A Look At A Sex Doll Renting Service in Calgary and How They Clean their Dolls

A Look At A Sex Doll Renting Service in Calgary and How They Clean their Dolls

When talking about sex doll renting services, the first thing that comes into the minds of most people is “how do they clean them?” Well, a sex doll renting service in Calgary answered that.

According to them, the first thing that they bring the doll back to their establishment and immediately begin their cleaning process. To begin with, they disassemble the sex doll and take out all its removable orifices. Next, they take off the head and rinse it off with hot water. The hot water is used to kill all the surface bacteria and surface solids off.

A Look At A Sex Doll Renting Service in Calgary and How They Clean their Dolls

After that, the next process is cleaning the doll with an anti-bacterial soap.

Sex Doll Cleaning Process

Around the United States, sex dolls can cost from $6,000 and above. For this reason, not everyone could purchase their own love doll no matter how much they want to. For this reason, some people turn to rent a sex doll in order to experience the sexual gratification that these anthropomorphic creations could bring. 

Now the problem is, some people are worried about how the sex dolls they are renting are cleaned after the previous users have returned them.

Fortunately, Justin (not his real name), the founder of Natrl Dolls, a sex doll rental company in Calgary Canada, revealed how the sex dolls they use for renting are cleaned between rentals.

According to Justin, the cleaning, washing, and scrubbing process of each doll takes anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour. They screw off the head, take off the wig, and wash it. 

Since sex doll rental needs a type of cleaning that delves down the surface, the cleaning process does not end in cleaning the surface of the doll.

Later after the cleaning process, the doll will undergo a black light. This is to ensure that nothing is missed in the cleaning process. Next, the sex doll will undergo a UVC light to eliminate any micro-bacteria.

A Look At A Sex Doll Renting Service in Calgary and How They Clean their Dolls

Each sex doll has three orifices that have to be cleaned: the anus, the vagina, and the mouth. The anus and the vagina are taken off of the sex doll’s body and is cleaned. The mouth is also cleaned with soap and water. 

The staff of the company will then hang the doll’s body up with the feet not touching the ground in a shower facility. Its exterior will be then cleaned with antibacterial soap as well as a medical soap.

Moreover, Justin noted that cleaning a sex doll is a very thorough process. This is because they clean every single inch of the sex doll to ensure that no microorganisms would remain when the next customer uses the doll.

Once the love doll is cleaned with antibacterial and medical soap, they rinse it with hot water. Next, the company uses hydrogen peroxide as the second cleaning element. After that, the doll would undergo a UV light in order to get rid of any microorganisms or bacteria that were not eliminated during the washing process. 

However, this is not where the process ends. After the doll undergoes a UV light, the company will then use a black light. The black light will pick up if there are any bacteria left and will show them as blue. This allows the sex doll rental company to entirely get rid of all the bacteria that might have escaped the cleaning process.

Furthermore, the founder of the company noted that they go above and beyond just to clean the sex dolls that they offer for rental thoroughly. In addition, they ask their customers to use a condom when having sex with the doll that they paid for. However, they are not sure how many of their customers oblige to this requirement.

Not All Natrl Sex Doll Customers Rent A Love Doll For Sexual Purposes

According to the company’s founder, not all the customers that they encounter rent a sex doll for sexual purposes. Rather, some of them are just fond of the love dol’s company.

He added that some customers want a sex doll as their companion. On the other hand, other customers rent a doll for mental health reasons. Even people who have disabilities use the company’s sex doll rental service.

Justin also said that most of his company’s customers are socially awkward. Some of them also have a difficult time when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex or being in a relationship. 

A Look At A Sex Doll Renting Service in Calgary and How They Clean their Dolls

But regardless of what reasons these customers have for renting a sex doll, the company’s contract has a clause saying that customers will cover the cost of fixing any damage such as excessive wear and tear to the love doll. 

He noted that one customer the company had broken the back of the doll. He does not know how that is possible but the customer admitted what happened and paid for the sex doll. But other than that, the wears and tears that the company’s love dolls get are not too bad. Yet, the biggest damage is usually on the love dolls’ fingers and hands.

Moreover, the company has one doll that they are retiring for rental because its knees are already scuffed up. A customer might have dragged the doll across a rough surface, causing it to acquire the damage.

Justin also said that their love dolls usually last for four to six months. 

On the other hand, the company’s most popular doll is Anastasia, a blond Russian who is a former ski instructor with C cup breasts. 

Natrl Dolls was established just three months ago. Yet, the business has already faced a significant number of customers. About half of the customers have had paid for a 2-hour rental while the other half rented the sex dolls for an entire night. For this reason, Justin is planning to expand in other cities in Canada and in the US later this year. 

Finally, Justin emphasized that people should not be ashamed of sex dolls.

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