Why Are There More Trans Women than Trans Men?

Why Are There More Trans Women than Trans Men?

Numerous surveys about the continuous growth in trans populations have shown that male to female transitions (trans-women) are 2-4x more likely than female to male (trans-men). Well, it’s not new anymore in the modern society where many trans-women join local and even international pageants.

In fact, Miss Spain Angela Ponce made history as the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant last 2018. The question is, what is the most likely reason why there are more trans-women than trans-men? Many studies have begun to analyze this large discrepancy in numbers between the two types of transgender in today’s society.  

Why Are There More Trans Women than Trans Men?

According to The American Psychiatric Association, male to female (MTFs) had a 1 in 30,000 .0077%, while female to male (FTMs) had only 1 in 100,000 or .0029%. But regardless of the statistical facts, many are still wondering why the two genders have huge differences in terms of population rate.

Differentiating Sex From Gender

When talking about “transgender,” it is best to examine the general concept of gender first. You may start by separating sex from gender. Sex is commonly referred to as the biological and physical characteristics that are labeled as male or female. The two different terms are usually based on the genitalia and chromosomes of a person at birth.

In contrast, gender refers to the characteristics, expectations, and roles of a specific person usually linked with biological sex. It also has something to do with being masculine and feminine. The concept of gender is too complicated since most of its aspects are social constructs and vary depending on time, beliefs, and culture a person has.

Gender representation and gender roles are also different. For instance, a person’s appearance, clothing, mannerisms, and behaviors can be different from his or her social roles and occupational choices.

The Common Reasons Why Trans Women Continues to Dominate the Transgender World

Generally, people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex at birth are called transgender people, often shortened as trans. 

The term “transgender” is also applicable to people who are non-binary or genderqueer. The two main types of transgender are known as a transgender man and a transgender woman.

As the name implies, a transgender man is a person who is originally female at birth but has a male gender identity. On the other hand, a transgender woman is a person whose assigned sex at birth was male but later on had a female gender identity.

With all these descriptions mentioned, it is still difficult to determine the main reasons why there are trans women compared to trans men.

The following are the most common reasons why there are many trans women than trans men:

Genetic Factors

Although human sexual behavior is commonly associated with gender transitions, some evidence agrees that genetic factors can also be a reason. As mentioned earlier, the prevalence rate of trans women is higher than trans men. This is somehow related to the genetic predisposition where genes associated with transsexuality are found on the X-chromosome. As you may know, females have two X-chromosomes on their cells while males have only one.

Why Are There More Trans Women than Trans Men?

Environmental Factors

Over the years, the LGBTQ community is constantly evolving and expanding. This because many countries and states worldwide legally recognized transgender people and their rights to society. For that reason, many LGBTQs have the confidence to show the world who they really are. However, trans women are more vocal when it comes to revealing their true identities. Most trans men remain reticent. So if you think you have been discriminated against as a transgender person, there are lots of community groups in your area where you can seek help.

Economic Factors

Most transgender people bear the economic consequences of being discriminated against. This includes high rates of poverty, unemployment, and violence among them. Aside from that, many transgender people are victims of discrimination in education. Hence, many of them choose not to pursue their dreams. But in some cases, many trans people find power and confidence despite all these and work hard to become successful in their lives. For example, many successful personalities in the beauty and cosmetic industry are members of LGBTQ. Most of them are aspiring trans women.

These are just a few reasons why trans women continue to dominate the transgender world. And despite the tremendous challenges that come with living in a biased culture that does not treat the transgender community equally, transgender people have still made and continuously making notable contributions to society. 

Technology and Transgender

Besides, the amazing gender transition of male to female and female to male has resulted in many sexual benefits. Gone are the days when trans people are experiencing sexual pleasures using sex toys or sex dolls

For lesbians, stroking their fingers inside their genitals is still the only way to feel that intense and satisfying feeling of orgasm. Hence, many lesbians are using sex toys since they’re not into men’s genitals.  While for gays, they usually insert their genitals on the anus of their partners, be it a straight man or also a gay.

But with the help of today’s technology, transgender people can now undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS), also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS). This surgical procedure wherein a transgender person’s physical appearance and even their existing genitals are changed to their desired gender. 

However, this procedure really requires a lot of money. That is why not all of the hopeful trans people can’t afford the biggest transformation of their lives. Also, not all countries are allowing or performing this kind of procedure. But Thailand and Iran are very popular when it comes to successful sex reassignments. 

Why Are There More Trans Women than Trans Men?

All these advantages have really changed how the world perceived the modern generation of transgender people. Although there is still hate and discrimination from other people, there’s nothing wrong with being a trans man or trans woman. And there’s nothing wrong with the fact that there are more trans women than trans men.

As long as you are not harming anyone, then you are free to be what you really want to be.

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