Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year

Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year

Every new year brings plenty of new wellness trends and opportunities. You will hear a lot of people talking about the new diet plan that they are trying. You will also hear your relatives discussing their new workout routines. The list goes on. But the bottom line is that this year will give people new opportunities for wellness. 

Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year

However, what people do not talk about are sex toy trends that they are trying out in their bedrooms. But to help you find out what this year’s sex toy trends are, below are 2021’s sex toy trends:

Sex Toy Trend #1: Suction toys

Sex educator and Babeland brand manager Lisa Finn said that clitoral stimulators provide an entirely different sensation than a vibration. Such brings sex toys to a whole new level. 

The nozzle of a clitoral stimulator creates some kind of pulsing or suction effect with air. This gives pinpoint stimulation directly to the head of the clitoris. This way, the toy is able to really target all of the nerve endings. 

In addition, suction toys make great solo toys. But they are also excellent for partner play or even for foreplay. This is because they stimulate and increase arousal. 

Sex Toy Trend #2: Discreet vibrators that work quietly

Jill McDevitt, Ph.D. is the resident sexologist of CalExotic. According to him, there have been vibrators in the past that creators tried to camouflage as everyday products. However, apart from the fact that they weren’t able to fool anyone, they were also not very good products. But now, the vibrators available in the market really look like everyday objects. 

Sex Toy Trend #3: CBD sex products

Cannabidiol or CBD, according to Finn, contains properties that reportedly help the body by reducing physical tension. In addition, it increases relaxation. Such can help sex feel more pleasurable and satisfying. He added that plenty of CBD products are topical. This means that those products can be a great way to add a more intimate touch to your sex play.

Sex Toy Trend #4: All in one kit

According to McDevitt, it is no longer common for first-time sex toy users to feel overwhelmed. 0This is because aside from the vast array of choices, there are also a lot of styles to choose from. There are g-spot, vaginal, clitoral, and the list of sex toy types goes on. 

McDevitt also added that she receives a lot of questions from people who seek help in making a purchasing decision. However, the difficult thing is that the only way for these people to find out which sex toy will suit them is to try the various types and see what they like. 

Sex Toy Trend #5: Electro-stimulation toys 

Electro-stimulation has become popular among sex toy users. However, the BDSM way has had electro-stimulation around for a while.

Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year 

In the area of sexual health,  electro-stimulation was only something that is available from physical therapists and pelvic floor s0pecialists. 

Moreover, McDevitt explained that there is Impulse by CalExotics. Such is a whole new line of sex toys that feature a metal pad that sends gentle electrical impulses to the user’s brain. Those impulses tell the brain to contract and relax the body’s pelvic floor. As a result, users will have a Kegel workout while they are masturbating. 

Why Are Sex Toys Increasingly Becoming Popular

Sex toys are already mainstream devices. A lot of couples and even those who are single are clinging to sex toys to satisfy their sexual needs. But apart from that, there are more reasons why people are turning to sex toys for sexual satisfaction.


The first reason why sex toys are becoming more and more popular is due to their convenience. Think of it this way: when you own a sex toy, you do not need to find another person whenever you crave sex. You just need to grab your sex toy and do whatever you want to satisfy yourself. 


When your partner is away, having them to satisfy your sexual urges is almost impossible. But unlike human beings, dildos, vibrators, and the other sex toys available in the market are easily portable. This means that you can have them wherever you go. 

If you are one of the people who want to remain discreet in terms of using a sex toy, you can look for the smallest shoebox where you can hide it. On the other hand, if you are daring enough, you can look for a place in the middle of the day and create pleasurable moments in public. 

Sex toys improve overall well-being

Having a small vibrator with you can do a lot of wonders for your health. Apart from that, it is also an excellent investment for women. The reason is that having an orgasm makes people feel alert and alive. Needless to say, sex toys improve a person’s overall well-being. 

Some people also say that they look more blooming after sex. But the good thing now is that you no longer need to find a man to experience orgasm. Just have one or two sex toys on the go and you will experience the sexual satisfaction that you need anywhere, anytime. 

Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year

Top Five Sex Toy Trends that Everyone Should Try This Year

No one can ever deny the fact that sex toys are becoming more and more popular. Couples and single individuals use sex toys to satisfy themselves in bed, and sometimes even in public. The wonders that these devices can do to a person’s body are almost endless. And with the continuous advancement of technology, sex toys also become better. In fact, there are now sex toys that people can control through a remote or through an app. That being said, it is no longer surprising if more and more people will rely on sex dolls to satisfy their sexual needs. This year, people will see sex toys becoming more mainstream than they ever were. The reason is that sex dolls are evolving into more useful and satisfying ones.

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