Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review

The DC Universe is home to many strong and sexy female characters. Some are superheroes like Wonderwoman, Hawkgirl, and Zatanna, while some are simple women like Louis Lane. Then, there are supervillains like Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Cheetah. So, no matter what your type is, there will be at least one DC character you would like. 

For those who love the humorous and adventurous type of girls, one supervillain stands out. She is none other than Harley Quinn, the Joker’s apprentice. 

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review

You may have fantasized about having sex with Harley Quinn but erased the thought quickly. She is a fictional character, so it is impossible – you might have said. The thing is, there is a way for that fantasy to come true. Not with a living, breathing one, though, but with a sex doll. Still, that is Harley Quinn. Besides, the sex would feel realistic, so what’s the difference? Here, the only thing that could stop that desire from being fulfilled is yourself. So, why not be like Harley Quinn? Let loose and go for it!

Harley Quinn Background

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel was an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist before she became a villain. And even before that, she was a model student. She was smart, consistently receiving high grades. In addition to that, she is a fantastic acrobat. Quinzel is so skilled that she received a scholarship at Gotham City University. What can you say? Harley is impressive, right? 

That makes you wonder what happened to her that made her go astray. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. The same is true for Harley Quinn, though she did not really die. 

Dr. Quinzel researched about lunatics in Arkham Asylum. There she got fascinated with the clown prince. So she volunteered to analyze the Joker, determined that she can cure him. However, we all know the Joker. He is cunning, deceitful, and wicked. He manipulated Dr. Quinzel until she became sympathetic to him. He seduced her, and she fell for the trap. She eventually helped the Joker escape the Arkham Asylum and even became his sidekick. From then on, she referred to herself as Harley Quinn. If she can fall in love with a total psychotic like the Joker, for sure, she can also fall for an ordinary guy like you. 

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review

Harley Quinn’s relationship with the Joker was complicated and toxic. She showers him with affection even though he does not care most of the time. Then, when the Joker feels or realizes that he is developing feelings for Harley, he sends her away. Naturally, Harley gets mad at him. However, with a simple apology, Harley forgives him easily. You would be jealous of Joker for having someone who loves him that much. For sure, you would want to keep Harley Quinn for yourself. 

Harley Quinn’s Sex Life and Sexuality

Sex scenes are not new to the DC Universe or in Comics in general. Batman had several sex scenes with different women, so it is fitting that his enemies get those too. 

The Joker is Harley’s main romantic interest, though their relationship is on and off. When their relationship is in the slumps, Harley finds comfort from other individuals. 

The first person that would come to mind is Poison Ivy. Yes, Harley Quinn is bisexual – making her the ideal partner for a threesome. Then, during the time she is in Suicide Squad, she showed interest in Deadshot. She sees her as a rough and abusive person, just like her beloved Joker. When talking about people like that, one kink comes to mind – BDSM. Of course, she also had sex with the Joker and even had sex with Dick Grayson, Nightwing, once.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Sex doll companies know there are people who love Harley Quinn. They understand her charms and the desire to bed her. So, they made sex doll replicas of the character. This particular one is manufactured by Qita Doll and is sold by Silicon Wives – a trusted sex doll company.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review

This doll looks fantastic. Thankfully, the manufacturer did not opt for the version of Harley Quinn that wears the unflattering circus clown suit. Instead, they followed Harley Quinn’s character design in Suicide Squad. 

You will instantly recognize her because of her pigtails that are dyed opposite colors. This is one of the main selling points of Harley Quinn’s aesthetics, and they did a great job at replicating it. And then there is the sex doll’s gorgeous face. Admittedly, it does not look exactly like the actress who played her in the movie, but who cares? We are here for Harley Quinn and not for Margot Robbie. Though, there is a slight similarity between the two, so fans of the actress can still be happy.

The sex doll stands at 5 ft and 7 inches, which is only an inch taller than the character. In fact, they stayed as true to the source as possible. They did not even increase her cup size. The doll’s body has body proportions of 32 inches bust, 21 inches waist, and 35 inches hips. With that, it shows a striking resemblance to Harley Quinn’s appearance. 

Fans, if you thought you could not fall in love with this doll any further, you were wrong. Like Harley Quinn, the character, this sex doll is a game for anything. Aside from sexual intercourse, the sex doll is also capable of oral and anal sex. Her vaginal and anal orifices are 6.7 inches deep, while her oral orifice is 5.1 inches. The sex doll is made out of high-quality materials, so all these activities with her feel realistic. On top of that, you can opt for add-on features to the sex to take it up a notch. You can have your Harley Quinn with an internal heating system and/or a more realistic mouth. With those, you would feel more pleasure when having sex with your very own Harley Quinn.

This sex doll looks amazing and does amazing things. It is a gorgeous sex doll that will make your Harley Quinn fantasies come true.

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