Sexy VS Beautiful

Sexy Versus Beautiful

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, being beautiful means being generally pleasing. Meanwhile, according to the same source, being sexy means being generally attractive or interesting. The question is, between the two, what is more important?

On the Topic of Being Beautiful

Beauty is when someone or something catches your attention by their mesmerizing appearance. Although inner beauty is a different concept, it is more often described as this. Beauty is immediately recognizable, and it could be the first trait you see in a person. It has a significant impact on making first impressions. People tend to see individuals with good looks higher than them, and for that reason, they are treated more nicely than average-looking people.

Sexy Versus Beautiful

 For demonstration, let us pretend a fistfight between two men broke in the middle of the streets. One of them looks like a supermodel, while the other looks average. People who do not know the cause of the fight will automatically side with the attractive fellow. Likewise, an attractive criminal will get more sympathy than others who are not. Believe it or not, it happens. 

That is why everybody wants to be beautiful. However, physical beauty is quite exclusive. It is an inborn characteristic. So, if you are unlucky and your parent’s genes did not work in your favor, there is almost nothing you can do about that. Technology has made it possible for you to change your appearance so you can be more beautiful. Still, natural beauty is different.

For that reason, beautiful people are held in higher regard, and they know it. That causes negative behavior. Beautiful people may feel superior to others, so they might believe that they have more privileges than ordinary people. For instance, in a relationship with a normal-looking man and a gorgeous woman, the latter may expect the man to make adjustments for her. It happens because she believes that she is out of his league, so he should compromise. 

That leads to the cons of being beautiful. The most glaring one is how it causes distance or isolation. Since people put them in an entirely different category, it affects interactions. Because they look outstanding, they appear invisible to most. The general public may think that they live in a separate world. They may believe that they are not worthy of being around them and, even more, having relationships with them. Individuals who are beautiful inside and out receive the shortest end of the stick. They are just too perfect, and so people think they deserve to be with someone like them.

Consequently, people pursue the less attractive ones because they can relate with them more. Moreover, it will relieve them of the pressure they would otherwise have if they try to be with a beautiful person. Another approach is, if the beauty triggers lust, people could get sex dolls and make them look like the person. They could do this in place of building a romantic and sexual relationship, since they feel unworthy.

On the Topic of Being Sexy

The main difference between sexy and beautiful is that anyone can be sexy. It does not rely on genetics or a person’s physical appearance. Instead, it is found in how a person carries and presents herself. Sexiness is graded based on a person’s kindness, intelligence, confidence, passion, and such. That is why, unlike beauty, sexiness is exclusive to people. Things and landscapes can be beautiful, but no one will describe them as sexy. 

For a more vivid differentiation, a conventionally attractive person cannot be sexy if they have a nasty personality. On the other hand, an average-looking person can be considered sexy if she exhibits desirable traits. From here, one can say that sexiness is more critical in building a sexual attraction. Unlike beauty which pushes away people, sexiness lures them in. It makes a person more attractive. 

Sexy Versus Beautiful

This warmer nature of sexiness makes it the more ideal quality in terms of creating intimacy and romantic relationships. It makes others yearn to learn more about you; it makes things more interesting. They may still use sex dolls when fantasizing about you,, but they would be doing it with hopes that you will someday replace the toys.

For this, being called sexy instead of beautiful is more flattering to most people. They like it, especially when the compliment comes from people they want. It sounds more intimate and seductive, implying more sexual attraction than simply physical appearance appreciation. However, if it came from people they are not interested in, being called sexy can be a little bit offensive. If there is no emotional connection, it merely pertains to lust or the desire to be with them in bed. Thus, being called sexy can be seen as objectification. 

So, What is More Important?

With all the things that have been pointed out so far, being sexy is more preferred than being beautiful. It is overall a more inviting concept. Sexiness is also fair since anyone can achieve it. Yes, all can have inner beauty, too, but they would still be at a disadvantage against more attractive people. 

Furthermore, relationships need to be more dynamic. They require actions to be done. As stated above, beauty is passive – it causes staring, appreciation, and nothing more than that. The attraction is in there, but there will be no progress. It stays as it is. 

In contrast, sexy is active. Hence, it allows interactions between people, creating space for the development of romantic feelings and sexual sensations. 

Still, it depends upon how the terms are used. From whom did they come from, and how far in the relationship are they? In some cases, being called beautiful is more desirable than being called sexy because it indicates respect. Then in other cases, being called sexy is more preferred because it shows more feelings.

Sexy Versus Beautiful

Although at the end of the day, as people grow older, both of these things fade. It is how much a person still wants to be with their partner that matters. From that, we can conclude that the things they experienced together, the things they endured and went through, are truly what is important. They are the factors that will decide the future of the relationship. It is not the aesthetic aspects of beauty or the seductiveness of being sexy. Instead, it is the bond formed between the couple in their relationship that will keep the romance alive.

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