Looking Into The Life Of A Sex Doll Entrepreneur

Looking Into The Life Of A Sex Doll Entrepreneur

Most of the attention is often focused on people who own or have tried using sex dolls. This time, sellers are the ones who will be thrust into the spotlight.

Behind every happy customer is a business person who has done their job. This is no different among marketers belonging to the sex doll industry. By providing clients with an ideal partner to unlimitedly satisfy their natural needs, these people have found a stable source of living. The likes of Jade Stanley are very much familiar with that. And, this article is here to share her career as an owner of a sex doll company.

Looking Into The Life Of A Sex Doll Entrepreneur

Life of a Sex Doll Marketer

Enough of the discussion on the experiences and wonders that sex doll enthusiasts have gathered after purchasing the product. This moment is reserved for the people working to get every sale. The following anecdotes taken from Jade Stanley’s experiences give a glimpse of the life of a sex doll marketer.

Career story and encounters

In an interview with The Sun, Jade narrated how she found herself in this line of work. She said that the birth of her company, Sex Doll Official, was a result of her curiosity and imagination after coming across an article about a sex doll brothel in the newspaper. The 36-year-old entrepreneur took a risk and gave up her tanning salon to begin running a sex doll business with her husband, Elliot, in 2018.

The company has been going strong since then. Jade explained that she has ordered hundreds of dolls from Asia and sold them on in the United Kingdom at prices as low as £995 and as high as £5,000. The success of the business can be attributed to the rising numbers of UK citizens, both men, and women, who are becoming more interested in exploring alternatives through sex dolls and robots. In fact, a survey showed that at least one of 10 English individuals would be open to the idea of bedding a sex doll with artificial intelligence.

Apart from selling, Jade also extended to renting out silicone dolls on a weekly basis. However, she became concerned because the dolls did not often return in the same condition as they were before being chartered. This happened even when the dolls are considerably hygienic, thanks to their removable genitals. Hence, she eventually decided to focus on just retailing generic and customized sex dolls. 

Sex dolls are for everyone

Over time, Jade has met various clients, aged from 18 to 80, with varying requests in terms of customization. She even admitted that she previously had customers coming to her with strange and disturbing wishes. One particular case like that happened when she received an order for a Michael Myers doll. For those who cannot comprehend how weird that was, Michael Myers is a fictional serial killer from the Halloween franchise.

Looking Into The Life Of A Sex Doll Entrepreneur

While it is apparent that most of her patrons are men, Jade was surprised to know that couples and even women are engrossed in purchasing sex dolls. She elaborated that couples are on the lookout for safe ways to spice up their sex life, which can be in the form of a threesome. Meanwhile, women, especially those considered as bi-curious, are searching for a medium to discover more about their sexuality. Lucky for these people, sex dolls are completely accessible to allow them to accomplish what they want.

Moreover, male and transgender versions of these products are getting attention as well. Jade expressed that she expects that her business, along with others, will broaden the perspectives of the people about the sex doll industry and its constituents. Despite this, she clarified that sex dolls are not among her preferences and that she has no plans to try them.

Sex dolls in the household

According to Jade, her family has been very supportive of her career as a sex doll entrepreneur. When he first heard of the idea, Elliot, her husband of more than a decade, was unsure and concerned about what others would think. She was glad, though, that he was able to come around later. After all, as Elliot put it, the business is still a commercial enterprise and, therefore, brings money to the household.

In addition, Jade assured that their children are not embarrassed because of her occupation. From the start, she has been honest with their three sons and one daughter so that they know and understand what their family does. She also made a point of saying that they do not display sex dolls at home for pleasure and gratification; they are all meant for business. That being said, there is no need for their kids to feel uneasy and ashamed.

The more so because Jade confessed that she frequently speaks of her profession in public without the slightest hesitation. To elaborate on that, she added that considering the level of open-mindedness people have nowadays, this subject matter is no longer a taboo but an interesting topic instead. Besides, she does not want to miss out on the fun that the shock factor of her job can induce.

Looking Into The Life Of A Sex Doll Entrepreneur

A new venture in the industry

Marking her place in the sex doll industry, Jade has been in talks with over 40 popular porn stars to produce new models of sex dolls. These up and coming silicone products include Love Gloves, which are imitations of the genitals of Instagram and porn figures. Moreover, sex dolls designed to look like porn stars will be available on the market soon. Jade is confident that these fresh additions will boost the sex doll industry.


Based on the narratives provided, there are indeed notable experiences in the life of an owner of a sex doll company. In the case of Jade Stanley, she has been fortunate so far to be able to earn stable money from this line of work. Not only that but she also has received significant opportunities because of sex dolls. Just like any other occupations, however, challenges came her way. Regardless, she has pushed through and is now contributing something new to the industry. This success story just goes to prove that, as much as users of sex dolls deserve the attention, its sellers are worthy of the spot in the limelight, too.

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