Sex Robots: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Sex Robots: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

The world has become more and more sexually liberated. In fact, people have all the sex toys that they need. 

Back then, people are only offered manual sex toys such as dildos and silicone vaginas. But due to the continuous advancement of technology, a sex toy that could talk, move, and become warm on its own was born. This is the sex robot. 

A sex robot is an anthropomorphic creation that resembles a real woman. While this creation sounds like something that was pulled straight from a sci-fi movie, there are arguments about whether or not it will bring more harm than good.

Sex Robots: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

This world has already said goodbye to the times when sex dolls were inflatable. Thanks to the years that passed where the evolution of blow-up dolls to sex robots took place. 

These sex robots are customizable depending on the desire of whoever purchases it. In addition, some sex robots are integrated with artificial intelligence or AI. This allows the doll to carry some simple conversations. 

Unsurprisingly, the opinions about this technologically-advanced sex aid vary from person to person. As a matter of fact, a number of documentaries have already featured debates about whether or not sex robots will improve the lives of people, or if they will only result in sexually deviant dystopia.

But despite all the arguments, the inventors and manufacturers of sex dolls are firm in their belief that their creations cannot do any harm. Some even went miles and suggested that sex robots can prevent negative mental health outcomes, sexual assault, and harassment. This is because sex robots, according to them, can offer men and women a sexually gratifying outlet where they could vent out their needs and desires. Recently, there are also male sex dolls created to target the female market. 

However, the question for these sex robot creators is if what they argue about is merely wishful thinking. Researchers from St. George’s University Hospital’s National Health Service (NHS) and the Women’s Health Academic Centre at King’s College London are set to answer that in their recent study.

Sex Robots: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

In their research findings, the researchers claimed that the benefits of sex robots do not have any scientific evidence. 

Manufacturers Claimed that Sex Robots Pose Lesser Risk of Infections and Violence

Susan Bewley and Chantal Cox-George, the proponents of the research began their study by combining databases. The aim of this is to see whether there is any information that can support the claims that sex robots have therapeutic benefits. 

In addition, the two performed comprehensive searches on the internet as well as interviewed cross-disciplinary experts. Soon after their research, they found out that there was no specialized literature that could prove that sex robot may improve a person’s state of health.

However, the researchers identified a total of four themes that describe the alleged benefits that sex dolls can bring to potential users. These are safer sex, therapeutic potential, potential to treat pedophiles and sex offenders, and changing societal norms. 

According to claims, by using sex dolls, their owners would no longer try to support sexual trafficking or engage in prostitution. 

In addition, sex dolls can allegedly encourage safer sex because sex robots are composed of washable materials and are resistant to bacteria.

Sex Robots: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

On top of that, people who support sex dolls claim that these could be used to treat pedophiles as well as those who engage in sexual harassment and assault. 

But since there is no solid evidence of these claims, they will remain wishful thinking.

Claims About Sex Robots are Speculative

According to the authors of the said research, the alleged benefits of sex robots are nothing but speculations. The sex robot marketplace cannot lead to a lesser risk of infections and violence. It cannot end the exploitation of human sex workers as well.’

In addition, they noted that the claims about safer sex are even problematic. This is because no one knows who if a sex robot manufacturing company will take responsibility if a sex robot is not cleaned or properly taken care of.

The Use of Sex Robots are Not Related to Health Care

Another notion that is discussed by many is whether the benefits of sex robots could bring people who have health problems related to sex like erectile dysfunction, disability, loss of a partner, or even aging. 

This claim sounds legitimate and is the reason why many people are buying sex dolls. However, the researchers warned that the effect may not be the same as what these sex robot owners expect. 

In terms of the claims that sex robots could stop people from engaging in sexual violence, Bewley and Cox-George noted that they may rather normalize or strengthen these urges. This can even lead to addictive behavior.

Moreover, the two are also concern about the impact of the flawless appearance of these sex dolls. They also fear the effect of its other idealized features like the lack of bodily hair. This is because these features may make users think that that is what is normal and attractive when it comes to a potential partner. 

Generally, sex robots are female and air-brushed. This feature raises the question of public interest in terms of avoiding gender discrimination and inequality brought by the promotion of distorted views about attractiveness.

In conclusion, Bewley and Cox-George said that regardless of the claims that using sex robots would result in a number of health benefits, the sale of them does not have a lot to do with such concerns.

For this reason, before assuming that sex robots can fix problems related to health, it is important to have experts who can conduct in-depth research and evaluate if sex robots indeed have clinical and therapeutic benefits. 

As of now, people should not believe in the clinical use of sex robots until their alleged benefits, particularly harm limitation and therapy, have been tested and proven by experts. Needless, to say, sex robots do not have any proven benefits.

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