What Is Up And New At CES 2019

What Is Up And New At CES 2019

In 2019, the world’s biggest technology show was graced not only by another batch of new gadgets and electronic innovations but by controversy as well.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took over Las Vegas with its various high-technology products. These range from a peephole working as a doorbell to a no baker bread-making machine to smart glasses to, believe it or not, a smart bra. In attendance during the show were big brands that took advantage of the event by introducing their most recent technologies. There was one company, however, that was banned, stirring up controversy in its expulsion. To expound on that, this article breaks down the highlights of CES 2019. 

What Is Up And New At CES 2019

New Tech Innovations and Products

CES has been among the most-awaited events every year because of the new products it showcases. In 2019, numerous interesting and out-of-this-world inventions were displayed, and below are four of the most notable.

Doorbell and Peephole in One

For people, particularly college students, who live in apartments, it is convenient to have something, like a video doorbell, installed next to their doors to see who is waiting outside. Nevertheless, most landlords do not allow that in their properties. But, this does not mean there is no hope for that.

Thanks to the talented workforce in Ring, the company has rolled out Door View Cam. This product is a wireless, Internet-connected video doorbell that replaces a peephole with a smart security device. According to Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring, this is the innovation that will address the lack of room for a doorbell in some houses and the strict regulations of landowners.

Door View Cam is available on the market for $199 and includes features such as motion detection, two-way talk, 1080p HD video, a removable and rechargeable battery, and door activity detection. With the use of the product, customers will be notified on their smartphones when the doorbell is pressed or when someone knocks on the door. Furthermore, they can also see the person outside and communicate with them.

Automated Bread-making Machine

No baking skills, no problem. Bread lovers can now enjoy 10 loaves of freshly baked bread in an hour without breaking a single sweat. This 22-square-foot machine is just what they need.

Developed by Wilkinson Baking Company, this automated bread-making machine called BreadBot can mix, knead, proof, bake, and sell bread like a vending machine all on its own without the need for a baker. It requires human staff to load the ingredients, though, and the slicing of bread is done manually for now since the company is still working on incorporating that task to the machine’s repertoire. Notwithstanding, these can hardly be a deal-breaker given the level of convenience this baking robot offers.

What Is Up And New At CES 2019

Although it does not have official pricing yet, BreadBot made its public debut during the show as one way to attract attention from target customers, specifically supermarkets. The company believes that it can ease the worries of shoppers about the ingredients in the bread. This is because the machine is set up with a glass cover, which makes its baking process visible to the audience. Three local supermarkets are testing this product, and Wilkinson Baking Company claims that big chains will follow suit soon.

Smart Glasses

Despite the tragic failure of Google glasses, North still eyes success from smart glasses through its version, Focals. For $999, this product can revive the sci-fi vibe with its features that allow for the viewing of text messages, weather, and maps on the glass that only the user sees.

Apart from the glasses, this product comes with the Loop, a ring with a tiny four-direction joystick that users can utilize to navigate through the display on the glasses. Moreover, it can be controlled with the help of Alexa, the built-in voice assistant, while pressing down the joystick.

Aaron Grant, North’s co-founder, admits that selling Focals is a challenge for the company due to the impression that Google glasses left. Nevertheless, he clarifies that this product is different because it is designed to look like typical frames and can be added with prescription lenses.

Smart Bra

It has long been a problem for women to find a bra that perfectly fits their size. Hence, the underwear company Soma launched Somainnofit, a smart garment that addresses this long-standing concern with modern technology.

Somainnofit is like a sports bra with built-in circuits and sensors that are connected to an app through Bluetooth. Once worn, it measures the wearer’s size and recommends a bra from the company’s catalog.

The product is not meant for regular wearing, but it can be used again during pregnancy and other occurrences when the size may vary. It is sold at $59 for those who prefer to put it on at home, but it can also be tried out for free at the company’s stores.

Controversy at CES

Amid the extravagance that the state-of-the-art products and huge brands brought to Las Vegas, there was the growing confusion regarding the banishment of the sex toy company Lora DiCarlo from the show.

The company, with its Osé robotic massager, was given an innovation award in robotics at CES 2019. Then, the controversy began when the show’s organizer, Customer Technology Association (CTA), revoked the recognition and banned the company from the show. The CTA said that the product did not fit in any category and, therefore, was ineligible for entry and exhibition.

What Is Up And New At CES 2019

But, many did not agree. For one, they believed that sex toys have been present at the CES for years already and that there were other sex technology companies that were allowed to exhibit that time. Moreover, this trick revealed the existing double standards for women at the show. The expulsion of the company also worsened the level of women representation at the CES. The CTA should have thought of their decision better.


Truly, the CES 2019 was jam-packed with innovative gadgets and intriguing controversy. This event has been conducted annually to provide a platform for companies to exhibit their groundbreaking inventions in the field of technology. However, it is undeniable that the show is still yet to give the same opportunity to every enterprise. Hopefully, in the next show, it will be able to do that.

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