Sex Trends 2021: 5 Best Sex Toy Trends that You Should Know

Sex Trends 2021: 5 of the Best Sex Toy Trends that You Should Know

Every year, the trends in the sex toy industry are changing. Not only today’s adult products are more exciting, but they can also make one’s orgasm more satisfying. And while humans are considered creatures of habit, they would always want to try something new when it comes to sex. It is where sex toys come into the picture. 

According to sexologist and sex and relationship coach Megan Stubbs, the world will start to see a lot more when it comes to tech in sex dolls and toys. There will also be toys that do more than just vibrating, considering the massive success of the suction sex toy Womanizer. 

Sex Trends 2021: 5 of the Best Sex Toy Trends that You Should Know

Now that there is an ongoing pandemic, sex dolls and sex toys are the go-to choice of people who need to satisfy their urges without having any physical contact with other people. That being said, below are the top sex toy trends this 2021:

Trend 1. Application Controlled Sex Toys

Some couples were locked down by the pandemic far away from each other. For this reason, they are thinking of a way to give each other sexual gratification even from afar. Fortunately, their search is over. There are now sex toys that you can buy in pairs. These toys, called Teledildonics, can be controlled by couples using applications that they need to download on their smartphones. 

Jess O’Reilly, PhD., a sexologist and relationship expert, notes that app-enabled sex toys will be the biggest and most popular trend in 2021. What’s more, they are likely to remain for a long time. One reason is that sex toys can help long-distance couples remove the pressure of video or phone sex. It is because toys can provide physical stimulation. In addition, it can give other types of pressure according to you or your partner’s level of comfort. 

2. Stainless Steel

This sex trend is mainly for people who have no concerns about their distance from their partners. It can also apply to people who prefer to use their toys solo. COTR CEO and founder Alicia Sinclair says that stainless steel is an underused material when it comes to the sex toy industry. For years, there weren’t any new sizes or shapes when it comes to this category. However, there are many possibilities of innovation for this area. Notably, COTR is a company that manufactures The Cowgirl Toys, Le Wand, and B-Vibe. 

Moreover, most stainless steel sex toys focus on internal stimulation. Contrary to that, the brand Crave manufactures buzzy stainless steel toys. But regardless of the type you would want t try, it is worth noting that stainless steel sex toys are completely safe. They are also easy to sterilize and are compatible with any type of lubricant. More than that, they are unbreakable. 

3. Bluetooth-enabled Toys

Bluetooth-powered sex toys are also gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. According to Carol Queen, PH.D., couples who are locked down together or apart can use such a sex toy to share stimulation and stay connected. Queen is the staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. She has also written The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone.

Sex Trends 2021: 5 of the Best Sex Toy Trends that You Should Know

Trend 4. Interactive Sex Toys

Perhaps the best long-distance sex toys available in the market. An app or other devices do not control these- they are only used for the pair of sex toys to connect. With interactive toys, you will not need to press buttons or adjust sliders in the app to increase the pressure or speed of the toys. Instead, they react with your movements almost in real-time. The toys are in sync, and they control each other. 

An example is Lovense’s Nora and Max 2. As the man uses the Max 2, it sends feedback to Nora 2, which his partner has. The Nora 2 will then make pumping motions similar to how the man does it. Likewise, Nora 2 sends feedback to Max 2, and it reacts in a similar way. Add a video chat in the formula, and it becomes almost like regular sex. It is the epitome of long-distance sex. 

Furthermore, some interactive toys can record the patterns that were sent in previous sessions. So, if you crave for release but your partner is not available, you can still feel their techniques even if you are doing it solo. 

Trend 5. Toys That Mimics Oral Sex

Teasing and foreplay are great ways to make sexual escapades more enjoyable and exciting. Its most common form is oral sex or using one’s mouth to stimulate one partner’s genitals. Although not everyone likes it, those who do will miss this part of the encounters sorely because they cannot have it during quarantine. Thankfully, the advancement in technology has made it possible for machines to imitate oral sex. Or close to that, at least. 

Replicating oral sex through a sex toy has been a difficult task for producers and researchers. After all, the mouth and the tongue are much more warm and wet than the materials they use. Also, the sensation of intimacy a person feels knowing someone’s mouth is around them is hard to replicate. Still, the companies are not giving up. Their continuous efforts and trials have borne fruits, and now we have blowjob and suction sex toys. They are still not perfect, but they are huge improvements. 

Sex Trends 2021: 5 of the Best Sex Toy Trends that You Should Know

One of the most popular oral sex toys is the Autoblow. The Autoblow is a blowjob machine that was created with the help of artificial intelligence. The creators used AI to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand the movements that occur during real-life blowjobs. They then put the information in the machine, making it able to recreate the act of fellatio. Moreover, the Autoblow can give ten different types of blowjobs with ten different speeds for each. For future purposes, the creators have even made an updated version that attaches to self-driving cars.

Toys like this are sure to provide incredible orgasms to people even in the midst of the pandemic.

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