Different Types Of Prostitutes And Where To Find Them

Different Types Of Prostitutes And Where To Find Them

Prostitution is sex done for profit rather than pleasure; it is mercenary or commercial sex – sex as labor. However, prostitution does not just refer to commercial sex. It frequently has a strong negative connotation that reflects current Western society’s disapproval of the activity (and other societies). Those who do not wish to be associated with this scandal have begun to refer to their profession as “sex work.” While this may be more suitable in some situations, it cannot be used in place of the older word in any debate involving judgment and accuracy.

According to past and current studies, there are many different types of female sex workers. It includes call girls and escorts working in the upper echelons of the sex industry and ‘in-house’ sex workers working in parlors or using sex dolls. There are also ‘streetwalkers’ who sell sex for money on the sidewalk, part-timers who supplement their incomes with sex-to-pay, and drug-involved street-based sex workers.

Different Types Of Prostitutes And Where To Find Them

Direct Forms of Prostitution


Streetwalkers approach clients in public areas like streets and parks. Also, they do approach clients in their parked cars or short-term accommodations. 

Brothel Personnel

The brothel is a term used to describe a location that is only dedicated to delivering sex. Security here is superior to that of the street. Some countries like Australia, Germany, and New Zealand “tolerate” brothels. However, in some, such as Kazakhstan, they are banned. Workers in brothels are mostly human prostitutes, but sex dolls replaced them in some brothels.


By phone or through hotel employees, the escort client contacts the sex worker. Escorts are sometimes referred to as the shadiest type of sex employee. Because of the limited client churn, it is pretty costly. The service is delivered to the client’s house or hotel room.

“Call girls” and “call men” are the terms used to describe escorts contacted by phone and operating from a “call book.”

Private Prostitutes

Private prostitutes are similar to escorts. Their clients make appointments through phone calls. The difference is, private prostitutes’ services are performed on the premises of the sex worker. ‘Flat’ prostitution—high-cost services in leased, serviced, inner-city units—is a variation in London and other large cities. Private prostitutes work somewhere in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Australia.

Indirect Forms of Prostitution

Lap Dancers

Erotic dancing in close quarters without sexual contact is a recent trend. This type of prostitution is predominant in wealthier countries. They often take place in hotels and clubs.

Massage Therapists

Although these establishments or freelancers are nominally dedicated to giving a massage, they may also provide various sexual services. You might have heard of the term “happy ending.” It refers to therapists stimulating the genitals of the clients.

Different Types Of Prostitutes And Where To Find Them

Traveling Entertainers

Actors, dancers, and others in the entertainment industry may offer sexual services as they roam the land.

“Beer Girls”

Major corporations recruit young ladies to promote and sell their products in pubs and clubs. To supplement revenue, they also sell sexual services. 

Traders and Street sellers

These people sell agricultural food or other items. But, they also provide sexual services to augment revenue. These prostitutes are mostly found in Cambodia, Uganda, and other developing countries.

Opportunistic Prostitutes

If a customer seems affluent enough, a person contacted in a social setting may charge for sexual favors occasionally. Opportunism is widespread in developing countries.

Sex for drugs 

Women were providing oral sex for crack cocaine in crack houses. Young gay men in Western countries may provide opportunistic sexual services paid with drugs.


Men and boys in beaches and resorts are engaged by women – sometimes also by males – ostensibly for social purposes. But the actual purpose of the approach is to set an “appointment” with them. The said appointment often involves sex.

Gigolos and Sugar Babies

Gigolos are young men supported by older women. They give companionship and sex in exchange for gifts and money. Gigolos can also be called “sugar babies” as they perform similar roles.

Prostituting for Personalized Arrangements

A person may sell sexual service to someone to get some benefits. What they get depends on the arrangement. For instance, instead of paying rent, a person may have sex with their landlord. 


Women are mainly hired to offer social companionship, but there is a chance that sex will occur. Geisha is widespread in Japanese cities.

Sex for the sake of survival

When hunger or other significant deprivation is impending, especially for dependents, it is an issue of degree. Rather than money, food or security may be the currency. Desperate people will sell sexual services in exchange for these.

Different Types Of Prostitutes And Where To Find Them

Where Can You Find Prostitutes Or Where Do They Work?

A doorway or a window

Brothels have sex workers on display in public places. In cold regions, windows are favored, whereas, in warmer ones, doors are preferable.

In clubs, pubs, bars, karaoke bars, and dance halls.

These places are commonly jam-packed with drunk men. They are the perfect place to be for prostitutes. The prostitutes will approach potential clients and service them on or off-site, depending on the sort of male club they are in.

Other all-male establishments

While alcoholic drinks are absent in these establishments, there are still a lot of men present. Prostitutes may look for customers in barbershops, bathhouses, saunas, and mining camps. Again, they are serviced on-site or off-site.

Hotels and Houses

As mentioned above, many prostitute types go to their client’s homes or hotels or invite them on their own to do the servicing. 

Clubs for swing dancers

Some swingers or couples’ sex clubs hire sex workers if there aren’t enough female visitors.


Sex workers may board vehicles to either provide service to the crew or passengers or pick up customers at stations and ports.


Well, not exactly on the highway. Sex workers use CB radios to communicate with truck driver clients driving along highways. The truck stops at the agreed spot or parking space, and then the prostitute delivers the service.


Prostitution sites exist. On these platforms, you can find prostitutes ready to be hired. This is now a common method for setting up appointments with prostitutes.

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