The Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators for a More Intense Sexual Satisfaction

The Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators for a More Intense Sexual Satisfaction

There is a chance that you already have a trusty vibrator that you use whenever you want to feel sexually satisfied. However, if that sex toy of yours is not remote-controlled, then now is the high time for you to use a new vibrator.

The remote, app, or Bluetooth-controlled vibrators provide users way more control compared to that most manual sex toys allow. For instance, if your vibrator is already hitting the right spot, you can easily change the device’s setting without pausing or moving the vibrator. 

Jess O’Reilly, a sex educator and host of the Sex With Dr. Jess podcast explained what remote-controlled vibrators do. She said that such vibrators let you or your partner adjust the device’s settings without having to reach down between your legs.

 Apart from that, she said that having a vibrator that one can control using a remote allows them to subtly excite their partners at unexpected times. For instance, you can fool your partner when you are with your friends, or at a date night which would no doubt lead to a mind-blowing sex session. 

Moreover, the element of surprise is an excellent addition during sex. However, it can be a difficult thing to achieve without vibrators. This is according to the resident sex expert at MysteryVibe, a next-level vibrator brand. 

On the other hand, Taylor Sparks, an erotic educator and Organic founder said that people should try remote-control vibrators first before introducing them to their partner. He added that knowing where and how you enjoy being touched will ley you save time and effort with a new or current partner. 

After expressing what you like, you no longer have to be together with your partner when you use such vibrators. This is a handy feature if you are not in the same place as your partner. O’Reilly also pointed out that there are app-enabled vibrators that allow you to play with your partner who is in another room or country.

Lastly, accessing manual buttons of vibrators can be annoying and difficult in terms of particular sex positions.   

Needless to say, remote-control vibrators are really a must-have for couples. For this reason, we present to you some of the best remote-control vibrators online.

Top 10 Remote-Control Vibrators for Solo or Couple Play

Paloqueth Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

This Wi-Fi sex toy is already fun on its own. However, it would be better if you will bring it to your next sex session with your partner, as it is the only way for you to find this vibrator’s full potential. You and your partner will both experience heightened pleasure. This is because the vibrator simultaneously stimulates the woman’s G-spot and clitoris and the male’s testicles and shaft.

Lush Bullet Vibrators by LOVENSE

This vibrator is controllable via Bluetooth, making it easy for you and your partner to control it no matter where you are. Despite its power, the ultra-quiet vibrations will keep your secret safe. However, the screams of pleasure are a whole new story. 

Desire Luxury Love Egg Vibrator

It is important to note that this app and remote-controlled love egg vibrator can give you explosive pleasure. It is created with eight patterns of vibrations as well as 12 levels of intensity which you can adjust. You can either use it at home or wear it discreetly while you are out, so you can see how good you are at wearing a poker face. 

The Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators for a More Intense Sexual Satisfaction

We-Vibe Match

Any We-Vibe product is a couples’ favorite and there is a reason for that. We-Vibe sex toys can be used both manually or using the wireless remote controller. In addition, it digitally connects to you and your partner’s phone. For this reason, their products are excellent for masturbation. According to O’Reilly, she personally likes We-Vibe because you can program it to send vibrations according to the rhythm you prefer. In addition, the company’s products are whisper-quiet. This is the reason why you do not have to worry that someone might hear you using it. 

Leaf Spirit Plus

The Leaf Spirit is a panty vibrator that has seven settings. All of those settings are quiet enough to be discreet whenever you are using the sex toy in public. But the question is, would you be able to be discreet in public when the power of this panty vibrator brings you the sexual satisfaction that you need?

We-Vibe Moxie

According to Amy Boyajian, the co-founder of Wild Flower, an online sexual wellness shop, it was difficult to keep stocks of the We-Vibe Moxie ever since its introduction. 

This remote-control sex toy is small, quiet, and discreet. Yet, the vibrations that it sends are so powerful. The Moxie uses a magnet to keep the device in place on the woman’s underwear. Once in place, either the remote or the mobile app controls it. 

My Secret Charged Remote Panty                              

The skimpiness of these wearable vibrator panties must not make you doubt the sexual satisfaction that they can bring. You can attach the mini toy in the crotch area of any pair of underwear. After that, slide the remote-control ring on your finger or let your partner use it to control the toy.

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 

This remote-control love egg is very easy to use. You just need to insert it in your vagina and use the remote control to turn it on or adjust its vibrations. Men can also massage the vibrating egg around their lady’s clitoris for increased sexual gratification.

The Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators for a More Intense Sexual Satisfaction

Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate Massager

Females can consider switching things up and giving their men some vibrations with this prostate massager by Paloqueth. Such is designed to provide men a major source of pleasure. In addition, it offers various massage modes that can fit whatever gets him going. You can change and control the vibrations using a wireless remote. Apart from that, it is also waterproof, perfect if you want to have some fun in the bathroom or a private pool. 

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