BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

BTS has, quite literally, taken the world by storm. The past decade is easily defined by TikTok, Twitter, and the rise of Korean Pop music, or KPop. Even I, a solid Girls’ Generation fan, wholly admit that BTS is indeed an icon. They left marks that are so profound and direct that the whole world had no choice but to acknowledge their presence. Their music videos have garnered billions of views. They currently hold the YouTube record for the most views in 24 hours with their Dynamite music video. Everyone, whether they like it or not, knows their name and their songs. They’re also quite incredibly handsome and hot to boot. 

Twitter is flooded with lots of fanfiction that depicts them in sexual situations they otherwise won’t find themselves in the first place. There are dedicated Twitter accounts that are made for just that purpose. It doesn’t take a lot of time to see them as well. A simple click is all you ever need, and you’ll be in a place that you never knew you needed. With that in mind, nobody would judge you for buying sex dolls that are made to resemble them!

Granted, their company has no idea we’re making this list, let alone know that these dolls even exist. What they don’t know can’t possibly hurt them. These dolls are made to look similar but not the same as your favorite idols. 

With that in mind, let’s get started, shall we? 


BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook is no stranger to weird fanfictions written about him. The Twitter accounts I’ve mentioned before are awash with Jungkook scenarios that exist in the mind of the pre-pubescent schoolgirl that composes it. And rightly so, as he’s incredibly handsome and is also hot. 

Getting a taste of Jungkook’s package is near impossible for everyone if honesty is the name of the game that we’re playing. But, worry not, as that’s the reason why Leo was created! Though Leo may not look exactly like the BTS member, you can opt for Leo to look similar to him! You can (hopefully) get your Jungkook fix with Leo when you spec him right.


BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

Don’t be fooled by Lance’s innocent looks, as he has quite the package that would please anyone that would do it with him! His baby face serves a double purpose, though, as he’s meant to look like the BTS member Kim Taehyung. Spec him out with blue hair, and voila! You have a sex doll that looks oddly like the BTS member. With reservations, though, as we’d be in deep trouble if we say that he looks just like the member. 

Revise that Lance is significantly shorter than Taehyung. Taehyung clocks in at 5’10”, whereas Lance is a lot shorter at 5’2″. Now Lance does not look the same as all of these sex dolls are. But that would be selling Lance short as you can opt him to look like the man of your dreams!


BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

BTS member Suga has made a name for himself as a soloist under the screen name Agust D. His mixtapes have garnered lots of views, and his widely regarded as one of the best rappers in the KPop industry. His dashing good looks and his rap verses would be sure to make any woman swoon with anticipation upon seeing him perform. His meaningful songs are sure to touch everyone’s hearts that would listen and understand them by heart.

Now, not everyone would have the chance to sleep with Suga. But that’s why Jairus exists! Admittedly, Jairus shares just a shred of visual similarities to the KPop idol. But that doesn’t mean that there would be a world of difference between the both of them. Customize him, and you’d have a sex doll that looks like the man of your dreams!


BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

BTS member J-Hope, much like Super Junior’s Siwon, has been consistently named as the horse mascot of their respective groups. But his dedicated fanbase loves him more than anything and is more than happy to give him the world. The success of his recent releases has shown just that.

When you want to have your horse mascot, then look no further than Ton right here! Though he doesn’t look like J-Hope per se, the resemblance still stands. What’s more, you can opt for him to look just like your dream man! Ton will be the ideal sex doll for you if all you ever want in life is to be happy with your J-Hope sex doll.


BTS Sex Dolls For Your Fantasies

The group RM leader has shown that it takes good looks and intelligence to be the best man anyone can hope to have in your life. Though his screen name was initially Rap Monster, he changed it to RM as his past name no longer indicates the music that he makes. Out of the group, he’s also the one that could speak the best English. That in itself is amazing, as Koreans, in general, have a hard time learning English due to its phonetic differences. 

Though Justine may be unable to speak, he would be enough to fulfill your RM fantasies in one package. Justine’s youthful looks would be enough to make everyone want to take care of him. But then you see his large package, and you’re sure that it’ll take care of you and your needs. The doll may not share the same facial features as RM; it’s still the thought that counts when it comes to things like these.

It’s 2021. People shouldn’t shame you for buying a sex doll, more so when purchasing one that looks the same as your favorite idol. We want to ease our libido. It’s an entirely healthy and STD-free way of getting your rocks off. If you have the money, that is. 

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