5 Best Sex Trends in 2021

Five of the Best Sex Trends in 2021

A team of sex experts who came from across the world has created a list of 2021’s sex trends. This year, it seems like long-distance sex play and a focus on male pleasure will be its theme.

We-Vibe, a sex toy manufacturing company, was able to comprise the top five trends so far. Johanna Rief, the company’s head of “Sexual Empowerment,” said that improved technology along with inclusive toy design played a significant role in determining what is popular. In addition, Rief believes that there is a proven link between positive mental health and sexual pleasure. This connection led to an increase in sales in the global sex toy market.

 Five of the Best Sex Trends in 2021

Now, here are the top five sex trends this year:

The Pleasure Movement of Men

Most sex toys were developed primarily to satisfy women and their requirements. In fact, the very first wand vibrator was created as a masturbation tool that treats hysteria and back problems. 

However, this year is different. The increasing popularity of self-pleasure has paved the way for male sex toys. 

3D Printing, VR, and Sex Robots

Technological advancements in terms of virtual reality will make it possible for people to have sex with anyone, regardless of where they are. On the other hand, 3D printing will revolutionize sex toys over the coming decade.

3D printing will lead to people creating their own entirely customized and personalized vibrators at home. 

On the other hand, sex dolls will become more robotic than they already are. Creators will make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to make sex dolls fully reactive and responsive to their owners’ touch. 

Sexual Mindfulness

In a world where everyone is too busy, wellbeing experts tell people to slow down and practice mindfulness. Experts say that this will bring a more meaningful life. But this is also applicable when it comes to sex. 

There is a trend that popularizes slow sex. In fact, sex educators are encouraging their students to utilize techniques that are more commonly found in meditation and yoga. The aim is to achieve slow yet fulfilling sexual experiences. In addition, it will encourage solo and couple experimentation. 

This year, Wand, which its creators claim as the most powerful wand vibrator in the market has come into popularity. It uses a technology called “Smart Silence” in order to ensure peace and tranquility during sexual mindfulness sessions. 

Long-Distance Sex Play

A lot of people cannot get the intimacy that they need because their partner is living somewhere far from them. Most of them only rely on phone calls and video chats to help them keep the sparks alive. Fortunately, the continuous advancement of technology has allowed manufacturers to create long-distance sex toys called teledildonics. 

Teledildonics are basically sex toys that couples can control using their mobile phones. For instance, if a woman is wearing a Bluetooth-controlled vibrator, her partner can control the speed and vibration patterns of the device no matter if they are oceans apart. This way, long-distance couples will feel as if they are in the same room during sex plays.

Moreover, one of the most popular long-distance sex toys is the We-Vibe Sync Aqua. This long-distance sex toy gives you and your partner access to powerful and deep vibrations. All you need to do is download the We-Connect app on your Android or iOS device. Once you are using the sex toy, you and your partner would feel as if you are in the same bed.

 Five of the Best Sex Trends in 2021

Responsive Technology

The most common sex toys have remotes and buttons that help users in controlling the settings, intensity, and vibrations of the device. However, the development in technology has allowed these sex toys to become more intuitive and responsive to touch. Such removed the awkwardness of having to fumble for a remote during sexual plays.

The new responsive sex toy called Chorus comes with a squeeze remote. This allows users to increase or decrease the vibration and intensity of the device with just a single touch. It also has an additional setting wherein the intensity of the vibration will depend on the movements of the body against the vibrator itself. Such leads to a more satisfying and hands-free pleasure. 

Pelvic Floor Orgasm Workout

People’s pelvic muscles are the key to support a satisfying orgasmic experience. For this reason, kegel balls have become popular for both women this year. 

Ben Wa balls or more commonly known as kegel balls, are basically orgasm balls that are usually hollow and has a small weight. It is used for sexual stimulation through insertion into the vagina.

You can use kegel balls inside your bedroom during sexual plays or discreetly out in public for a more exciting public play.

Sexual coaching will be one of the most popular trends

There are many people who have developed sexual hang-ups from their past. While this is not something that a lot of people can understand, it is important to note that you are not alone. You can ask for help from a sex therapist so you can cope up. 

Sexual coaches provide people who have sexual hang-ups with a safer place where they can learn new tools. They also help those people who need to navigate the emotions that often come when they are developing their sexuality. This will make 2021 the year to learn new sex techniques and connect with people’s desires In addition, this year is the time where people will learn communication strategies that will support them in terms of achieving their goals with their partners.

However, a lot of people are ashamed to consult a sex therapist. But that will change this year as experts say that sexual coaching will be a huge trend. Therefore, it will become less of a taboo.

 Five of the Best Sex Trends in 2021


There is no denying that 2021 is the year for partners and even single people who celebrate sex. The sex trends mentioned above will no doubt satisfy the needs of people, especially couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

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