The Growing Industry of Sex Dolls

The Growing Industry of Sex Dolls

The sex doll industry is undeniably growing. Matt McMullen, for instance, is a sex doll manufacturer who has dolls that can cost up to $50,000. In fact, the hyper-realistic dolls that McMullen produces are selling faster than he can make them. 

Matt McMullen has his office in San Marcos, a scenic beach town located just on the north side of San Diego. Looking at McMullen, he seems slight, unassuming, has gentle manners, and a sleeve tattoo. 

The Growing Industry of Sex Dolls

On the other hand, his office is something that looks pulled out of a horror movie. There are blank-looking heads placed on shelves and disembodied sculptured limbs are on every corner of the headquarters. In addition, there are naked torsos everywhere. Needless to say, the headquarters has full-sized dolls everywhere. All of these dolls are toned, smooth, and unblemished. These dolls are both a fantasy of what a perfect woman looks like. While the dolls are indeed fake, they strangely look so real at the same time.

Matt McMullen and His Love Dolls

McMullen prefers to call his creations as love dolls instead of sex dolls. According to him, he did not set to create the finest love doll in the world. Instead, making sex dolls started out as a hobby. It was something that he did whenever he was not playing grunge bags or working at a factory that produces Halloween masks. There, he decided to utilize molding techniques in his garage and made figurines that are about one or two feet long. The result of this experiment was a series of exotic dancers. Those sold well and he began making life-sized models.

Back then, McMullen thought of his dolls as a joke or a funky piece of art. The dolls only became something that he could gain a profit from when people began asking him to create more of his silicone dolls. The said dolls have entirely accurate and fully articulated skeletons. 

Sex dolls traditionally have had a cheap and weird image. Back when hyper-realistic dolls were still not invented, even the most sophisticated versions of sex dolls are made up of separate parts. In addition, there are visible seams between the lower and upper legs. They can only be propped up like a GI Joe. But, McMullen was able to change that.

In the early days of hyper-realistic dolls, their creators gave them replaceable faces that are then attachable using Velcro. Now, the faces can be attached to the dolls using magnets. 

The Growing Industry of Sex Dolls

The next innovation was that the sex dolls became lighter. They also had more articulation points in the neck, spine, and shoulders. 

But now, the most innovative dolls are strangely life-like. They even only weigh about 100lb. In addition, their faces are glamorous, like the ones that are photoshopped in glossy magazines. This is the reason why Matt McMullen’s love dolls became so popular.

However, the prices of these hyper-realistic love dolls became significantly more expensive, starting at $6,000 and could be as high as $50,000.

The Abyss Creations

McMullen’s creations have already been featured in Howard Stern and HBO. Bianca, the doll in the show Lars and the Reap Girl starred by Ryan Gosling, was created by McMullen. In addition, his love dolls showed up in a number of mainstream television shows such as CSI: New York and House. 

Eight Years after Abyss Creations– his company was established, it grew into a team of 12. The headquarters is now an 8,800sq.ft. the facility, one that does not have signage, to prevent nosey visitors from coming. 

Moreover, this year is seemingly becoming the best for Abyss Creations so far. In fact, the company estimates that up to 400 dolls will be shipped out. This means roughly one doll every day is ordered. 

According to the company, the surge in sales was due to curious customers who can now freely purchase a sex doll privately online. 

McMullen also said that the trade secret of his company was the molds of the love dolls that they make. He even said that there are people who come from other sex doll manufacturing companies, disguising as someone who just wants a tour. Then, those people go back to the company where they came from and try to take Abyss Creations off. 

Furthermore, his success in the sex doll industry has inspired his rivals. McMullen and his company now have competitors around Asia. MicDoll in China and Japan’s Candy girl, to name some, were only a few of his competitors. In addition, American sex doll companies are in for the competition, as well. Some of the leading companies are Sinthetics, which is owned by McMullen’s former employee, as well as Private Island Beauties. 

Abyss Creations production floor is a room of activity. It is basically a rugged workspace of metal lathes and sprockets, along with 50-gallon containers. The look of the production floor destroys all the illusions behind the love dolls. Yet, McMullen said that customers still enjoy taking a tour there. He added that touring inside a manufacturing company reassures customers how the dolls they are buying were made. 

The Growing Industry of Sex Dolls

However, the fact that the place is an unholy sight is something that no one can deny. As a matter of fact, one visitor from Vanity Fair described the place as “a mass slaughter at a dry cleaner or a meatpacking plant.” This is because bodies are everywhere inside the place, all at different stages of completion. 

There are headless torsos in the room because not all of Abyss Creation’s customers need the entire body. At the other corner of the room, there are metal skeletons that are set into molds. 

According to McMullen, the key parts of the dolls’ skeletons are stainless steel and titanium, as well as high-grade PVC pipes. Moreover, the other corner of the production floor is the place for bodies hung on hooks on a carousel. One of McMullen’s craftsmen is attending to them, gluing on nipples on the chests of the dolls.

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