Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Overwatch is one of the most popular titles made by Blizzard Entertainment. Two teams play in overwatch, and they compete to complete map-specific objectives within a limited amount of time. To do so, each player chooses a character that he will use in battle. Each of the characters has abilities unique to themselves. 

Aside from their battle prowess, the characters in the game also have great looks. Their attractiveness causes the player base to fantasize about them. The fact that you are here right now, reading this article is enough evidence of that. 

So, without further ado, hereafter is the list of the top 10 overwatch sex dolls.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Mei is a damage-type hero that uses weather-altering devices. These devices have the ability to slow down enemy heroes and protect locations. With her ice abilities, Mei is able to obstruct lines of sight, block attacks, and summon an area-of-effect blizzard that will freeze enemies who will stay too long in its radius. 

Blizzard Entertainment does not manufacture sex dolls, nor is there news that they will be collaborating with one anytime soon. So, instead of a direct replica, you can go for sex dolls that look similar to the heroes. Modify the dolls a little bit, and you will have them ready to accompany you in bed.

For Mei, a good love doll choice is Killian. In her poster, Killian holds a sword, but you can easily swap that with an Endothermic Blaster. The war paintings on her face add to the warrior look. However, that could be off putting because Mei does not have that. If you like, you can also change Killian’s head to remove this facial feature. Then, you can give her glasses so that she will resemble Mei closer.

Now let us talk about the exciting parts – the ones that make certain body parts as hard as solid ice. Killian has three entry points: mouth, vagina, and anus. They have respective depths of 5.12 inches, 6.69 inches, and 5.91 inches.

Buy a Killian now to enjoy nighttime with Mei. 


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Pharah is another damage dealer with a ton of firepower. Her combat suit and rocket launcher let her propel to the air and shoot missiles at her enemies. Pharah’s ultimate skill launches a barrage of mini-rockets that will surely destroy her unfortunate target. 

Because Pharah is always covered in her combat suit, imagining her without wearing anything is arousing for admirers like you. You want her to experience being on the receiving end of a barrage, but in a sexy way. For sure, you want to show her a new kind of blast and explosion – one that results in pleasure instead of pain. 

Cassidy is the best love doll if you want to have a Pharah in your bed. Mind you, she is not a replica of your favorite hero. But through customizations, you can have an unarmored Pharah waiting for you in bed. 


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Tracer is an agile damage-type hero. Her biggest strength is her ability to perform well in fast-paced combat. She can shoot rapid-fire at enemies through her twin pulse pistols. Furthermore, she can blink or dash around the battlefield, which makes her difficult to catch. Then her ultimate is a bomb that explodes after a brief delay.

Slim, quick, and sexy, it is understandable why you would be attracted to her. Jensen, the sex doll, will be your saving grace. She will be the avenue that will let you have sex with this fictional character. 

Jensen is a goggles-sporting, dark-haired love doll. Those made customizing her to look like Tracer a lot easier. With her properly built, you can experience fantastic sex with the Overwatch hero. Did you know that Tracer can travel back in time to replenish HP and ammo? Jensen does not need that ability because she will always have enough stamina to take you on.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

D.Va is a tank hero who wears a mech suit to battle. Her suit allows her to do a number of things. It can either shoot short-range, high-damage fire continuously without having to reload or send a volley of exploding rockets. The suit can also put up a defense matrix that blocks all incoming projectiles.

Her real name is Hannah Song, but she is trear=ted by the community as a real diva. Because of her origin story, she is seen as a positive female model for younger gamers. Besides, everyone will agree that she is extra cute. So, a guy like you who wants to please her is nothing new.

With Larriya, you can make that dream come true. She may not be a direct clone of D.Va, but she possesses her charms. Change her hair to brown, and add some face painting if you like. Then there you have it! Your very own D.Va. 

With this doll’s F cup breasts and oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities, you will be living your D.Va fantasies.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

What could be sexier than an acrobat who is also a sniper? Widowmaker is a damage-type hero that also acts as a support. Her abilities include scaling walls using grappling hooks, planting venomous mines, and infra-sight that is shared with her teammates.

Her abilities are inspired by what spiders can do, and her exotic skin color weirdly adds to her allure. Since she is like an animal, you may be thinking of how wild the two of you can be in bed.

