of course, RealDoll can’t still be crossed out as one of the best companions in the world. Without perversion, you can still talk to it or sleep with it without harm o9r hesitation. RealDoll can be multipurpose. 

The Early Progress

RealDoll took very careful research and brainstorming before the very first version came out to the public. From the early version up until the latest, the manufacturers anchored to one goal which is to produce a sex robot or a sex doll that perfectly resembles the human being, whether it’s a male or female. And looking to its success, it can’t be denied that Abyss Creations have gone more than expected, especially with their RealDoll. 

RealDoll first appeared in the global market as a prototype made of skeleton and latex. But as time went by, they gradually shifted from a simple latex to a full-blown silicone. This transition had resulted in more success in their goals. Their latest crafts easily reached the trend as the dolls give more realistic feeling and satisfying penetration to the users. 

However, Abyss Creations didn’t stop right there. They still incurred more and more upgrades such as the use of platinum silicone and invested a lot for the technology. With the use of this high-quality silicone, they were able to protect their sex dolls from unwanted scratches and dents. Moreover, this silicone is much more durable than any other version which prevents the dolls made of it from getting torn apart. 

Important Things You Need to Know About RealDoll

The production and distribution of RealDoll can be traced way back in 1996 when its prototype screamed out in the market. Many people have seen the beauty of RealDoll even in its first version. It gained thousands of patrons who became steadfast not only to RealDoll but for all the products distributed by Abyss Creations. It can safely be said that the introduction of RealDoll became the company’s brand new and more successful business chapter. It paves the company’s road towards popularity. 

The Climax

In 2003, Abyss Creations had another ground-breaking investment that changed the company’s total development. On this year, they introduced a new gift to the market they called “Face-X.” Basically, it’s a stunning technology that allows the sex robot heads to be transferred to other sex robot bodies. What’s the catch? With this, you can easily change the face of your sex dolls if it no longers arouses you. Face-X cuts off your expenses because you no longer have to buy a new entire doll. Purchasing a single head is way better and cost-effective. Since there’s a standard Face-X system where the heads and the bodies are made of, it can be easily interchanged any way around. Amazing? Super amazing!

Through the years, the company had strived for more and became consistent with their goal. They produced dozens of sex robots and received a generous flow of sales in the course of years. The investments became fruitful and all the hard work of the company had been paid off. In 2011, Abyss Creations produced 9 bodies and 16 heads, all possessed the interchangeable technology of Face-X system. 2 years before, RealDoll 2 was then introduced to the whole world. Aside from the replaceable heads, this doll version has new replaceable features. This time, it’s not just headed, but also inserts for channels like mouth and vagina. It’s now possible because these parts are detachable through magnets instead of permanent attachments. RealDOll 2 started from two bodies and three faces until it can now supply a large group of patrons. Based on the records, the company was able to create 10 faces and three bodies. After that, Abyss Creations still moved for more. To this date, one more body is in progress. 

Meet Charlie

Among the many RealDoll versions produced by Abyss Creations, there is one that really stands out. Well, his name is Charlie, the very first male RealDol ever made. With the emergence of Face-X, Charlie had undergone several body replacements. In 2008, Charlie had finally retired. He had been replaced by another trendy version such as a transgender sex doll or something they call “shemale.” Since Face-X has been there to serve, you can easily transform a once a boy sex doll into a shemale using a new female head or vice versa. Amazing, right. 

Important Things You Need to Know About RealDoll

Technology has been doing great in the past years. So it really can’t be denied that it’s a gift from up above that must be used in a nice and responsible way. If acceptance isn’t possible right now, at least there must have respect.  

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