What Will Happen to Sex Dolls in 2021

What Will Happen to Sex Dolls in 2021

Today’s technology is driven by the ambitions of people to create things that no one has ever done before. The sex doll industry is no stranger to these technological advancements. For this reason, this reason, there are now a lot of sex dolls of different types. They became customizable and customers can choose the features that they want for their dolls. Sex doll buyers can have their dolls custom-made based on the skin, eye, and hair color that they want. In addition, they can also pick the body build as well as the race that they want for their dolls.

What Will Happen to Sex Dolls in 2021

On top of that, there are now hyper-realistic sex dolls that can speak and move on their own. Many of them even have sensors that can mimic a human’s body temperature. Such a feature makes these sex dolls more realistic than ever. 

Needless to say, sex dolls now have evolved and will continue to become more advanced in the coming years. In this regard, here are the predictions on sex dolls for the coming year:

Sex Doll Predictions for 2021

1. Sex dolls as a form of service

It is a fact that there are some people who are undecided about buying a sex doll. There are a few reasons for this indecisiveness. This includes the fear of judgment once the people around them find out that they own a sex doll. Another reason is that these dolls come with a heavy price tag that not everyone can afford.

But as people’s curiosity about sex dolls increases, the sex doll industry will provide them with more ways to access the sex doll experience. Next year, it is expected that sex doll brothels will become more popular than they are today. This will allow people to use sex dolls without having to let go of a hefty amount of money. 

In addition, sex doll rentals, as well as the use of sex dolls for the entertainment industry will increase. Meaning, people will see sex dolls in movie theaters and other rental companies. 

2. Sex dolls for the LGBTQ+ community

The sex doll industry is a sex-positive, accepting, and supporting industry for all people, regardless of their gender identities. Be it you are a man or woman, gay, lesbian, transgender, ace, aro, or bisexual, the sex doll industry will accept you. 

This is the reason why it was predicted that there will be an increase in sex doll marketing that targets the trans community. There will also be fantasy dolls that are specifically made for the members of the LGBTQ+ community. Apart from this, sex doll manufacturers may also begin to make gender non-conforming dolls. 

What Will Happen to Sex Dolls in 2021

There are many people who think that owning a sex doll is their key to have their real selves released. Sex dolls are also their way to experience the sexuality that they desire. For this reason, having sex dolls that are intended not only for men is a good way to support people in the sexuality that they have chosen. 

3. Silicone sex dolls will become more mainstream

As sex dolls become more and more popular, people will begin to accept that they are here to stay. Of course, the preconceived notions about silicone dolls will not easily go away. However, the acceptance that the industry receives will no doubt help others in understanding how beneficial sex dolls could become. 

4. Sex dolls will become more connective

As mentioned, the sex doll industry is no stranger to the technological advancements that are available today. This is the reason why sex dolls have already become smart. 

Next year, the sex doll industry foresees that sex dolls will become even more advanced. Native learning, various applications, sensor technology, and even other scientific materials are expected to be combined in order to create sex doll experiences like no other. There are even some manufacturers that are seeing sex dolls combined with the existing household technology. 

Moreover, some sex dolls, sex robots to be more specific, have the capability to talk to their owners. Imagine going home after a long day of work. Instead of coming to your home and finding it empty, you can have a doll that will keep you company. You can talk to her in a sensual tone, she will be able to hear from you, and she will respond accordingly. You can even hear her moan if you touch her.

What’s more, you can turn your TV on and play the adult video that was created particularly for your doll. Since that video is programmed to her memory, she will be able to respond to it. 

Finally, it is time for your doll to satisfy your sexual desire. At this time, you will realize that she is far from an ordinary sex doll. This is because she can respond to your touch. She can even suck during oral sex and move her hips like a real human woman during sexual intercourse. 

If these things sound too futuristic for you, then you are being left out. These technologies are already out there and some are just around the corner. 

5. Customized sex dolls will rise in popularity

Anyone can buy a sex doll with just a few clicks on their phones or computers. The sex dolls that they ordered will be delivered to their doorsteps in a way that no one will suspect that the package is a doll. This way of delivery is done by manufacturers to protect their customers from the judgments that the people who might see the doll will throw at them.

What Will Happen to Sex Dolls in 2021

In addition, the good thing about ordering a sex doll online is that it only takes a few short moments for the customers’ orders to be delivered. 

While these things are really excellent, another thing worth noting about sex dolls is that you can customize them. If customers could create the perfect sex dolls in their eyes, then the sex doll industry would be able to provide them with the best experience. 

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