A Review Of A Contemporary Novel About Sex Robots

A Review Of A Contemporary Novel About Sex Robots

Despite its notable title, “Frankisstein: A Love Story” is clearly unlike the famous “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly published in the 19th century.

Written by Jeanette Winterson, Frankisstein: A Love Story is a novel that came out in May 2019. It is not a simple retelling of the characters in Shelly’s story. Exploring topics such as intersexuality and gender roles, the novel becomes an instant hit to millennials. The plot deviates from Gothic eccentricities to current trends in media and technology. Inspired by Shelly’s masterpiece, Winterson created counterparts in the form of artificial intelligence. She crafted dynamic characters set in the 19th century that relate to the personalities of the present generation.

A Review Of A Contemporary Novel About Sex Robots

Get to know the author

Winterson is a bold author who is not afraid to take on literary masterpieces that belong to the popular culture. Her novel is a well-written Science-Fiction under the A.I. genre. This is not something new as fearlessness has always been her forte. For instance, her memoir entitled Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? is proof of her searing writing. Winterson has insisted ever since that Frankisstein is a love story as it is with her other stories.

The beginning of the story

Winterson’s Frankisstein is set in 1816. Unaware that the story will become a classic achievement for centuries to come, Mary Shelly is writing her novel in a lakeside village with her lover, Percy Bysshe. She is also living with her stepsister, Claire, during that time. Lord Byron who is known for being a legend and his doctor, Polidori, who is credited for writing parts in the Dracula, are with the Shelly family at that time as well.

The scenes in the novel are filled with a dark and Gothic atmosphere. A reader would feel as if they were on the scene itself through the sensory details that any great pieces contain. The imagery blends in with the characters’ feeling being unfolded in each scene. It has a gloomy ambiance that creates a thrilling mood for the readers.

The climax of the novel

A Review Of A Contemporary Novel About Sex Robots

Suddenly, there comes an unexpected shift to the present time. The main character is transported to her alter ego named, “Ry” which as a nickname for Mary. This contemporary character is a transgender physician and a technology expert. Ry is trying to experiment with a new type of invention called sexbots. Her mission is to gather information from Lord Ron who was the contemporary counterpart of Lord Byron. In this time, Lord Ron is a successful inventor of sex robots in different versions.

Artificial Intelligence In The Form Of Sex Dolls

The sex dolls have extraordinarily huge eyes like Bambi, unequal length of legs, and one too small that it could fit in an Adidas bag. Ron who does not see Ry as an equal as he shouts misogynistic comments would soon be under Ry’s hands. However, Winterson makes sure that a sense of morality is added into the mix. In the later parts of the novel, Ron would soon change his heart as he starts to sympathize with the artificial intelligence robots.

Since it is a love story, Ry would fall in love with a counter version of Shelly’s Frankenstein which is in the form of Dr. Victor Stein. With a good fashion style, Ry is immediately attracted to Dr. Stein’s eccentric character that is almost god-like. This is the most intimate part of the novel as the characters begin to develop feelings for each other.

The fictional world of sex dolls

Through the success of sex robots, reanimating male and female bodies is now possible. However, Stein is not yet satisfied as he wants to take on more challenges for the project. He envisions a world without labels and prejudices such as black or white and proletariat or bourgeoisie. It is a utopian world full of artificial beings that are equal in the hierarchical society. Ry does not wholly agree with the idea even though she felt alienated with her body all her life. She knows that many people would jump at the idea of the world wherein discrimination does not exist.

A Review Of A Contemporary Novel About Sex Robots

Despite the great chemistry between the two characters, it does not seem to make sense that a self-reliant Ry would fall for someone. Ry is someone who identifies herself as a hybrid. To fall for someone whose goal is to be transformed as a real human is fascinating. Stein makes certain that Ry knows he is not gay, which is taboo around gender roles topics. He comes across as a self-righteous preacher spitting out moral truths and unrealistic ideologies.

A great novel for the current generation

Merging important matters in society is the central metaphor of the novel. The love story, as promised in the title, creates a poignant and touching story that readers can easily dive into. The readers are left to imagine a world when a creation advances the original blueprint of the creator. The novel changes the way the world looks at artificial intelligence. It opens up different possibilities to a new world filled with advanced inventions to satisfy consumption.

Shelly’s Frankenstein has achieved immortality and will forever be an inspiration to other great works such as this one. Frankisstein is the perfect combination of a thought-provoking and entertaining story. Like Ry, the novel is a hybrid that mirrors moral obligations that existed before yet still relevant today. Anyone who wants to laugh and swoon at the same time, this is the perfect contemporary novel for them.


The novel is a great read that reminisces Shelly’s masterpiece. It adds a layer of creative mystery to the original work it is inspired on. It is a richly vibrant novel that reflects the growing trends in today’s technology. With intimate scenes woven into the story, the characters become more real to the readers. The gray personalities of the characters are factors that contribute to the dynamic plot of the story. No one should miss out on this contemporary novel as it has a lot to say.

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