Where to Buy The Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Where to Buy The Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Having a sense of humor is a coveted trait for men. Many people prefer to date funny guys who can make them laugh over good-looking ones. Their expertise in making the mood lighter is most appreciated. They make living this life and navigating this cruel world so much easier and manageable. 

It may not be mentioned as much, but it is also a trait men look for in women. Having someone who will not just laugh at what they say but joke back makes them happier.

When it comes to telling jokes, one of the most known women is Whitney Cummings. Her past works and accomplishments have proven how much of a comedic genius she is. Understandably, many men would desire to get to know her more. Chances of that happening have been upped by the end of Whitney’s engagement with her then-boyfriend, Miles Skinner. Still, they are pretty low. One cannot simply discount the fact that she’s a well-known celebrity. Yes, according to her, she and her ex-fiancĂ© had first met online. But she also said that when you meet with a person you first met through online interaction, it doesn’t always end greatly. She joked to Conan O’Brien, “you either find a husband, or you get murdered.” So the likelihood of her doing it again is slim.

Don’t be sad, though. There is still a way for you to get intimate with the celebrity. But before we delve into that, let us first take a look at Whitney Cumming’s life. This may make you fall in love with the actress even more.

Whitney Cummings’ Early Life 

On September 4, 1982, a star was born in Washington D.C. Her parents Patti Cummings and Eric Lynn Cummings named her Whitney – a pretty name for someone who would soon grow to be a beautiful person. 

Cumming’s parents unfortunately divorced when she was five. Because of that separation, she was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household. Despite that, she remained a positive person – as we can see from the Cummings we see now. That is truly admirable.

Where to Buy The Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Initially, Whitney Cummings did not really plan to become a comedian. Her goal was to be a journalist. During her high school years, Cummings interned at NBC-owned-and-operated TV station WRC-TV. Among the shows that are broadcasted here are The Kelly Clarkson Show as well as the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Then in college, she enrolled at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Cummings graduated as a magna cum laude. That is already impressive on its own. But the wow factor is further amplified by the fact that she worked part-time as an informal model in a department store. This achievement is a testament to how witty, smart, and pretty Whitney Cummings is. 

However, as it turns out, Cummings’ calling is different from her aspiration. As she has told Jim Norton, she once filmed herself reading the news. But, she couldn’t help but make jokes and laugh. And who wouldn’t want to be with a person like that? Listening to that would have been very enjoyable.

As a comedian, Cummings has achieved so many things. She is arguably the most talked-about comedian of her time. In 2007, Variety named her one of the 10 Comics to Watch. Then in 2008, she was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the 12 Rising Stars of Comedy.

Among her most known works are her first one-hour special, “Whitney Cummings: Money Shot,” and the sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which she created. Of course, there are also her stand-up performances which were all great. Cummings also co-starred in The Tony Rock Project and appeared in the romantic comedy film Maid of Honor. Likewise, she appeared at the Comedy Central Roasts thrice. And unbeknownst to many, she’s also responsible for writing some of the roasts told in episodes that did not have her on-screen.

Whitney Cummings also created, produced, and starred in a sitcom named after herself, Whitney. Unfortunately, that got canceled after just two seasons. But Cummings did not see its failure as something that is unfortunate. She says she learned from it, and it was “a big experiment for a lot of reasons.” Again, her smarts are showing here. One may perceive comedians as childish, given their type of work, but she proves that she’s a mature person. It’s all the more reason to long for her companionship.

Whitney Cummings’ sheer talent and hard work brought her to where she is today. That makes her really, really sexy. 

Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Yes, the product that can transform your fantasy of being with Whitney Cummings into “reality” is a sex doll. One that looks just like the celebrity will make you feel like she is in your home. And she’s there not to deliver her typical performance. Instead, she is there to entertain you in bed. How amazing would that be?

Sadly, there’s no sex doll that is modeled after Whitney Cummings. That could land manufacturers in trouble unless the comedian permitted them to produce sex doll replicas of herself.

So instead, you must look for sex dolls that show at least some resemblance to Cummings. Here, the sex doll that will be focused on is Silicon Wives’ Eliza: Tough Girl sex doll.

Eliza Sex Doll’s Characteristics

This is a TPE sex doll. Not only does that mean that her skin feels real. But it also means this sex doll is safe to use.

With regards to how much she looks like Whitney Cummings, there are enough similarities that you can imagine the doll is the celeb. They both have fantastic hips. Eliza’s hair matches Whitney Cumming’s hair. Their eyes are of different colors, but that is not much of a problem since it is a sex doll we are talking about. You can customize Eliza to make her have green eyes – Cummings’ eye color.

Where to Buy The Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Now the most obvious difference is their “age.” Cummins is already in her high 30s, and not to be rude, her years are showing a little. Meanwhile, Eliza looks youthful. But this is not a problem that the power of imagination can’t solve. You just have to think of Eliza as Cummings in her younger years. Besides, you are going to learn to overlook that slight difference, thanks to how amazing Eliza is.

As mentioned above, she has hips as great as the comedian’s hips. It is measured at 43 inches. Of course, that means she also has thicc thighs. And not just that. This “Whitney Cummings” sex doll also has a big bubble butt. And we can’t ignore the elephant in the room: this love doll is busty! She has eye-widening H-cup breasts. That is larger than the average breast size.

Those breasts are amazing as is, but you can still make them better through customization. You can get Eliza with hollow or gel breasts. With hollow breasts, there will be a hollow pocket of air inside. This air pocket will make the breasts more jiggly than the standard option. On the other hand, opting for gel breasts will make them filled with, well, gel. This gel is the same as what they use on real women’s breasts. If you want to feel like you are actually squeezing Cumming’s breasts, gel breasts are the best to go. They feel the most realistic. The catch is, the gel adds extra weight to the breasts. So it can cause them to hang a little lower. But in exchange for a realistic feeling, it’s a fair trade. 

Those things about the Eliza sex doll may have already convinced you to get her as your Whitney Cummings sex doll. But here are her other fantastic qualities anyway. Intercourse is not the only thing this sex doll offers. Eliza is also capable of oral and anal sex. Her orifice depths are 6.7 inches for both anal and vaginal holes. Her oral orifice depth, on the other hand, is 5.1 inches deep. All of these feel like real people’s holes. They would make you feel like you really are having sex with Cummings. 

But the list of good things about this Cummings sex doll does not end there. With her, many sex positions are possible. She has a steel skeleton and movable joints, and that’s what makes it attainable. You can order Eliza with the Articulated Hand Skeleton add-on. It will give the doll a tighter grip. On top of that, since better materials replace the copper wires, the fingers will be longer-lasting. Any way to make maintaining the sex doll will always be a great bonus you shouldn’t pass on. 

Where to Buy The Whitney Cummings Sex Doll

Closing Thoughts

Sadly, there is no real Whitney Cummings sex doll. Or any other celebrity for that matter. However, one should remember that those stars are people too. They should be respected. 

Thankfully, sex dolls are customizable. This trait will allow you to make these synthetic love partners look like your celebrity crushes. And if a Whitney Cummings sex doll is what you want, consider Silicone Wives’ Eliza your best option.

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