Top 8 Trends in Sex and Wellness Industry in 2021

Top 8 Trends in Sex and Wellness Industry in 2021

For years, sex toys, sex dolls, and sex robots have been in the headlines of sextech news. However, these kink products only sit at the tip of the iceberg. There are so much more products and services the sex tech industry offers.

While the pandemic affected most industries negatively, it helped skyrocket sales for the sex tech industry. It is in this season when humans cannot be physically close that sexual wellness products found their time to shine. As quarantine and lockdowns were implemented, both the physical and mental health of people were affected. In response to that, sex tech has moved away from focusing on traditional genital stimulation to mental stimulation. 

Top 8 Trends in Sex and Wellness Industry in 2021

Furthermore, as society evolves, so do their needs. The sex tech industry answered these newfound needs by adapting new formulas to create their products and services. During the first year of the pandemic, these trends started to emerge. Based on how well they are received, it is safe to say that they will drive innovations for 2021 and the years to come. 

Here are the top 8 trends in sextech for this year.

Queer Inclusivity and Gender Neutral Products

At the dawn of sextech, products developed were mainly for straight males. It took some time before straight women took over and dominated the market. The thing is, sex does not discriminate. That being said, as society has been more accepting of non-cisgender people, queer people will revolutionize the market. Sex toys that people of any gender can use are soon to come our way. That is nothing but great news. Cheers to inclusivity and sex-positivity!

Nuance in Men’s Sex Products

The development of products for LGBTQ+ community members does not mean there will be no improvements in products targeted at straight males. In contrast, sex toy manufacturers are looking at how to break down toxic masculinity and promote positive masculinity. They are doing it by taking technology used in toys for vulva owners and applying them to toys for penis owners. The goal is to reduce the stigma about men exploring sexuality because they, too, need empowerment. 

New Product Ergonomics

Following these two, ad perhaps in conjunction with them is the focus on unique sex product ergonomics. Not all people are straight – that is already established. However, the LGBTQ+ members are not the only underrepresented group when it comes to sexual needs. Aging people and persons with disabilities need to take care of sexual health too. Because of their limitations, they cannot enjoy most of the products in the market. 

That is about to change. There are uprising companies that aim to answer their needs. These initiatives are designing sex products for people with dexterity problems and other disabilities.

Development of Sustainable Products

Speaking of product designs, there is another issue that needs to be addressed. Sex tech companies are eyeing ideas on how to make their products more sustainable. The sector acknowledges that it is a shared responsibility to take care of the planet and the species that live in it. Sex tech is no exemption. 

As things are right now, sex tech is about to go mainstream. Thus, it is more critical for the sector to create socially responsible products. When that time comes, companies will be more transparent about their supply chain, material choices, and ways of production.

Top 8 Trends in Sex and Wellness Industry in 2021

Business Infrastructure

On the topic of the normalization of sex tech, the world is more open to the industry than before. This is most likely the aftermath of the pandemic shifting people’s attention to sexual wellness. 

Before, sex and anything sex-related was stigmatized. That is why schools and businesses would not associate with sex tech companies. Therefore, advertising and business operations were difficult for sex tech. 

Now, things have changed. Society’s new views about sex allowed sex tech to operate more openly. There are banks, payment processors, and web hosting services that show support to the sector. It will not be long before sex tech companies get treated like any other business. 

Influencer Marketing

As mentioned above, marketing and advertising for sextech is a difficult task. Even when the stigma has been reduced, social media giants still refuse sexual content. Educational or not, they deem this type of content as explicit and lascivious. 

Thankfully, there is an alternative to traditional ads. Influencers are so prominent nowadays that they became one of the best ways for businesses and customers to connect. Sex tech is taking advantage of this influencer culture so it can reach more people. Sex dolls themselves are becoming influencers. How crazy is that?

Increase On The Number of Virtual Sex Events

The pandemic has not stopped people from exploring and celebrating sexuality. So, just like other things, sex events went digital. Sex parties are held via group video conferences and competitions ran online. 

The internet and virtual reality technology also made space where other sex-positive events can exist. With these virtual spaces, people can meet, gather, and interact with each other while staying safe in their own homes.


During the pandemic, these products are the stars. Teledildonics, or sex toys controlled via remote or mobile applications, allowed people to have long-distance sex. This feature made them very popular since couples looking for intimacy can not have regular sex. As we all know, sex and intimacy are essential for the growth of relationships. Teledildonics lets people have these things during the time they are not allowed to do them traditionally. 

Some concerns say these trends will die after lockdowns were lifted. They say that since people will be able to meet and spend time together again, there will be no use for these toys. What they forgot, however, is that the pandemic is not the only thing that keeps couples apart. Long-distance relationships existed even before covid-19 was a thing. They will continue to do so after the global health crisis is solved. So, teledildonics will still see usage. Besides, these toys will always be a great alternative to avoid STDs.

Top 8 Trends in Sex and Wellness Industry in 2021

All these products, developments, and advancements are leading towards one goal. That is to promote sex positivity and improve everyone’s sexual health. If only all people would see it, they would appreciate sextech more.

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