A Brad Pitt Sex Doll For Your Fantasy

A Brad Pitt Sex Doll For Your Fantasy

Everyone who grew up watching movies on their DVD players is fully aware of Brad Pitt and his jaw-dropping good looks. His notable roles in films that are now considered cult classics have cemented his name as one of Hollywood’s finest. He is still today thanks to his prominent roles. A personal favorite of mine is his role in Fury, where he plays as the commander of one of my most favorite tanks, an M4A3E8 Sherman Jumbo. 

A Brad Pitt Sex Doll For Your Fantasy

You know he’s a big deal when even I, a proud anime fan, understands and acknowledges his importance to the film industry. So, you might be amazed to hear that there is a sex doll made to look a little bit like him. 

Wait… What?

I know. Shock. Suspense. Unbelievable. What kind of sorcery is this. Those are the words that are going through your mind after you’ve read that, I assume. There are probably more, but those aren’t suited for audiences that are younger than 18 years old. 

But, you shouldn’t be so shocked by this. Some actual dolls are modeled after celebrities. I saw one that looks like a former First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. I know for a fact that whoever ordered that is indeed a fellow with a weird taste. We pray that whatever he did wasn’t illegal, or else he’d be in jail for trying to sleep with a doll that looks similar to Dorito Man’s wife. 

Is It Legal?

Now that we’re on legal implications, we must face one of the questions that you must be thinking as well: is that legal?

Lawyers can argue that it isn’t. You can’t label a doll as something that looks like Brad Pitt as an actual Brad Pitt doll without the celebrity’s consent. Legal implications are scary, and it can always end in a tangled mess without a start or a finish. 

To avoid this, corporations making the dolls would have to know how to make a way around legal implications. You have to play smart to play fair. What the artists don’t know couldn’t possibly hurt them, and that’s what the sex doll companies did! To sell the dolls without the artists knowing, they must be labeled as dolls that resemble the artists and not dolls that look exactly like them. With that in mind, that’s just what Charles is; a sex doll that resembles Brad Pitt. 

A Brad Pitt Sex Doll For Your Fantasy

Using celebrities as an inspiration for sex dolls isn’t exactly a new thing within the sex doll industry. There are multiple dolls that are designed to look like some of the hottest celebrities that are around. I’ve seen some that look like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and even Justin Bieber. Some of them look exactly like the celebrities that they’re modeled after. 

It might come as a shock to you (yet again), but yes, some celebrities allow their actual faces to be on the sex doll. Yes, some stars actually allow it. They do, as long as all the legal documents are dealt with, and they get royalties. So yes, you can get a doll that looks like and is advertised like your favorite celebrities. The Scarlett Johansson doll springs immediately to mind. The manufacturer has sorted out the legal documents and has been allowed to make the said doll. 

I’ve also seen a doll that looks like Lady Gaga named GAGADOLL, which shares a striking resemblance to the artist. I’m not Roxxxy Andrews, but I’m here to make it clear that the GAGADOLL is NOT a sex doll. It’s available for rental only. There are clear instructions within the manual to NOT have sex with the doll, even if it does come with some lady parts that can function the same. But what are you supposed to do with GAGADOLL, if not for sex? Well, you’re supposed to put your ear on her body, and her songs play out loud. You can cuddle with the doll, all while enjoying your favorite Lady Gaga hit song. 

Some celebrities that have fallen out of the limelight resort to selling rights to their faces to sex doll manufacturers. Maybe to gain some sort of passive income to encourage their drug addiction, Maybe.


It isn’t even a push-comes-to-shove moment. Buying sex dolls is something that you either do or don’t, and there are no questions about that. I mean, it’s 2021, and there’s no longer any shame in buying sex dolls that looks similar to your favorite celebrities. You should spoil yourself some more and satisfy your craving for your famous star. 

Let’s get one thing exact here; it’d be next to impossible for any of us to have sex with the actual Brad Pitt. There are better odds of winning the lottery than to actually let him do whatever he wants with you. And that is just what sex dolls promise; a guilty pleasure for people with more sense than money. It takes a whole load of guts to actually purchase one, although it should be normalized even more nowadays. Yes, you aren’t eligible for getting a Purple Heart for your bravery in buying it. But, buying it grants you one thing; it would provide you with a sense of satisfaction and an effective way of getting rid of your libido. 

A Brad Pitt Sex Doll For Your Fantasy

Charles The Sex Doll

Now, Charles the sex doll is made to resemble Brad Pitt and not look exactly like him. With that in mind, you can still do whatever you want with him. Get him to please you on lonely nights when your husband is away? Go on. Dress him in a military suit, ala Fury? Be my guest. Fit him with a tuxedo so you can live your Angelina Jolie fantasy? Your dreams are his command. Getting him would be one of the best things you could do when all you ever wanted in life is to sleep with a celebrity who doesn’t give two cents about you and doesn’t even know that you exist. 

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