Webcam Model Business In Kyrgyzstan

Webcam Model Business In Kyrgyzstan

Girls earning money from doing sex-related things and putting them on the internet is not unheard of. With OnlyFans on the map, this even became arguably mainstream. Being on the platform as an NSFW content creator could be one of the most lucrative career options today. By posting photos and video clips of themselves doing erotic acts – being intimate with sex dolls, for example – they can earn five figures a month. 

Similarly, women can become webcam models. Instead of putting their content behind a paywall, they live stream to entertain their followers.

Now, there are mixed opinions about sex work. Some say sex workers should be viewed like how chefs, engineers, or carpenters are viewed. It is a “valid” kind of work. There’s nothing wrong with it. On the other side, there are people saying any kind of sex work is immoral. All of it should be considered illegal. 

Webcam Model Business In Kyrgyzstan

The division and confusion are more defined in the Central Asia country Kyrgyzstan. There, you can find so many female webcam models. 

The Only Viable Option

Kyrgyzstan is by no means like Norway – the most developed country in the world – Japan, or North Korea. It is classified as a lower-middle-income country with many of its citizens suffering in poverty.

For many young women in the country, being a webcam model is the only way to make a living. As mentioned above, people pay a lot for this type of service. Furthermore, at least in Kyrgyzstan, this work is tax-free. Thus, for them, it is ideal.

Needless to say, webcam modeling quickly became a full-fledged market in Kyrgyzstan. While both men and women can work in this growing industry, the scene in Kyrgyzstan is dominated by young women. The scene is also noteworthy since they specifically service foreigners. Webcam agencies promise models that neighboring countries can’t access their content. This is probably done to give them protection, especially since hatred towards sex workers is present.

How They Operate

In other countries, one can become an independent webcam model. All they need is to buy the necessary equipment and set it up. However, in Kyrgyzstan, it is a little different.

Models must apply to studios to become a model and ensure that they will make a living from it. According to someone working in the industry, these studios are often located in multi-room apartments or large houses. An administrator uses one of these rooms as an office. The webcam models can work in the rest of the rooms. Of course, the studio provides them with the things they need like lighting equipment, a laptop, camera, a bed, sex toys, sex dolls, etc.  

The insider also notes that the owners of the rented establishments do not know what they are doing. And they purposely chose not to inform them. So, they ask the landlords to notify them four days before their intended visit. That way, they can “clear up and hide all the computers and the models’ props.”

/.?Moving on to the live sessions themselves, models and camera operators work hand in hand. Since the clients are all foreigners, conversations are made in the English language. The operator translates the messages the clients send and gives a response. Of course, the operator stays hidden from the camera -commonly, they are positioned in another room. This is to trick the client into believing that they are having a one-on-one conversation with the model. They go live at night and early mornings when it’s evening in the countries where their clients live.

How They Earn Money

 According to reports, a hundred models can work in one large studio. Each webcam model in Kyrgyzstan works six hours a day, in three shifts. How much they earn depends on many things. 

One, the price of their services varies depending on the clients’ wishes- did they ask her to do erotic dances? Or, did they make her make love with a sex doll? Two, through what lengths can they go? Are the models willing to do anything requested from them? Last, how long can they keep the clients interested? The longer the client watches, the more she earns. 

The models earn a quarter of the total amount of money made in the week, while three-quarters go to the website and the studio. On top of that, models can get additional money from the tips given by satisfied clients.

When Minors Are Involved

Lawmakers and enforcers are not oblivious of this type of business’s popularity in their country. However, since they do not have any law that forbids it, they cannot do anything. Lawyer Nurlan Sadykov explains that as long as online activities aren’t extremist or don’t involve incitement to hatred, it’s not breaking any law.

However, they can act when there are underage girls involved. In these cases, they can arrest the studio managers for introducing these minors to sex work. 

Webcam Model Business In Kyrgyzstan

The sad thing is, according to investigator Azamat Djanaliyev, underage girls are often found working for these studios. Thankfully, police can easily find them, thanks to the rivalry between studios. They give the address of their competitors to the police anonymously, reporting there’s a brothel there. Unlike webcam studios, running a brothel is against their country’s laws. So, the police always go to check the location.


Women who work as webcam models in Kyrgyzstan are shamed – mostly by young men. Recall that the studios promised models that people in and near their countries cannot watch their videos. However, this can easily be bypassed by using VPN. 

These men are reportedly leaking intimate photos of the models online to shame them. In extreme cases, they blackmail the models.

 One model came to their defense by releasing a statement to the analytical site. She says that in her work, some clients have forced her to do embarrassing things. These things make her uncomfortable. Still, she cannot leave this type of work.

Webcam Model Business In Kyrgyzstan

“Do you think I like showing my body to strangers? I just needed the money,” the webcam model said. They are just trying their best to earn money. So, they do not deserve all the hate and threats they receive, coming from both clients and shamers.

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