Why Are They Closing Down Sex Doll Brothels

Why Are They Closing Down Sex Doll Brothels

For the past few years, sex doll brothels have popped up all around the globe. But it does not take long until they eventually start crashing down.

Many believe that technology will one day replace manual labor, and in the case of the sex tourism industry, human sex workers are said to become obsolete one day. However, sex dolls are not expected to boom anytime soon. Indeed, their sales worldwide are gradually increasing, and an increasing number of individuals and couples are being more open to the idea of owning one. Still, that does not denote that the normalization of sex dolls in society is already underway. The best example would be that one sex doll brothel after another is shutting down its services.

Why Are They Closing Down Sex Doll Brothels

Top Concerns in Using Sex Dolls

The number of sex doll brothels that have maintained their business for a long time is already low. In fact, the chance of them opening for business is already close to none. Aside from the citizens labeling sex doll businesses as unacceptable, there are many controversies about their effects.

It violates sexual ethics

If even brothels with actual service workers were said to breach sexual ethics, there is no wonder that the same thing happens to those for sex dolls. Three years ago, in 2017, the exact thing happened at LumiDolls. The brothel in Barcelona is said to be the first of its kind in the whole world.  However, it did not last long until people started to demand child-like dolls and permission for rape roleplaying.

In Aura Doll’s case, they found some of their dolls broken or damaged after a session with their clients. One customer even brought fake blood to the brothel for their roleplay. And after urging their customers to act however they want without restrictions and limitations towards the dolls, BellaDolls in Vancouver received criticisms.

That shows that sex doll brothels have been a place of gathering for people with violent tendencies. Since the ones that provide the services are mere objects, they took it as a chance to harm their partner as much as they desire. Although being rough to a doll hurts nobody, no one can say for sure if that will strengthen their desire to do the same thing to an actual person or not. What is certain, however, is that it gives people the idea that pedophilic acts and rape are merely sexual fantasies, when, in fact, those are crimes. Therefore, they should not be considered, even in sex doll brothels.

However, not all customers have violent and illegal fetishes. As a matter of fact, a majority of them are people who are not able to fulfill their sexual needs elsewhere or might have some type of disability, social anxiety, or even autism. While the fact that people use sex dolls for wrong purposes remains true, there are those who find the use of a sex doll as their only choice left.

It renders consent as something unnecessary

Sex dolls are merely objects, so they are not conscious, nor should they ever be. Even the latest versions nowadays that have artificial intelligence (AI) are not intelligent enough to give or withhold consent. The most they can do is answer basic questions and talk dirty towards their owners. They cannot tell you to keep going or stop, nor can they speak out if they want to have sex or not. They are not that capable, and it should stay that way.

Why Are They Closing Down Sex Doll Brothels

According to Matt McMullen of Abyss Creations, a sexbot should not have the ability to say yes or no any more than a toaster can. An AI sex robot that has self-awareness, plus the capacity to identify what is abuse, cannot be treated as a simple machine. Those are not what sex dolls are, and they should remain as the inanimate objects of desires that they are. And you do not need the consent of something that does not even know what consent is. Besides, not getting the approval of a sex toy does not make you incapable of asking permission from humans.

Moreover, no concrete proofs are reporting that people’s behavior towards robots heavily influences the way they act towards real individuals. Besides, those who play shooting games do not go and snipe actual people. If someone ends up doing so, it has something more to do with their sanity rather than what they are playing. The same thing applies to sex dolls. If a doll user forces a person to do sexual acts, the one to be blamed is the perpetrator. After all, a rational person would know how to differentiate toys from humans.

It is a form of sexual objectification

For the United Kingdom’s Campaign Against Sex Robots, sex dolls are threatening equality. The main issue would usually be the objectification of women, most especially sex workers. A realistic replica of a woman that can only be used for sexual gratification somehow denotes dehumanization as they are more than their body parts that can pleasure men. Meanwhile, prostitutes are treated like sex dolls, although they have the consciousness and emotions that those objects do not possess.

What goes past unnoticed, however, is that just like rape, the act of sexual objectification is dependent on the people’s natures. If they feel deep down that women are mere objects of sexual fantasies, then they are bound to objectify women one way or another. The same goes for their behavior towards people in the sex work industry. However, sex dolls may indeed play a role in dehumanization, depending on how a person views them. If a user starts seeing them as real people, not as the objects that they are, then that is when sexual objectification takes place.

Why Are They Closing Down Sex Doll Brothels


It is undeniable that there are a lot more concerns about sex dolls compared to its actual uses. They serve as catalysts for improper behaviors. It gives some the idea that if they can apply their dangerous and twisted mindset to dolls, they can do the same thing to humans. Still, not all doll users think that way, which proves that it has more to do with a person’s innate manners rather than the sex dolls.

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