Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

Long-distance sex toys look like regular sex toys. The only difference is that couples can use such to pleasure each other even when they are oceans apart. Simply known as teledildonics, these sex toys are made for long-distance relationships. They work as vibrators that can be operated via Wi-Fi. This means that the other person can control the vibrator’s intensity and rhythm no matter where they are. 

Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

Many people who are in a long-distance relationship are missing the connection and intimacy that they would have experienced if they were together. Fortunately, technology is on everyone’s side now. Long-distance sex toys allow partners to enhance human connection.

That being said, below are the best long-distance sex toys for couples:

We-Vibe Cordless Wand Vibrator

For log-distance couples who are trying teledildonics for the first time, We-Vibe’s Cordless Wand Vibrator is the fool-proof option. It has 10 vibration settings and can be connected to We-Vibe’s very own We-Connect app, so couples can control it no matter where they are. 

In addition, the We-Vibe Cordless Wand Vibrator comes with two extra attachments for both penile and clitoral stimulation. This vibrator’s simple, cordless, and wandlike design allows users to use the device on the entire body, instead of just the genitals. This way, couples can explore a wider range of pleasures. 

One compelling feature of the We-Vibe Cordless Wand Vibrator is its customizable vibration settings. While other wands often have too-intense vibration settings, We-Vibe’s wand allows you to turn down the vibration and use the wand to other parts of your body.

The vibrator’s gently-curved shape also makes it the most versatile wand that couples can use for any sex or sexual orientation.

Second Generation OhMiBod BlueMotion NEX 1 Wearable Vibrator

This one is for couples who are looking for a sex toy that both the male and female can wear externally, the second generation OhMiBod Nex 1 is the perfect option. For more than 10 years, the company OhMiBod has been experimenting with vibes for long-distance. Right now, it looks like they have already perfected it. 

Moreover, the NEX 1 is a sex toy that anyone can wear. However, it is worth noting that is created for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Yet, men can turn it around toward the anal opening or testicles. This is because this wearable vibrator has an ergonomic and contoured-fit design. You can also connect it to Bluetooth as well as the OhMiBod Remote App. this way, you and your partner can make and save customized vibration patterns no matter how far apart you are.

Melt Clitoral Stimulator by We-Vibe

For couples who want to experience oral sex but are miles apart, We-Vibe’s Melt Clitoral Stimulator is the perfect solution. This device can be connected to We-Vibe’s We-Connect app via Wi-Fi. It uses patented pleasure air technology and has 12 sensation levels. This allows your partner to maximize the sex toy’s intensity no matter where they are.

In addition, the pleasure air technology brings all the blood flox exactly to the area where you want it to be. It is also mind-blowing and perfectly mimics the feeling of oral sex. Lastly, you can use it hands-free since it can rest on your pubic bone.

Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator

The Moxie Wearable Vibrator from We-Vibe uses a magnet to stay fastened when you are wearing it. It also has customizable and whisper-quiet vibration patterns and intensities, which you can control using the We-Connect app. 

Since it is a long-distance vibrator, you and your partner can use it for power play or experimenting in public. 

Chorus by We-Vibe

This one is the updated and more improved version of the popular We-Vibe Sync. it provides both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. In addition, it serves as an all-around sex toy for females who are far away from their partners. 

Moreover, the We-Vibe Chorus has seven vibration patterns and three speeds. Males can control it via a wireless remote or the We-Connect app whole their female partners are wearing it. When couples are together, they can also use the We-Vibe Chorus as a three-way stimulator during penetration. This is because the device vibrates against the G-spot, clitoris, and penis during wear.

We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

This device by We-Vibe is perfect for couples who are looking for prostate and perineum stimulation. This vector prostate massager is recommended for couples whose long-distance partner likes slower and gentler vibration patterns. It provides a more rumbling vibration rather than a fuzzy one. As a result, you will get a nice and deep kind of orgasm. 

According to We-Vibe, the Vector Prostate Massager was created in partnership with leading prostate experts. In addition, it has two motors that can be controlled using either the We-Connect app or a remote. It also has 10 vibration patterns, giving you and your partner total control over the rhythm and intensity of the sex toy.

Verge Vibrating Ring by We-Vibe

The We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Ring is app-controlled. This way, females will be able to take charge of satisfying their male partners no matter how far apart they are. The design has a point at the end that lets the wearer have some perennial activity. In addition, you can stretch it enough to pull your balls through it. As a result, the penis vibrating ring provides a much tighter fit. 

Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

In addition, the verge has a contoured fit. It also has powerful and rumbly vibrations that females can control using the We-Connect app. Partners will also be able to play with preset mode. On top of that, they can even create their very own custom vibrations.

Top-of the-Line Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in LDR

Long-distance relationships can be tough. This is especially true when you and your partner are looking for sexual intimacy but cannot have it due to the distance between the two of you. Fortunately, the continuous advancement of technology gave birth to long-distance sex toys. Now, couples in LDR can enjoy sexual pleasures without having to travel miles. 

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