Understanding Sexiness: What Is It, and What Causes it?

Understanding Sexiness: What Is It, and What Causes it?

It is natural for human beings to search for sexual partners. Scientifically, our instincts tell us to do it for reproduction purposes. As emotional creatures, people do it to have someone they can rely on. When doing so, whether a person admits it or not, they often look for someone sexy. Being sexy means more than being physically attractive. There is also a common misconception that being sexy means having a body that will make people drool. No, being sexy is more than having big breasts or perfect eight-pack abs. 

Understanding Sexiness: What Is It, and What Causes it?

Follow this guide to learn what really makes people sexy. You can have a perfect shape like a high-quality sex doll.

A Positive Attitude

Good-looking people can be arrogant, cynical, or self-absorbed because they think they are sexy. They believe that other people are lusting after them and will do almost anything just to be with them. However, the opposite is true. Yes, before they speak, people will find them attractive. But as soon as they open their mouth and show their attitude, people tend to find them less desirable. In extreme cases, people may even see them ugly after the conversation. 

On the other hand, people who are positive and vibrant will be attractive to people. People will call them sexy, overlooking the fact that they do not look like supermodels or have obvious physical imperfections. It happens because they are a joy to be around, always spreading happiness and smiles. 

A Good Sense of Humor

As stated above, people who spread happiness are sexy. That requires a pure heart and a good sense of humor. Based on research, this means different things to the two sexes.

For women, a man who has a great sense of humor is someone who can make them laugh. They like to have someone who can improve their dull or gloomy days by saying and doing silly things. 

For men, they like women who laugh at their jokes. Men like the feeling of being relied on or the feeling of being needed. So, when they make women laugh, when they make them happy, men feel like they are serving a purpose. In short, men like women who appreciate their efforts.

On top of that, people who have a good sense of humor are smart – which is a charming quality. 

Being Confident and Contented

If you will go around and ask people what qualities they want their partners to have, most of them will tell you its confidence.

People who are sure about themselves are sexier than insecure ones. First of all, these people are not afraid to show and express their true selves. It allows others to quickly learn things about them, which helps in building intimacy. Being confident also helps in communication, which is an essential key to a long-lasting relationship. 

Furthermore, confident people are shrouded by a special air that makes them stand out. It makes them look strong and dependable, which leads people, especially women, to believe that they will keep them safe from harm. 

Understanding Sexiness: What Is It, and What Causes it?

The Ability to Carry a Conversation

You can be conventionally attractive but still, fail to be sexy. Though not as bad as having a horrible personality, as said above, the inability to carry a conversation stops one from being sexy. 

No progress will happen to a sexual attraction if there is nothing for you to talk about. What you say is essential to keep your potential match interested in you. So be sure to avoid small talks or asking questions that end in a yes or no. Instead, go for topics that will keep the conversation alive. Learn how to keep it going by adding more points or by smoothly transitioning to a new topic if nothing more is about to be said. If you can master this, time will fly quickly, and the other person will love to talk to you again. It increases their interest in you, therefore, making you look sexier.

Showing Vulnerability

At first glance, it looks contradicting some of the qualities stated above. But, showing your weaknesses has its perks. It reminds people that, after all, you are human too. There are moments you feel lonely, mad, or uninspired. By letting others see you in this state, you will be able to capture their hearts. When you show trust in them by letting them know about your imperfections and insecurities, they become more understanding and caring to you. They learn that you are not shallow and your character has depth – making them more curious about you. That increases their level of affection. Attracting people like how top-of-the-line sex dolls do.

As they say, it takes a lot of strength to admit your weaknesses. When one is able to pull this off, they become more appealing to the eyes of the others. 

Great Listener

Telling others about the things you love and hate is not enough. It would help if you also learned how to listen. It takes two to build a connection, so be sure to pay attention to your others. Showing interest in what they like adds bonus points to your sexiness. Also, remember that those who are looking for a serious partner want to find a reliable one. They need and want someone who will listen to their problems. By becoming that person, one becomes more attractive and sought-after. 

Understanding Sexiness: What Is It, and What Causes it?

A Healthy Body

Apologies if you thought this would not be included on this list. However, a healthy body plays a huge role in being sexy. It is the first thing that people will notice when they first meet. Although their opinions could change after they learn more about each other, the first impression still matters. Do not worry; a healthy body does not mean one must have perfectly toned torsos, huge muscles, or small wastes. Instead, the importance is found in a person’s care for himself. If a person takes time to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, it shows that they care about their well-being. This sense of discipline makes other people look at them and find them sexy.

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