Do Sex Doll Brothels Have A Place in the Future?

Do Sex Doll Brothels Have A Place in the Future?

Purchasing a single-sex doll can cost an arm and a leg. But surprisingly, renting a love doll for an hour is much more affordable.

Erika is being prepared for her first customer. She is in a bedroom in an undisclosed industrial neighborhood in Toronto, Canada. Before her first john comes, a staff washed and sterilized her. After that, they will dress her in a white tank paired with black thong underwear. There is no denying that her get-up is perfect for a French-Canadian girl next door. 

After dressing her up, the staff then positioned her on her back with one of her legs bent. Her eyes are even glancing seductively towards the closed door. Before leaving her, the attendants gave her a quick spray of her signature perfume. With that smell, her first guest will never forget about her. 

Do Sex Doll Brothels Have A Place in the Future?

If you are thinking that Erika is a woman who is being pampered by her attendants, then you are right. However, she is not a real woman. Rather, she is a sex doll who is up for rental at a sex doll brothel in Toronto, Canada. 

Sex Doll Brothels: The Reborn of the World’s Oldest Profession

Aura Dolls sex doll brothel, along with the other brothels being established from Russia to Canada, are reviving what they call “the world’s oldest profession.” 

As mentioned, Erika is not human. She is, in fact, a silicone sex doll. While this kind of thing is strange to a lot of people, this new form of sex work is helping the owners of sex doll brothels and their customers to dodge a few of prostitution’s most significant problems.

Claire Lee, the Marketing Director for Aura Dolls has a theory of why sex doll brothels are coming back to life. According to her, one of the reasons is that their customers at Aura Dolls would not have to feel ashamed for trying to fulfill their sexual fantasies. 

Most customers who go to sex doll brothels are likely to be men. Most of them are those who are shy or are having a difficult time meeting and hooking up with real human women. 

Moreover, Aura Dolls took shame into consideration when it laid out the interiors of the brothel. Customers will pay for $120 for an hour of rental. After paying, they will walk down a hallway that is one-way. This will lead them to a room where the doll that they rented is waiting for them. Once the hour of rental is over, they will walk down a one-way hallway to the exit. These one-way hallways are built in order to prevent patrons from running into one another. 

During their rental, customers can watch porn, take a shower, and do whatever they want with the doll that they paid for. However, Lee said that they have to pay for extra charges in case they caused damage or “make any extra holes” outside the vagina, mouth, and anus of the doll. 

Do Sex Doll Brothels Have A Place in the Future?

In addition, Aura Dolls provide customers with water-based lubricants and condoms. According to Lee, these condoms are meant as a safety precaution. 

Ten minutes before the hour that a customer paid for is done, an intercom will give him a reminder that it is time to finish up. If a patron goes overtime, he will have to pay an extra $90 to book the doll for another 30 minutes. 

After a doll is done for a session, the next thing that comes is the cleanup. On a day that’s busy with patrons, the staff at Aura Dolls only takes an hour to clean and prepare a sex doll for her next session.

Cleaning and preparing the dolls are kind of like a race, Lee said. She added that the brothel’s employees are practicing for that. When prepping up, the staff places the doll under the shower and wash her with soap and warm, running water. Next, its holes are blasted with a pressure cleaner that has a special disinfectant. The orifices are also penetrated with a UVC. According to Lee, a UVC is a germ-killing lamp that has the shape of a dildo. 

After the cleaning is done, the sex doll is then rushed back into the room. There, she will be dressed up, have her hair fixed, and get the makeup retouches that she needs before her next customer shows up.

Experts Have Commented On the Idea of Establishing the Sex Doll Brothel Industry

There is no denying that a lot of people, most especially men, are already accepting the idea of this new sex work. This is evident even when Aura Dolls are still preparing for their opening. Lee said that even the formal opening of the sex doll brothel, they already had 200 reservations on the books. She added that the majority of those bookings came from men. Yet, about 30 percent of the reservations were done by couples and women. 

Furthermore, there is a great chance for sex doll brothels to become legal in many countries where prostitution is illegal. In fact, H. Louis Sirkin even said that brothels may be legalized in the US, if vulnerable to some restrictions and law penalties. Notably, H. Sirkin is an attorney who argued recently regarding the legalization of prostitution in California. 

On the other hand, Kinsey Institute, one of the leading institutes for sex research, said that sex doll brothels have another benefit. It is a fact that such an establishment could open up potential sexual opportunities for people who are too repressed, timid, or law-abiding. Sex doll brothels would allow them to seek out sexual experiences. 

Do Sex Doll Brothels Have A Place in the Future?

Furthermore, sex dolls could also serve as a solution for people who are stuck in unsatisfying monogamous relationships. It could become a solution for a sexless marriage where a man is seeking sexual fulfillment but does not want to cheat on his wife. 

Needless to say, sex dolls could indeed provide a number of solutions for different problems.

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