Old Sexual Cliches and Adoration of Disreputable Persons in a Music Video Achievement

Old Sexual Cliches and Adoration of Disreputable Persons in a Music Video Achievement

All the social media outlets screaming out “Kamala Makes History” got it all wrong yet again. Looking through a race-gender perspective, which has a better hold of the people’s thinking, and the classifying routine works as historic achievements, the media mind masters likely missed the week’s real cultural affair: WAP. It’s the nonreligious music video from rappers Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Jovan Ruth Pete) and Grammy-award winning Cardi B (Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, her real name).

The music video is a strip-bar extravaganza where Megan and Cardi, today’s top-ranking rappers who are both former strippers, explore a luxurious and elaborate Playboy Mansion-style estate with landscapes in salacious, huge-breasts, lactating figures. They are dressed up as drag queens as they tip-toe through the cartoon hallways, with T&A implants floating in helium balloons in a parade. In a fake wide-eyed surprise, they peep into different secret rooms of a brothel. Then, in a voyeuristic fantasy, they dream of themselves being flamboyantly costumed factory workers twerking on industrial conveyor belts and doing Kegel exercises. The director, Colin Tilley, who also directed and filmed racialized fantasias for Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea, and other rappers, designs WAP’s pastel whimsy with electronic symbolic privates that reminisces Jean Cocteau’s surrealism and Baz Luhrmann’s spectacle are both made erotic. Top 10 Sex Doll is here. Check them out!

Old Sexual Cliches and Adoration of Disreputable Persons in a Music Video Achievement

WAP: A Savage, Nasty, and Sex-Positive Achievement

We are still far from the Public Enemy’s “Revolutionary Generation,” with its announcement of wisdom shared by Mary McLeod Bethune; the character of its women must measure the true worth of a race. We are also dozens of years past LaBelle in actors playing as hookers in Lady Marmalade. WAP’s music video doubles down the 2001 strip-club cover version to show the whole world Megan and Cardi’s reestablishment of their personal and usual lives as a model of market relations. WIth extreme rapping skills, they both rap to the beat of Frank Ski’ ‘s 1993 “There’s Whores in This House,” making an in-joke of the gay house-music classification. They trade potent verses in salacious laziness with the lyric, “I don’t cook / I don’t clean / But let me tell you how I got this ring.” In the video, they are joined by one of the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire that has been listed in Forbes. These women are doing real business and are outwardly exhibitionists. They do not pretend like Kamala representing the majority of the people.

Yet, the arbitrator press has done that for the rappers while praising WAP as a history-making promotion against the horrendous female oppression. The New York Times even said that the event they have recorded exceeds the event itself. At the same time, The Los Angeles Times proclaims it to be a savage, nasty, and sex-positive achievement. Strangely speaking, these deceiving use of that patriarchal term of filth to create shock at what these female rappers take in pole-dancer gait. It’s the perfect example of a biased media in a clueless race and sex manipulation.

While Megan and Cardi’s admitted indifference to almost everything except money, WAP gives an exact measure of how women and race belong in our culture. Both of these women are willing to cooperate with corporate and cultural organizations committed to abusing women by using old stereotypes as factors of maintaining supremacy. The indulgence goes in the era where Democratic Party replacement Donna Brazile is rewarded for cheating in the 2016’s Presidential Debate while working on a cable news network. White liberal incitement has never been so dishonest.

So, What is WAP All About?

The song WAP that has an acronym for lubricious female genitalia, is not about waging war between the sexes as most of the media claims. The rappers, Megan and Cardi, upgrade an old dirty-blues vulgarity. This is now a shared vocabulary for the generations who were brought up with the internet obscenity. A very witty lyric “Wipe your nose like a credit card” rips off Nelly’s classic Tip Drill, which was infamous for its music video of a credit card that is swiped between a woman’s buttocks. The song’s “wet and gushy” imagery and “macaroni in a pot” comes from the cheap lifestyle and not the soul’s typical food. The problem with this is that these two comic fancy women present themselves as role models according to the liberal adoration of lowlifes, from the late Michael Brown to George Flloyd, in the usage of Day-Glo iconography.

Old Sexual Cliches and Adoration of Disreputable Persons in a Music Video Achievement

The director’s video celebration of black physiognomy, also called thickness, is not the same as upholding feminism. Prince has already done it better with “P Control”, as what Kendrick Lamar has done in “King Kunta”, so as Lil Wayne’s “Take It to the Head” with the lyric “I eat her ice cream / She eats my ice cream cone”). When Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, responded to the WAP’s misbehavior, stating that that is what feminism fought for, he missed the point. WAP is now what female agencies mean in this millennium. It is also what the music and media organizations fought for – black and female self-renunciation. Even the word “whore”, less the negative connotation, is proudly held, as same as Black Live’s Matter victim status. There is no coincidence that WAP traverses with the Kamala Vice President choice, which looks like a Kalorama choice in finding a home – which both are politics in the same sense.

This malicious extravaganza is acclaimed as sex-positive by college-grad journalists who have not known any sexual decency. This merely distracts the people from the media’s now typical COVID panic craze. WAP, on the other hand, shows the black culture as chosen for obvious political use. One media reporter at NBC’s website cites Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” remarks, yet she does not want to translate it to WAP’s liberated terminologies. This is not gaining any comprehension from art but rather using it as a weapon. High-quality sex dolls to WAP with is here.

Old Sexual Cliches and Adoration of Disreputable Persons in a Music Video Achievement

 Last week, some site readers were even more upset about Beyonce’s Black Is King’s criticism than they were disheartened that Beyonce’s video was more confusing and unclear. WAP’s vulgar, beaming immorality confirms all that has gone wrong in today’s culture, from the misconduct of hip-hop to the exploitation of black and female personalities. Only a corrupt community can follow this deceit or its more significant implications. The media make-believe that Kamala Harris represents black womanhood is as inaccurate as Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s tribute to whoredom. That black artists have forsaken the dignified principles of those who died fighting for black’s rights to only indulge in the lowest estimation of themselves is truly historic. 

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