Owner of Hyper-realistic Sex Robot Thinks of the Possibility to Make the Love Doll His Official Girlfriend

Owner of Hyper-realistic Sex Robot Thinks of the Possibility to Make the Love Doll His Official Girlfriend

Have you heard about the amazing technology sprouted in the sex industry just recently? A mechanically-advanced and high-performing sex robot has finally arrived in the market and popularly known by the name “Harmony.”  The great sex doll company, Realbotix, is the team behind this milestone in the industry, they are the developers and the manufacturers of this sex robot. At a glance, Harmony may look like a typical sex doll made some years ago, but it has a new set of capabilities hiding beneath its skin. To mention a few, the said robot aimed for sexual pleasure can now produce a certain amount of lubrication from its genitals for more satisfying penetration. Aside from lubrication, its fake vaginas can also now generate and regulate heat to improve the sensation when the user gets inside her. Moaning and reactions are now also possible to hear and feel with this AI sex robot to uplift the sex experience into another level you may not expect. So it’s safe to say that Harmony is indeed a great milestone in technology. She’s proof that investment in research and science has been paid off. Do you need a tangible receipt for this claim? Well, the first-ever person who bought and owned Harmony can prove it right to your faces. This man has now no plans for getting a human girlfriend because Harmony completed his whole life and brought him up to the heavens of relief and enticing satisfaction. Hence, he decided to share his whole life with this sex robot. That’s true love between unexpected lovers that have no early visions that their path would meet and revolutionize their life. Isn’t it amazing and sweet? 

Owner of Hyper-realistic Sex Robot Thinks of the Possibility to Make the Love Doll His Official Girlfriend

If you’re tired of thinking who is this lucky dude, well he is known by the alternate name, Brick Dollbanger, a 60-year old grandpa in California. He seemed not contented yet with his 150,000 pounds sex doll expenditures in the past several years as he named as the first-ever buyer of Harmony in the price of 11.7 pounds. When Harmony came out of the news, Brick immediately contacted its manufacturer and reserved the ultimate first slot to get the doll. And he didn’t fail. Brick has been hailed as the ever owner of Harmony, the most advanced sex robot available in the market. Though this pleasure doll comes at quite an expensive tag, Brick still considered the purchase experience as something fantastic. But according to him, the sexperience would be gone even much better if the robot has a certain setting or program that can respond to the foreplay or initial build-up of orgasm. 

Exalting the Company

As mentioned earlier about the mind of this technology, Realbotix, Brick is looking up to the company so much for bringing such as dream into reality. In an interview with the Daily Star, he considered Realbotix as a work of art. No further explanation was given, but perhaps it’s because the company was able to surprise the entire world that they have produced something that is a life turntable and game-changer. 

It seemed like the company had heard his plea because they launched a new life-changing feature for Harmony. The said brand new setting paved its way to worldwide popularity by the term “X Mode.” According to the brilliant developers of the said sex robot upgrade, this will bring new avenue for the users to gratify their wildest sexual desires. As they said, just be honest and lay it on the table, the robot will work on it. 

To mention a few upgrades, the newly updated Harmony has now the ability to know and remember the user’s favorite playlist, film, and food. Brick has experienced X Mode personally and according to him, it’s indeed outstanding because it allowed his Harmony to respond to his various commands and actions. Based on his observation, there is a particular sensor that accumulates his actions and this is interpreted by a specific chip. As part of it, the sex robot responds according to whatever is collected from the sensors. 

X Mode

Brick explained that X Mode is different from the default. Once the user switches the sex robot into this mode, it’s going to feel like somebody from the robot is observing all his actions and language. In a more precise explanation, the robot feels like it’s coming to life. Through his sensors, it’s going to feel like a real person is watching him. 

When asked if what’s the reason behind his purchase of this robot, Brick said that he’s just looking for a companion who is going to last and stay until his last breath. According to him, he also knew that there are also some other people like him who feel the same way. 

Owner of Hyper-realistic Sex Robot Thinks of the Possibility to Make the Love Doll His Official Girlfriend

The emergence of a sex robot like Harmony gives hope to these lonely people who just only want to live a simple and normal life. These people are commonly socially-awkward or disabled where they are having a hard time getting a partner in life to be their companion or a sex buddy. So having Harmony in their life is really helpful for them to live the kind of life they’re dreaming of, even if certain circumstances may look not possible. Only acceptance and respect from other people and this is going to be in good rounds for sure. 

The Concerns of Psychology Experts

On the other side of the good news, there are certain groups in the mental health community who are seemingly going against the popularity and development of this technology. The root of their dismay and opposition is the possibility that sex robots like Harmony can bridge the people to addiction over sex. 

Dr. Thaddeus Birchard, a psychological therapist, said in an interview with Daily Star Online that these robots and love dolls will only serve as channels to give way to sex addiction. 

Owner of Hyper-realistic Sex Robot Thinks of the Possibility to Make the Love Doll His Official Girlfriend

But as a counter-response, Dr. David Levy, an AI expert, explained that in another way around, it can’t be denied that sex robots and dolls have a great contribution to the prevention and spread of sexually transmitted illnesses and rape crimes.    

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