What Owners Must Know In Customizing Sex Dolls With Make-up

What Owners Must Know In Customizing Sex Dolls With Make-up

Besides the changes in sizes that only experts can make, there is one thing that sex doll owners can do by themselves. They can, and must, customize their make-up.

What Owners Must Know In Customizing Sex Dolls With Make-up

In the thirty long years that the sex doll industry has thrived, customers have witnessed much progress. The most noticeable is the evolution of products from cheap rubber or plastic dolls to the kind sold today, which is life-like and high quality, thanks to TPE and silicone. Moreover, companies already offer personalized dolls to suit the preferences of picky clients. Speaking of customization, owners have also begun dressing their sex dolls to make them more realistic. But, they should not stop there, because the make-up of their inanimate partners can now lie on their hands and imagination as well.


Sex Dolls, Owners, and the Need for Make-Up

To be clear, sex dolls still do arrive at the doors of their owners with full make-up on. Nevertheless, looking at the same cosmetics every day can become less thrilling in the long run. Thus, it makes sense that owners should learn to do the make-up of their sex dolls, and this article is just what they need to kick-off that new learning experience.

Why explore on make-up

Sex doll owners are expected to find themselves needing cosmetics whether they like it or not. This is primarily for the reason that the dolls’ make-up can be rubbed off over time especially when they are used excessively.

Furthermore, cosmetics play a vital role in making these silicone dolls more real-life looking. It can also be useful for owners since it provides an opportunity to let their preferences in terms of facial features be translated and applied to their inanimate partners. Similarly, considering that it is quite common for sex doll aficionados to assign a particular personality to their dolls, putting the right make-up on is necessary to bring out that character even better.

Although there are speculations and doubts about men’s interest in cosmetics, several sex doll enterprises remain confident and still recommend it. One CEO, in fact, compared applying make-up to painting figurines and other small scale replicas of fictional characters, which he believes to be a hobby among men.

What cosmetics and where to buy

Unsurprisingly, companies that sell sex dolls are the same ones that provide make-up products for dolls. Among those is Fine Love Dolls, which is known for its accessories that range from tattoo stickers to piercings to, of course, cosmetics. It offers a complete kit that comprises customer-picked eyeshadow palette, blusher, lipstick, eyeliner, fake nails, a set of brushes, and cleanser for only $129. Some may wonder why a foundation is not included, but the company explains that sex dolls already have a perfect complexion that no amount or type of foundation can compete against.

Nevertheless, the most requested make-up items at Fine Love Dolls are eyelash glue, nail glue, lipstick, eyeliner, and cheekbone powder that can also be applied to the areolas and genitals.

What Owners Must Know In Customizing Sex Dolls With Make-up

For the benefit of those who want to visit other stores, on the other hand, Sexy Sex Doll boasts its cushion blushers that create plump cheeks for love dolls with natural, gradated flush. Real Love Sex Dolls sells lip glosses that make the lips even more kissable as claimed by the seller. An elegant make-up bag stocked with a natural eyebrow pencil and silver mascara is what is popular at Love Doll.

One thing to note as well, though, is that these products do not differ much from cosmetics used by humans. In some cases, only the packaging spells the difference. Regardless, the aforementioned make-up goods hold well on both TPE and silicone.

Where and whom to ask for help

The biggest challenge in this endeavor is the fact that not all owners are knowledgeable about make-up. Although some might have picked up ideas and skills from years of observing, chances are the majority is unfamiliar to the concept of contouring, techniques in applying cosmetics, and the dos and don’ts in combining shades, among others. Therefore, they must know where and whom to ask for assistance.

One source that is proven effective, at least based on women’s experiences, is YouTube. There, countless bloggers, such as the likes of Jacklyn Hill, are waiting to give a make-up tutorial for beginners. But, if one prefers to learn from someone who specializes in doll make-up, then they may want to pay a visit to Mishka Valentino’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, owners can find their fellow sex doll enthusiasts in a site called The Doll Forum. Consist of more than 60,000 members, this online community of like-minded individuals share their stories and knowledge. The forum has over 180 make-up themed threads that contain product reviews and images of love dolls with personalized get-up done by their owners. This can be a great platform to collect information, raise concerns, and explore sex doll cosmetics further, given the fact that many straight men are still not open to discuss the subject despite attempts from big brands and advocate groups.

What Owners Must Know In Customizing Sex Dolls With Make-up

More than just an avenue for communication, The Doll Forum also serves as a safe space for owners to express themselves, their shared hobby in particular, without the fear of judgments. This is valuable especially that sex dolls mean more than just sex partners to others. As a matter of fact, these silicone products are used as a form of therapy for those who have been hurt emotionally or are not socially compatible.


Along with the progress that the sex doll industry has experienced is the evolution of the purpose of sex dolls. Gone are the days when they were merely purchased to attend to the sexual needs of their owners. For a considerable amount of time already, many have started treating these products as partners, dressing them, and incorporating them in daily activities. Hence, efforts around the goal of making them as realistic as possible are widely well-received. With that being said, it will not come as a shock soon when more and more owners decide to play around with cosmetics for the sake of turning their love dolls into real women – at least in their eyes.

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