Famous Sex Dolls’ Husband Says He’s Open To Dating Humans

Famous Sex Dolls' Husband Says He's Open To Dating Humans

There are many adages and proverbs about love. Opposites attract. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Love understands all languages. Those are just a few examples. But perhaps, the most popular one is “Love is blind.”

What does “love is blind” mean? It means when people fall in love, they learn to look past their love interest’s imperfections. People who have been hit by cupid’s arrows only see the good things about them.

A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan has taken this quote up a notch. In November 2020, he wed his sex doll, Margo.

Famous Sex Dolls' Husband Says He's Open To Dating Humans

Their Story

Kazakh Yuri Tolochko is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is a self-professed pansexual. Typically, being pansexual means, you can love anyone regardless of their gender. But bodybuilder Yuri is really built differently. He says he can fall in love with anything, and he has proven his words.

According to the gym shark, he met Margo -the sex doll – in a nightclub. There, he rescued her from unwanted attention. They fell in love and dated for eight months before Yuri asked Margo the big question. 

Their marriage was postponed two times. First, it was delayed by the pandemic. And then, on October 31, Yuri got injured during a transgender rally in Kazakh City. Then, in November, their long-overdue wedding finally took place. A dozen guests attended the unconventional wedding. 

Yuri is very active on his Instagram account. There he posted a photo of himself, clad in a tuxedo, planting a gentle kiss on his synthetic partner. Margo also donned a gown fit for the occasion. Aside from that, Yuri also posted a clip of their romantic first dance. Since then, the two of them have lived a happy married life. Yuri uploaded more photos of them on Instagram, with some featuring them on vacations or enjoying bubble baths.

“Our story turns me on more than sex itself,” says the muscleman.

In case you are wondering, the law in Kazakhstan requires the man and woman to be at least 18 years old to be wed. It does not say that sex dolls are not included. So, they are legally wed. 

Not All Love Stories Have A Happy Ending

There are no couples who have experienced any problems in their relationship. Relationships between humans and sex dolls are no exception.

Margo, unfortunately, broke just before Christmas and needed repairs. Yuri sent her away to get “plastic surgery.”

Yuri is not immune to loneliness and temptation. Even his bulging muscles can not protect him from those. While Margo is away, Yuri had sex with a metal mask and chicken meat. He found this very pleasurable.

Yuri says he does not want Margo to break down again. So, he divorced her. But that does not mean he no longer wants to have synthetic love partners.

Yuri Tolochko’s New Partners

He moved on and found a new love interest in Luna, who is another sex doll. But, Yuri says he no longer wants to be tied to just one person. “I decided that I will have a harem,” Yuri says. Harem is a genre in anime and video games where the male is surrounded by many girls who want his affection.

A man having two wives is not unheard of. However, Yuri’s choice for his second wife is exceptionally bizarre.

Yuri says that he liked what he experienced during his “chicken experiment.” So, he wanted a sex toy that will let him relive the experience. And so, he got Lola. Lola has the head of an ordinary woman, but her torso is hen-inspired. Her navel has depth; it can be used either as a vagina or a spot to attach a penis. Yuri says he identifies Lola as a massive chicken.

Famous Sex Dolls' Husband Says He's Open To Dating Humans

Yuri claims his two sex dolls are getting along very well. Sometimes, he spends time with both of them together. Then sometimes, he focuses his attention on one of them.

The pansexual beefcake is still not yet done with his polyamorous relationship. He says he’s planning to add a male sex doll to the mix. Also, he wants Luna to marry the said male sex doll.

Dating A Human

Yuri Tolochko appeared on FUBAR radio’s “The Dating Show” on May 28. He told hosts Pete Wicks and Cici Coleman that he has been in a long-term relationship with a human before. Furthermore, he stated that he is open to doing it again. But, there is one condition. “It’s important that he or she likes my dolls too,” the Kazakh hunk says.

There are, in fact, many couples that own sex dolls. They introduce them into their relationship to spice up their sex game. Sex dolls allow couples to have a threesome without inviting another person to their bedrooms. This allows them to enjoy the thrill without feeling jealous.

With this in mind, you would think that finding a person that fits Yuri Tolochko’s criteria. However, he is asking for a lot. We can’t just forget that Lola exists, and she is quite unusual. Even amongst sex doll enthusiasts, it would be difficult to find someone who’s okay with dating a 25% human – 75% chicken sex doll. And if they can look past the “massive chicken,” they should be okay with dating someone with strange sexual fetishes. 

Famous Sex Dolls' Husband Says He's Open To Dating Humans

If Yuri somehow manages to find someone like that, they will for sure have a relationship that’s one of a kind. They will definitely have a blast. But, if he doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter. He is happy and content with his synthetic partners. Many other sex doll owners want to marry their dolls, but they can’t. So, bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is already living the dream.

Sex dolls are made for this very purpose. Aside from giving sexual pleasure, they offer their owners companionship. They help not only in improving their owners’ sexual health but also their emotional health. You would understand better if you own one.

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