Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that books are one of the best forms of literature there is. Although you could argue that there are more exciting literature forms, you can’t replace the impact that a good book has on you. The now-canceled J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter books taught children that they should be more compassionate towards others. Stephanie Meyer and her best-selling book series Twilight taught us that the obstacles in your way shouldn’t affect your decisions in life. 

But, what if you own a sex doll? What would be the best-suited book for you? 

I’m not saying that sex doll owners are a different breed of people from the rest. All I’m saying is that sex doll owners may or may not require a different sort of literature from the rest. Be it to learn where sex dolls came from to even proper maintenance of them, here are the top 10 books that every sex doll owner must have!

Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots (Bloomsbury Sigma)

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

The time would come where sex dolls would override the need for companionship soon. Sex dolls are with us, and very much so. And that’s what the book Turned On: Science, Sex, and Robots promise to bring to the table. The book discusses many points throughout all of its chapters.

It’s almost undeniable how much robots in the shape of humans have captured the hearts and minds of everyone. Are they made to please our sexual urges, or are they more than that? Reading this book would raise different questions, all of which it answers in a compelling method. 

Turned Into A Female Sex Doll: ~ Sinful Shorts ~ An Explicit Tale of Forced Feminization and Female Dominance

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

A collection of shorts by Rebecca Sterne, this book is sure to stir the hearts and imaginations of whoever had the bravery to buy it. But you bought a sex doll so that it could be nothing at all. Erotica consisting of adult fantasies brought from pen to paper, this is an enticing yet unhinged collection of shorts that are sure to leave you breathless on every page.

Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

We’re now in the age of the future. Everything that we once deemed a fad has now passed and given birth to something that’s even more spectacular. Now, what would that have to do with sex dolls and sex robots?

Society is constantly changing over time, and that’s what the author, David Levy, aims to discuss. The book discusses multiple points that should be brought to light on the future age that we live in now: the evolution of robots and how they could change our ideologies of what love means. The book explores that and so much more for people. A compelling read on its own and a little bit of extra knowledge couldn’t hurt anyone. 

Valley of the Sex Dolls

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

You’ve heard of the cult classic “Beyond The Valley of The Dolls.” Now, be prepared for something similar, apart from in every single detail.

As a fan of thriller-themed books myself, the Valley of the Sex Dolls can be a weird read all by itself. But, just because something is funny doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be great. An enticing read along with being a little bit too explicit at some point, Valley of the Sex Dolls would prove to be one of the best book purchases when you want to be thrilled on every page. Peggy’s journey to find just what her dad has been obsessed with after his divorce would be sure to keep you on your toes for most of the time. 

Sex Doll Robots: The Ultimate Pleasure and Pain

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

Yet another collection of shorts, this adult-only book is sure to keep your imagination alight every time you read it. With three stories crammed in a single, easy-to-read book, this is sure to provide you with a pleasurable reading experience that you never thought was even possible. 

Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications (The MIT Press)

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

Though sex robots are now a thing, there would inevitably be many that are against the idea. A topic of debate in and of itself, the book Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications tackles that ideology. It offers a different perspective on the subject, from several standpoints such as psychology, religion, economics, and everyone’s laws. 

The contributors discuss just what it means to have sex with a robot and why people should take the issue more seriously. They provide multiple takes on the issues at hand. Along with the question of a robot could give out a mutually satisfying relationship with a human. 

Every sex doll owner would surely appreciate this book and its meaning for everyone from different standpoints. 

The Sex Doll: A History

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

A compelling historical take on the silent, blow-up woman that would follow your every sexual whim, the book tackles that ideology. The book makes sure to fully address the reason why people would want a blow-up doll and its primary purpose. The book also addresses the evolution of the sex doll, from a cloth effigy made in the shape of a woman to inflatable dolls, to the current dolls that can move and have the ability of speech. The book also attempts to discover the desires that force people to buy them in the first place. 

Robot Sex Dolls: Fantastic Sex In All Positions With Silicone Robotic Dolls and Also Erotic Sex With the Real Women Who Made Them (Splatter Me Book 1

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

A part of an anthology of erotica, the Robot Sex Dolls series is a fantastic read for anyone that wants to liven their imagination with a little bit of reading. The erotica and its explicit imagery and adventurous sex situations allow the reader to be both aroused and entertained while reading a book. 

Frankenstein: A Love Story

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

A unique love story presented in a different light, the novel Frankenstein by author Jeanette Winterson is sure to leave you out of breath at every turn. Though there are some controversies regarding the book, it’s an undeniable piece of modern literature that would be sure to spark imaginative minds throughout the decade. Frankenstein promises to be a unique reading experience for its readers, and there is a lot to leave to the imagination with the book. 

The Life and Death of a Sex Doll

Top 10 Books Every Sex Doll Owner Must Read

A coming-of-age sci-fi story, the book The Life and Death of a Sex Doll promises to be an original read that would leave people out of breath at every page. A convincing book mixed with a pleasurable reading experience, The Life and Death of a Sex Doll would be sure to be one of the best book purchases you’ve ever made. 

Sex dolls are more than just a topic for debate; they’re a healthy way of alleviating your libido when you have one. But when you don’t just want to be with a sex doll for the rest of your life, then these books are sure to broaden your imagination and your perspective when it comes to your beloved sex doll and so much more. 

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