Just What The World Needed: Another Belle Delphine

Just What The World Needed: Another Belle Delphine

Well, not entirely. 

I’m gonna be honest on this one: it isn’t an article about a twin that Belle Delphine suddenly found on Twitter. Neither is it about an announcement that Belle Delphine has a twin sister doing her OnlyFans videos for the longest time. No. This is about a sex doll that looks just like the infamous internet star.

Just What The World Needed: Another Belle Delphine

But First and Foremost, Just Who is Belle Delphine?

For people like me who are unaware of Belle Delphine’s existence before writing this article, Belle Delphine first made a name for herself as a cosplayer that posts on both Instagram and YouTube. Although her first three years were slow, as she only has garnered less than 5.000 followers, she picked up the tempo and has turned to be one of the most infamous names on the internet. Her unique costumes, along with her pastel-pink room, have given her the persona that Delphine needed to shoot even further into the public consciousness. To put it into perspective, she attracted 850,000 followers on her Instagram page as of November 2018. Less than a year after June 2019, she already has an astonishing 4.2 million. 

She has since been well-known throughout the internet after she advertised the “Gamer Girl Bath Water” for $30 on her own personal website. Since then, many YouTube videos are either promoting it or have bought it. She has also had some scandals that have led her Instagram account to get banned. 

Of course, she received some sort of backlash to the point where she took a hiatus from October of 2019 through June 2020. But then, she made a shocking recovery by announcing to the world that she has created an OnlyFans account. Since then, the rest was history as she is currently one of the top 10 earners on the website as of 2020. 

What? OnlyFans? What’s That?

OnlyFans is a website for content creators to share their content with the world. Most of the things on the website are adult content for people with more money than actual sense. Although some actually use OnlyFans as a method to reach out to their target audience even more. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race icons such as Plastique Tiara, Shea Coulee, and even Katya have started their own OnlyFans account. Not every account on the platform has suggestive content. Some are just methods to gain a little bit more income during the pandemic. 

Just What The World Needed: Another Belle Delphine

Why Buy A Sex Doll That Looks Like Belle Delphine?

Even when you buy an OnlyFans subscription, you’re just going to get your rocks off with your hands. Let’s be honest with that one. There’s no guarantee that Belle Delphine herself would knock at your very doorstep and offer to take your virginity away from you; until now. 

Hentai, a sex doll with a name that directly translates to “pervert” in Japanese, is there to help with your Belle Delphine fixation! She is designed first and foremost to emulate a cosplayer. And she would be sure to be one of the best purchases you’d ever made when it comes to alleviating your libido. 

Yes, it’s weird. Having sex with a silicone doll made to look like someone you saw on the internet can be unsettling. But think of it this way; it’s better than getting a hooker and potentially getting some nasty diseases. When push comes to shove, sex dolls are a healthier, albeit expensive, way of getting your rocks off in the middle of the night. Whether your wife isn’t in the mood, or you’re a single guy looking for some sort of comfort on lonely evenings, then Hentai would probably be the ideal sex doll for you. Whatever it is, there isn’t a lot to go wrong with it, and there are indeed guys who would bite your arms off when you have one. 

It isn’t a sin to have sex with a silicone doll with a face reminiscent of an internet star. If you have a thing for cosplayers and/or Belle Delphine in general, then Hentai is the perfect sex doll for you.

Is Belle Delphine Aware Of This?

It’s safe to say that she probably isn’t. There are lots of celebrities with dolls that resemble them. One I saw the other day looked eerily similar to Ariana Grande. One looked similar to Taylor Swift, and if you want to live on the edge of life and death, then get yourself a Melania Trump doll. Don’t worry, though, as there are times when they have no idea that it actually exists. 

Just What The World Needed: Another Belle Delphine

What they don’t know couldn’t possibly hurt them. And we’re banking on the fact that Belle Delphine and her group of lawyers wouldn’t see this article. But even if they did, then it shouldn’t be that much of a problem as Hentai does not look explicitly like her. Sure, it looks similar. But then, just because something looks identical to her doesn’t mean that she can slap her trademark logo in it. 

So to answer your question, then yes. There is a form of legal implications that would potentially get us in trouble if we market Hentai as a Belle Delphine doll. But we don’t as we sell Hentai as a doll that looks similar to Belle Delphine. Those are two entirely different things by themselves. Now that we’ve covered that let’s get on.

People shouldn’t be ashamed when it comes to buying a sex doll nowadays, as we’ve encompassed the need to be consistently proving ourselves to everyone. Sex dolls can be considered a healthy, albeit expensive, way of alleviating your libido. A good thing about them is that they’re much more durable than your typical pocket pussy, which would make them more worth it in the long run. So, when all you dream of in the future is to have Belle Delphine sleeping beside you after you do it with her, or if you have a fetish for cosplayers. Rest assured, as Hentai is the perfect doll for you. 

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