The Age of Sex Dolls

The Age of The Sex Dolls

With the new millennium comes a new, yet unexpected fetish for adult males; sex dolls. Last year saw an almost 35% increase in sales during the pandemic, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll let go anytime soon. As time goes on, more and more advances towards what was once seen as a disgusting hobby. We have even come to the point where there is a probability that sex dolls could replace humans in the near future. 

What are Sex Dolls? 

Sex dolls originated from a myth, as Pygmalion, a figure from Greek Mythology, made a figure of a woman from ivory. He named her Galatea, which when translated to English means “she who is milk-white”. According to the mythology, Pygmalion would often be seen with Galatea, even bathing, feeding, and sleeping with her. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, then made her into a real woman. 

Jumping a few millennium forwards, Spanish and French sailors made women dolls made of sewn clothes. They were called “dama de voyage”, and were used by sailors to occupy both their times and bodies on long trips. A certain German dictator (you probably know him) then made sex dolls for his soldiers in 1941. They were called “Geheime Reichssache”, which translates directly to “More secret than top secret”. He also ordered them to look like a typical Aryan woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes. A fun fact, those very dolls would soon inspire Ruth Handler to create Barbie Dolls. 

The Age of The Sex Dolls

1980’s United Kingdom also saw a rise in sex dolls, as Sex Objects Ltd. made the first sex doll named “36C”. She had a 16-bit processor and a voice processor that allowed the doll to make simple responses and simple speech processes. In 1992, the British proposed law with the goal of importing indecent and obscene items. This backfired, however, and the sex companies went to court and subsequently won the case, therefore lifting all the prohibitions. 

Now, these sex dolls would be well known all over the world after a company named TrueCompanion made Roxxxy, an AI sex doll that knew the owner’s tastes. It was a huge step from other sex dolls, as other sex dolls are just silicone plasters with a very detailed face of a woman. 

Why Use Sex Dolls?

Now that we’re done with the history of sex dolls, we must address one issue that must be circulating around your head: “Why use sex dolls?” 

First and foremost, sex dolls are a particularly safe way to quench your thirst for a member of the opposite sex. You can stick your thing up in there and be completely confident that you’d go out the other side without the fear of getting nasty STDs. Sex is a completely normal desire, and to have a sex doll would somehow alleviate the need to have sex without the fear of getting a life-changing surprise.

Secondly, you can get a sex doll that would look like your favorite celebrity. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that it would probably be easier to try and to wire an entire house while wearing boxing gloves than getting Angelina Jolie to sleep with you. But with a sex doll, it’s more than possible to do. There are certain sex dolls that are made to look like your favorite celebrities. You can go around your friends and say that you slept with Charlize Theron. You didn’t actually sleep with Charlize Theron per se, but you slept with a sex doll that looks exactly like her. The good thing about it is that some celebrities are completely fine with it as long as they get royalties from it. It’s a win-win situation, you get to sleep with your favorite celebrity and they get paid for it (in one way or another).

Thirdly, some sex dolls are incredibly intuitive. Depending on the AI system, they can carry conversations, do natural movements, and sometimes even respond depending on the user’s tastes. If you’re incredibly lonely, you can even flirt with some of them depending on the occasion. They’re designed so that they can give the user a more immersive experience, and to make them feel like they’re actually talking to someone. We’ve come to a point where we can give something as lenient as a sex doll an AI system. Who would’ve thought? 

The Age of The Sex Dolls

Fourth, sex dolls give more to people than you might possibly imagine. Some couples utilize sex dolls to give some sort of spice to their somewhat dead sex life. The members of the LGBTQIA+ community also appreciate sex dolls as they appeal to their sexuality. It’s a way for the community to feel that they aren’t left behind and to remind them that they’re represented. There are also women-oriented sex dolls, which sounds weird, I know. But sex dolls for women were once an untapped market, and now, they’re taking up shares in the sex doll market as well. The Chinese also utilize sex dolls as well. With a male-to-female ratio of 105.3 males to 100 females, sex dolls could be used to somehow alleviate the somewhat-damning ratio.


Let’s be honest. Selling sex is the oldest business known to man. To assume that sex dolls are a fringe market is all but an assumption. The current pandemic has made us stay inside our homes, and that means that we can’t always quench our sexual urges. Buying a sex doll is completely normal, as modern sex dolls are now more than just that. Modern sex dolls are the pinnacle of technological advancements. Who could’ve known that we can see the day that sex dolls could replace humans in the near future? I’ll tell you one thing. Definitely not me.

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