90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

I know you’ve seen random clips of TLC’s hit reality show 90-Day Fiancee. Be it through one of PewDiePie’s videos or even on a random Facebook post. Whether you’ve seen it as a meme or watched the entire show on YouTube, the point is that everyone knows that the show exists. Although, it doesn’t matter if whether or not you’ve heard of it. The fact remains that there are some people there that would take your breath away the moment you first laid your eyes on them. 

Though admittedly, beauty is more than skin deep. Not everyone that appears on the show possesses a heart made out of purity and joy. I get the sense that some of them only join the show to obtain an American Visa. But, the fact that you’re here doesn’t mean that you care about what they’re like; you’re here to get sex dolls that look similar to the people that appeared on 90-Day Fiancee itself. 

There’s no shame in getting a sex doll that looks like a gold digger from a show you couldn’t give two cents about that you’ve seen on YouTube. And now, here are some of them!


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

24-year old Anfisa Nava made a name for herself after the reality show depicted her as a gold-digger. Granted, we never know whatever happens behind the lens, but there’s no hiding the fact that she did seem like a spoiled brat on 90-Day Fiancee. 

Annika shares a resemblance to Anfissa Nava. The good thing about Annika is that people couldn’t legally call you a pedophile or a sexual predator as well. There is a striking resemblance between the two. But the good thing with Annika is you wouldn’t have to have kinky sex with a spoiled brat that appeared on National TV.


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Although Larissa is now In a speck of trouble with the immigration office, she still stands to be a beauty. Her divorce from her partner put her in a spot of bother as well. But that’s not the main issue here. 

One of Alexis’s main advantages is that it wouldn’t post sad, cryptic messages on her Instagram page after you broke up. In fact, why would you break up with a sex doll that would fulfill your sexual desires?


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Admittedly one of the happier endings on the show, Kirlyam and Alan’s couple is still going strong. They now have a child born in 2017 as well. Sadly, the couple would have to spend their time away from each other together, as quarantine protocols don’t allow them to meet each other. 

Now that that’s out of the way, Kirlyam is undeniably pretty. There will be a time where you’d want to want a woman that looks similar to Kirlyam. Worry not, as that’s what Molly’s for, more than anything! Though there’s only a striking resemblance between the both of them, the comparison still stands. Molly is the way to go when you want a hot Brazillian girlfriend that once appeared on a television show! There’s no shame in that. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Mohammed is one of the rare cases where the guy is someone you’d like to spend a weekend evening in a fancy restaurant. Though his partner on the TV show admittedly looks like a “Karen” type of character, it still doesn’t change the fact that Mohammed is dashing to behold. Now that both Mohammed and Danielle have split in an awful divorce, ladies would have the chance to get Mohammed for their own!

But for people out there who live far away, worry not as Carle is here at your service! Though he doesn’t look like Mohammed, the resemblance still stands and remains healthy. Just like Danielle and Mohammed, you’ll meet Carle online. But unlike their relationship, you can remain confident that both of you would have beautiful nights together. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

It’s the woman, the myth, the legend, the meme herself!. Rose is undoubtedly one of the most iconic faces to ever come out of the show. Her iconic one-liners and her facial expressions when confronting her partner ED has taken the world by storm. Her life has taken a better turn as she and her child has led prosperous lives after the show. Rose’s Instagram page has shown her glow-up, and she has bloomed into an absolute beauty. 

Gigi would share a striking resemblance with Rose, if not for Rose’s beautiful chocolate skin. Gigi is sure to turn your sexual desires into something more than just a wish; she turns them into a reality. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Paola and her partner Russ have shown what a 90-Day Fiancee is during its first season. They’re still happily thriving together, albeit with a few murmurs from the corners of the internet. Knock on wood; they’ll be together for longer. 

Don’t worry about ruining Paola’s marriage, as it’s impossible to break them apart. But if you want to sleep with Paola, then fear not, as Matilda is here for you! Her primary purpose is to provide comfort, and that’s just what she does. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Pedro and Chantel have shown the primary purpose of the 90-Day Fiancee. The season 4 couple has defied all odds and remained firm with their relationship. Pedro is a hot piece of ass, no matter how you cut it. 

When you want to get a piece of Pedro, Ton will provide your desires for him. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Not all TV show couples are born the same. That’s the definite case with the marriage between Ashley and Jay. They’ve shown that not all teams made from the show are the same, as they have filed for divorce at least three times over the time of their marriage. 

Infidelity and divorce are not a concern with Gabriella, as her primary purpose is to please you and nothing else. Though Gabriella looks just vaguely reminiscent of Ashley, marriage isn’t going to be an issue. You wouldn’t need to file a divorce when the time comes that you catch Gabriella cheating on you as well. You can throw her in a bin somewhere or in a forest, probably. 


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Without a shadow or a question of doubt, Alexei is one of the best-looking guys to ever come out of the program. Alexei and Loren have shown the world that both of them are indeed soulmates meant to find each other. 

Want a piece of Alexei? Travis is here for you! Granted, they don’t particularly look similar to each other. But that’s not the point of this exercise. There wouldn’t be a fear of ruining a marriage with a child, as Travis is sure to give you the pleasure that you have always wanted!


90-Day Fiancee Sex Dolls

Juliana and her partner Michael have defied all the reality television odds after they’re now living a happy and content life together. Juliana now lives her life with her wine entrepreneur husband, all while being a model at the same time. Both Juliana and Michael have shown the world that television’s magic doesn’t work as long as love exists between them. 

Being a model and all, Juliana is scorching hot. So, what would you do when you want to get a hot girlfriend, but you can’t get your hands on one? Why get Molly, of course! This all-American sex doll that’s born and raised in Texas would be sure to give you an experience that you definitely wouldn’t forget. 

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