Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls aren’t a particularly new thing. I mean that everyone, except if the mother brought you up from Carrie, knows what a sex doll is. If you’re a fan of Adult Swim, then you might have seen some sex dolls on some of their series. They’ve been referenced multiple times on their cartoon programs. Family Guy, American Dad, and even the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty has, at one point in their run, has an episode that’s centered around sex dolls. 

But, not everyone is like me. Some people prefer watching movies rather than watching stuff on Adult Swim. Movies have tackled a whole variety of topics, ranging from superhero films to documentaries that tackle the realities of life that we’ve never thought was possible. But, what if you own a sex doll? What if you want to see what it would be like in about ten years after robots take over the world? What does this have in store for us, and what could sex dolls do? If so, then worry not, as that’s what we’ve got for you! We’ve listed ten films that show us just how far the connection between humans and robots can come. 

We’ve listed ten films that depict the connection between humans and robots, or whatever you might want them to be. 

Lars and the Real Girl (2007) 

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

Starring Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom, the movie Lars and the Real Girl took its inspiration from a real-life story from the website 

As Lars avoids human contact due to a traumatic past, he found comfort after being in the company after meeting a love doll named Bianca. Gosling beautifully brought the compelling love story to life with his excellent acting skills, making sure that everyone watching it would deeply relate to the movie. 

HER (2013)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

The 2013 masterpiece HER screams #relatablecontent right off the bat, no matter how you look at it.

A lonely, introverted writer Twombly buys an A.I. virtual assistant, whereas he’s in the middle of a divorce from his wife, Catherine. As he earns a living from writing personalized letters for others, he seeks refuge from the A.I. system he named “Samantha.” The riveting love story, presented with excellent acting from Scarlett Johannson and Joaquin Phoenix, would leave everyone in awe and touched by the film.

Robots (2005)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

A visual delight in its own right, the 2005 film Robots is a bit weird in its own right. 

The movie takes place in a city overridden by robots. The main protagonist Rodney seeks to join the big city and is told by his father to follow his dreams. The movie is considered a bit of a “back to the future from the past” twist to the concept. 

The film didn’t predict the rise of sex dolls per se but instead depicts robots’ future as sentient beings. 

Metropolis (1927)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

A German expressional sci-fi film drama film, Metropolis depicts the 20th century’s idea of a dystopian future. The German movie created during the Weimar period of cinema, it’s a beautiful film that depicts the struggles that man faces after the death of a loved one. 

Young Freder created a robot version of his beloved Maria after her untimely death. It’s a beautifully surreal film that tackles broader ideals than it initially presents as well. The movie Metropolis visual masterpiece that has inspired thousands of sci-fi films that comes in decades after. The film depicts the future of robots and sex dolls in general. It shows just what the end would be like In the 20th century, along with a view on a dystopian future. 

A.I. Rising (2018) 

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

There will be a time where everyone would be living in outer space. Not now, but somewhere in the distant future. And that is what the movie A.I. Rising is all about. 

The film tackles the intricate yet plausible ideology of a man falling in love with an android. The superb acting skills in the movie and its somehow relatable storyline allow everyone that watches it to have a pleasurable movie experience. The romance blooming between the main protagonist Mulitin and the A.I. Nimani is sure to be a riveting watch for everyone, not just sex doll owners. 

Electric Dream (1984)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

The synopsis for the American-British film Electric Dream is oddly similar to my life’s story not too long ago, although minus the romance part. 

Electric Dream is a film set in San Francisco and features a love triangle between a couple and a personal computer. After the main protagonist, Mike Harding poured champagne on his overheating computer; it suddenly became a sentient being all of a sudden. Mike only finds out that his computer has become sentient after discovering that it’s mimicking whatever Mike says in his sleep. The story then blooms into a mish-mash of romantic comedy between Mike, his computer, and his neighbor Madeline. 

Ex Machina (2014)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

The 2014 sci-fi psychological thriller Ex Machina is a compelling story presented in a fashion that people never saw on the silver screen. 

Caleb Smith was awarded a week’s visit to their CEO’s luxurious home right in the middle of nowhere after winning an office contest. While there, he meets Ava, a sentient A.I. being that is capable of consciousness and thought. As Smith interacts with Ava, he slowly but surely falls in love with her, and Ava also develops a romantic affection for him. The film takes on this storyline, with twists after twists at every minute of the movie. 

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

Before you come at me with pitchforks and torches screaming “BLASPHEMY!!”, this is not just a list of sex dolls but also the connection between humans and robots. Meaning, this is perfectly legal and is entirely normal as well. You can’t come for me; I got reason and logic by my side as well. 

The Disney film has managed to maintain a huge following, even after its release in 2014. The animated movie follows orphan Hiro Hamada and the cuddly robot named Baymax made by his deceased brother. The pair then develops a bond, one of robot and human. Though it’s a stretch, you could consider the relationship formed by Hiro and Baymax to be a realistic depiction between the typical sex doll owner and their beloved doll. Yes, it’s a stretch, but you can see my point. 

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

A heartbreaking story of someone wanting to find love, the movie A.I. gives away more than just a typical love story for everyone. 

David seeks to find acceptance from both humans and robots alike, no matter how much he tries. It’s a heartwarming story that tells us that everyone wants to be accepted and loved, no matter if they’re humans or robots. 

Howard the Duck

Top 10 Movies Predicting the Rise of Sex Dolls

What was once an excellent blockbuster flop is now a cult classic in its own right. I mean, it got a 13% score on RottenTomatoes. You can’t get any worse than that. 

Based on the comic character Howard the Duck, the film is weird. Is a world full of anthropomorphic ducks with arms and legs? Yes, I know. Howard lands in Cleveland and then proceeds to rescue rocker Beverly from thugs and bond with her. Beverly then introduces Howard to Phil, who works for Dr. Jenning. The doctor then attempts to return Howard to his world but then proceeds to transfer an evil spirit into his own body. 

How does this correlate with sex dolls? Even I don’t know. I just figured you might want to watch something so mediocre it’s now a cult classic. 

So, there you have it. Though some of you may find the idea of being in a relationship with a sex doll revolting, there’s no getting away from the fact that people can find comfort from robots. And, it doesn’t matter if they’re robots or not. All that matters is that we know that the robots’ age is coming, and everyone would, at one point, form a bond with them.

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