Sex Doll Maker Reveals Who Buy Their Products

Sex Doll Maker Reveals Who Buy Their Products

There is a stereotype that says only sex-crazed, old perverts own a sex doll. Matt Krivicke, a Halloween costume designer, turned sex doll sculptor, also believed in this. Not until he started his job at Sinthetics did he realize that his presumptions are wrong. Matt was surprised, and he wants the rest of the world to learn about the truth too.

Sex Doll Maker Reveals Who Buy Their Products

Matt Krivicke’s Discovery

Matt works at Sinthetics, a manufacturer of realistic love dolls located in Los Angeles, California. Shortly after landing his job, he was enlightened about the world of sex dolls. 

No, it is not an industry whose products focus on vulgar activities. It goes way deeper than that. Sex dolls are more than objects for lust and sexual gratification. Instead, they are products that can help a person live a healthy life. Sex dolls are beneficial to their owner’s sexual, emotional, mental, and overall being. 

So, Who are their Customers?

First, let us tackle the elephant in the room. The sexual properties of manikins, as Matt likes to call them, attract perverts. That cannot be denied. The good thing is, despite what people would normally think, sex doll manufacturers care about ethics. For that reason, customers who request child-like sex dolls to are reported to the police for threats of pedophilia. Furthermore, requests for sex dolls that look like real people are turned down when consent by the person was not given.

 Then there is a demand for sex dolls that look like celebrities. That is pretty common in the industry, seeing that stars are often subjects of sexual attraction. No, it is not an obsession. It is simply fantasizing about someone they cannot have. Having fantasies and sexual desires are embedded in human instincts. They are completely normal.

In that case, sex doll producers, like Sinthetics, are okay with creating celebrity look-alike sex dolls. Though, they are generally approached with caution. The sex doll replicas usually come with aesthetic alterations, like hair, skin, or eye color. It is done so that they will not look exactly like the celebrity they were modeled after.

The sex doll industry promotes healthy sexual lifestyles, not the vulgar, perverted, and unethical kinds of sex.

With that out of the way, let us shift our focus to the better customers. According to Matt, they are saner than the people you meet on the streets. 

Anatomy Enthusiasts

For starters, customers are mainly people with a strong fascination for the human body. Since sex dolls are modeled as accurately to human bodies as possible, they are ideal for them. The capability of the love doll to give sexual pleasure is just a bonus.

People Who Have Trouble Interacting with Others

Then, there are people who crave connection and companionship. Due to their different personal reasons, they could not enjoy the companionship of a real person. Still, they do not want to feel alone. Sex dolls are great because they meet them halfway. They emit a human presence without actually being human.

Forever Singles

0Let us be honest; there are people who are so unlucky about their love and sex lives. They are afraid they will grow up alone. Sex dolls do not need to be swayed; they are always ready to satisfy their owners. That property makes them ideal products for timid men and women. By using sex dolls, they can take care of their sexual health. At least until they muster up the courage to pursue a real person. 

Emotionally Troubled People

They are people who just experienced a loss. Possible causes are their partners broke up with them, or they left Earth for good. For these people, going back to dating and relationships is difficult even when they want to. Sex dolls can break that emotional barrier and help these people gain their confidence back.

Then for those whose partner died, moving on could be impossible, especially if they were in love for so many years. Sex doll replicas of their deceased partners help lessen the grief. They preserve their memories. Furthermore, the sex dolls make it appear as if their partners never left their side. 

Sex Doll Maker Reveals Who Buy Their Products

This case strengthens the idea that sex dolls can act as mental and emotional support.


Sex dolls have a use for couples too. They are the safest way to introduce a third entity during sex. They have no souls, feelings, and emotions. That means no jealousy would be involved.

You may argue that the desire for a threesome could be traced back to perversion. That is not true in this case. Novelty or exploring new things during sex increases the level of arousal. Yes, having a third partner could be seen as taboo, especially for married couples. But then again, sex dolls are not people. They are sexual wellness products made to fulfill their owner’s desires. Meaning, couples can throw them into the mix to be more experimental and adventurous in bed.

LGBTQ+ Community

Sex dolls have also tapped into the LGBT community. Homophobia and biphobia are starting to become things of the past. It makes people less afraid of coming out of the closet. Still, despite their growing numbers, they still have trouble finding sexual partners. Sex dolls act as an easy way for them to have access to the sexual gratification society has long deprived them of. While there is still a social stigma on using sex dolls, it is lesser than having sex with a real person of the same gender. Sex dolls act as an avenue for non-cisgender people to explore their sexuality.

It does not even have to be sexual. Matt recalled that one time, someone bought a flaccid penis that was supposed to be for a sex doll. The transitioning customer wanted it to have something to wear, so he will appear more masculine. Since then, Matt has been recommending their company to trans forums.

Sex Doll Maker Reveals Who Buy Their Products


This cannot be stressed enough. Sex dolls, despite the name, are more about affection and connection rather than sex. We should avoid stereotyping sex doll owners as creepy perverts. Instead, we should understand that they have their needs, and they found it in the form of sex dolls. They are not hurting you or anyone, so what is wrong with that? Do not shame them and open your eyes a little wider. Through that, you will be able to see the beauty of sex dolls.

Who could say, maybe, you need one too. 

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