Stimulating Trivia: Things You Should Know About Masturbation


Reasonably, if there’s one thing almost every man love doing, it is masturbating. Admit it to yourself or not; masturbating is almost always a part of many men’s routines. If you think that years of hands-on experience make you wise in “pulling the paddle,” then you’re wrong. There are a lot of things you don’t know about masturbation. Perhaps, it is because most men don’t dare to talk about it openly. Here are the things about masturbation that you should know. 


Many People Cry After Masturbating. 

If you experienced crying after jerking off, you might think that it’s weird. However, it is entirely normal. Often referred to as “post-coital” blues, Post-Coital Dysphoria (PCD) is the sadness and/or irritability a person feels after sexual intercourse or masturbation. Moreover, it could come in a wide range of emotions, including anxiety, agitation, irritability, and depression. A study found that 40% of men experience PCD after masturbating. 

Masturbating is not Completely Safe

Although masturbating is proven to be the safest sexual intercourse, it does not mean that it is risk-free. Like other low-risk activities, masturbation can pose a risk to an individual. 

According to WebMD, too much masturbation can irritate the skin of the penis. In addition, forcing to bend an erect penis may rupture the blood-filled chamber. This condition is medically referred to as a penile fracture. Further, this condition needs surgery to repair the structure of the organ.

People Can Be Addicted to Masturbation

The famous “everything is good, but in moderation” remark of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is also applicable in masturbation. The term “masturbation addiction” is often used to refer to compulsive and excessive masturbation. Believe it or not, some people got too hooked up in masturbating that they become addicted to it. However, masturbating addiction is still not clinically accepted as an addiction or a mental disorder. The debate on whether to clinically accept compulsive masturbating as addiction is still heated.

If you wonder what amount is normal on masturbation, there is no standard set to say whether a certain amount of masturbation is normal or not. According to Dr. Logan Levkoff, a sex therapist and sex educator, the amount of masturbation a person has doesn’t matter how it affects your lifestyle. Whether you masturbate multiple times a day or once a week, as long as you are healthy, then it’s good for you. But, if you are starting to lose interest in having sexual intercourse with your partner or your regular day is messed up because of it, it is best to consult a sex therapist.

Masturbation is an Exercise and a Training

Arguably, masturbation is good for one’s health. According to a study, some people masturbate to release tension, stress, and anxiety. Specifically, men considered it an excellent way to relieve stress, anxiety, and sadness. In addition, masturbation is also linked to improved self-esteem and body image. Moreover, it can improve one’s physical help. Masturbating relieves muscle tension and helps strengthen muscles in your pelvic and anal areas. 

Surprisingly, masturbation also benefits one’s sex life. According to Men’s Health, masturbating can help men last longer during sexual intercourse. By timing how long it takes you to orgasm and aiming for a longer time the next time, you can train yourself to last longer in bed, which is a good thing if you have a partner. 

Relationship Status Has Nothing to Do With Masturbation

Opposed to what most of us believe, masturbation doesn’t necessarily reflect your relationship status. Perhaps, whether a man is single, in a  bad, or a great relationship, he will masturbate if he wants to. If a married man is masturbating, it doesn’t mean anything to their relationship with their partner. After all, masturbating is a time you give yourself. So, masturbating when you’re in a relationship is completely fine. 

Semen From Masturbation and Intercourse are Different.

According to a study in Japan, semen from masturbating contains less sperm than semen from intercourse. It is considered that your prostate is more active during intercourse. In addition, it is proven that not all semen from masturbating is the same. A study published in Evolutionary Psychological Science revealed that men produced more semen when masturbating while watching an erotic film featuring a different woman than masturbating than when they are viewing the same erotic film repeatedly.


More Trivia About Masturbating

If these facts seem insufficient, here are some more orgasmic and shocking facts about masturbation. 

  • Animals masturbate too.
  • Vibrators are for men too.
  • May is National Masturbation Month
  • Kellog’s Corn Flakes and graham crackers are intentionally bland because they believe bland food can suppress the desire to masturbate.
  • Masturbation has been depicted since pre-historic art
  • Masturbating helps stop signs of aging
  • Circumcision in the United States became prevalent due to the belief that it can help reduce masturbation urges.
  • Masturbation or self-pleasure is never mentioned in the Bible.
  • Masturbation causes 60% of the recorded penile fracture
  • By emptying the penis of old sperm, masturbation improves the quality of your sperm.
  • Queen Cleopatra of Egypt allegedly masturbates with a bee-full gourd. 
  • Pharaohs in ancient Egypt would perform ceremonial masturbation in the Nile River to maintain its fertility.
  • There is an anti-masturbation device that helps cool off the penis to stop the urge to masturbate.
  • In a certain sense, masturbation is depicted as worse than suicide by a German Philosopher.
  • After working out is said to be the best time to masturbate. 
  • Masturbation is the most common form of sexual intercourse among humans. 

Admittedly, many of us are not open to masturbation as a topic. It is something that is only discussed behind the closet. If being talked about, people usually talked about it using slang like jerk off, assault, and more to make it sound less bold and frank. But, whether it is something you should be proud of or not, if it benefits you and harms none, there is nothing that should hold you back. Take your sex doll, or spin the reel and beat away. After all, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pleasurable “me” time.

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