Sex Tech Industry, Genderqueers, and Non-Heteronormal People

Sex Tech Industry, Genderqueers, and Non-Heteronormal People

In the past, if you are physically a man and you went out wearing girly clothes, and you announced that you are gay, people will automatically judge you. They will think you are abnormal and worse; some may call you an abomination. The same thing happens to lesbians. 

Thankfully, society has moved on past that mentality. Nowadays, if you do that, people will cheer you up, and they will be happy for you. Well, most of them, at least, for there are still a few who cannot accept the concept of homo or bisexuality. Still, that is better than almost all people opposing you, and the only support you would get comes from fellow queers. 

Sex Tech Industry, Genderqueers, and Non-Heteronormal People

Business and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Although nonheterosexual people are treated more nicely by the community nowadays, their fight for equality is not yet over. There are still people who believe that homosexuality is a sin, and they are doing their best to spread hate towards LGBTQIA+ members. 

On the bright side, more people are fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights now. Most of them are not even members of the community. They were the straights that have learned to accept that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and other non-cisgender people have as much place in the world as they have. Someone’s sexual preference does not define who they are; how they act does – that is the message they want everyone to hear. In line with this movement, many companies have introduced products or make alterations to existing products to accomodate the needs of the non-binary. It has been their way to show support to the LIGBTQIA+ community.

Adjustments Made by the Sex Tech Industry

The gender-fluid founder of Cute Little Fuckers, Steph Tranovich, said that technology created without intersectionality in mind risks suppressing the voices, needs, and values of minority groups. 

Intersectionality refers to how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics intersect with one another and overlap in an attempt to demolish racial hierarchies altogether. KimberlĂ© Crenshaw coined the term in 1989. 

That being said, sex dolls and sex toy producing companies have been exerting effort to make the industry more inclusive. They adopted gender-neutral product designs to created toys meant explicitly for non-heteronormative people. The companies have done what they can, but they are still finding new ways to uplift the LGBTQIA+ community members and make them feel loved. 

The following are some of the LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex tech companies.

Sex Tech Industry, Genderqueers, and Non-Heteronormal People

Cute Little Fuckers

Cute Little Fuckers were the first adult toys on Kickstarter in seven years. They are toys that are for everyone – straight or not. The CLF company also makes webcomics that aim to spread gender-inclusive information. Its cause and sex-positive nature are what allowed CLF to be on the Kickstarter platform. 

Early to Bed

Early to Bed is a sex toy shop that helps people of all genders and orientations explore their sexuality to the fullest. They welcome customers warmly with wide-open arms regardless of their sexual preferences. For this reason, they do not gender label their products. Instead, you can browse for them depending on their uses.


Butterfly, created by Minns, is a transgender-centered dating application. While the focus is on transgender people, any gender is welcome in Butterfly. It is very similar to other mainstream brands; the only difference is, everyone in Butterfly is open to dating transgender people. It removes the pressure from transmen and transwomen, knowing that their matches will have no adverse reactions when they find out about their transformation. 


Her, like Butterfly, is a dating app for non-binary people. The spotlight on this site shines on lesbians, bisexuals, and genderqueer women. Aside from that, Her has noticed the marginalized intersections that Black people face disproportionately, and they responded to try and solve that. The dating site had helped many queer, transgender, and intersex people of color find love and partners through the safe space they provided for them to connect.

CEO and Founder Robyn Exton told Sextechguide, “We have the ability with technology to reach far places of the world and make people feel at home, no matter where they are.”


FleshJack is a line of sex toys for gay men. They sell dildos and masturbators designed to fulfill the sexual needs and desires of gay, genderqueer, and bisexual men. 


Aside from the mentioned companies, the LGBTQIA+ can find more worldwide. The support can come from toy manufacturers like Lovense or even from other sexual services like MakeLoveNotPorn.

The LGBTQIA’s Reaction to these Actions

Members of the non-heteronormative community appreciate all the support that is coming from the sex tech industry. With the help of the companies, they are able to enjoy a healthier sex life, and their sexual wellness is ensured. But their thanks go beyond that. The movement for sex positivity and gender inclusivity made them feel loved and accepted. The voices raised to end transphobia and homophobia, along with the cries for equal rights and treatments to non-cisgender individuals, had truly been heartwarming. 

Now, members of this minor community feel more confident and empowered. They can now find love and sexual partners according to their sexual preference and be proud of their relationship. Also, they can be who they really want to be. There is no need to hide it or be discreet about it anymore. They can walk on the streets, flying their true and vibrant colors, and people will love them instead of hating them for it. 

Sex Tech Industry, Genderqueers, and Non-Heteronormal People

That is how far we have gone. And as long as we continue fighting and pushing for LGBT rights, more progress will be made. If that continues, then it is possible that we are nearing a future where everyone feels validated and important—a future where someone’s gender does not decide how other people treat them. This future, where people can embrace their identities to their fullest, will also make a world with overall improved mental health. 

It is still a dream, but the steps taken today will someday lead us to that ending. 

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