If that is what you desire, then Lakia is the doll for you. Her poster shows her wearing lingerie with leopard prints, so she already has Widowmaker’s animalistic quality. And with a few more tweaks, you can make her appear as close to Widowmaker as possible. Unfortunately, there is no option for a bluish skin tone. That would not be much of an issue because you will find yourself deep in her 6.69 inch vaginal and anal holes or in her 5.91-inch deep mouth. 

With Laika, you can have lovemaking sessions with the Widowmaker.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Symmetra is an Indian architect who hopes to engineer a perfect society. Her main ability is manipulating hard light-construct and bending reality. Through these, she can deal massive damage to her enemies and support her allies. Akira can shoot a photon beam that gradually gets stronger the longer it connects with a target. Her second ability lets her create portals where she and allies can pass through. Last, she can generate a forcefield that stops all incoming ranged attacks.

While she believes that what she is doing is for the best of all, she sometimes doubts if her ideal is really what the world needs. This gives her depth of character that makes her feel more real. And if you are a fan and are sexually attracted to her, you would undoubtedly look for more. 

Akira here can make that a reality, or close to that at least. Give her a slightly darker skin tone, and you can have a Symmetra to warm you up. Symmetra may sometimes be uncertain about the role she plays in society, but in Akira’s body, she will know exactly what to do in bed.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Ana is a very good support hero who offers a lot of utility for the team. She was once considered to be the world’s best marksman. But unfortunate events during a hostage rescue made people believe she was dead. Ana actually survived, though, with injuries. He lost her right eye. That impaired her combat capabilities. For a long time, she decided to sit on the sidelines and not participate in the war. However, as she realized that her city and the innocent people needed protection, she loaded her rifle once more. 

Truly compassionate, Ana is one of the best companions you can have. We cannot blame you if you would think about how great a companion in bed she would be. Kind women are beautiful, after all.

For that fantasy, Inge is the recommended sex doll. Give her a darker skin tone and blue hair and brown eye, and you are set. Furthermore, you can cover one of her eyes with an eyepatch. That will give you a sex doll that matches Ana’s looks.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Ashe is a damage-type hero that is well known in the underground criminal world. Through her explosives, she can set enemies on fire. She can also summon his sidekick Bob to aid her in battle.

Ashe has not always been a delinquent. In fact, she was born into a wealthy family. Both her parents are CEOs of renowned companies. So, there is no reason for her to search for money through illegal ways. However, since she rarely saw her parents, no one was there to guide her to the correct path.

And oh boy, for sure you want to fill that role. You want to spank and discipline this unruly lady. You will love doing that, won’t you? Well, you can do that with the Neomi sex doll. 

Neomi radiates the same bad girl energy Ashe does, and along that is her sex appeal. She flaunts H up breasts that will make you mad. Then her three orifices have varying depths that will give you different sensations. Neomi, like Ashe, is asking you to be rough on her cause she likes a challenge.


Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Next in line is the support hero Brigitte. She specializes in repairing armor and healing her allies. She can also generate shields that will protect her and her teammates from all sorts of attacks.

Brigitte grew up studying mechanical engineering. She spends most of her time in her father’s workshop, learning the craft of weapon designing and creating. While everyone expected her to follow in her father’s footsteps, she had a change of heart that determined what she is at present. Reinhardt Wilhelm, a close friend of her father, taught her about the brave adventures of knights, and she was captivated. She joined him in his adventures as his squire.

Brigitte is a woman who loves learning about things. And for sure, you want to teach her some stuff too. You know, the things that are done in bed to achieve satisfaction? With Rosalind, the sex doll, you can do as you please.

Yes, the poster shows a character from another game. But regarding appearance, there is nothing that a few tweaks cannot fix.

Princess Peach

Top 10 Overwatch Sex Dolls

Mercy is a very straightforward support hero. All she does in battle is assist her teammates. Aside from basic healing, Mercy can also resurrect fallen comrades. Then her other abilities allow her to quickly swoop to the side of her allies so she could help them in fights.

If you want to experience heavenly pleasure with this guardian angel, worry not because there is a sex doll for you. The Princess Peach sex doll works as a fantastic base for creating your Mercy love doll. Their bodies match so well. To start, her breast size is similar to Mercy’s. Then the hair only needs to be tied up, and there you have it! Your very own Mercy love doll. 

Swim in delight as you use these sex dolls to fulfill your Overwatch fantasies.

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