Ainslee Divine: A Property Management Company Owner Turned Webcam Model

Ainslee Divine: A Property Management Company Owner Turned Webcam Model

There are online platforms for sex workers. The most known ones are porn sites, where models can audition to studios to become a performer. There’s also OnlyFans, a platform where they can post lewd content and hide it behind a paywall. Then there’s a more niche section called webcamming sites. Here, webcam models stream erotic performances like stripping, masturbation – with or without sex toys– on webcam sites. 

The two latter options are more appealing than the first one. They do not require sex workers to have sex with strangers in exchange for money. Instead, they allow the models only to do what they are comfortable doing. Furthermore, webcam models and OnlyFans content creators make more money than regular porn stars. In fact, rates for scene performances are abysmally low. It forces porn stars to also be prostitutes.

So, if you are looking to start a career as a sex worker, remember that these options are available. And it is highly recommended that you opt for these.

Ainslee Divine: A Property Management Company Owner Turned Webcam Model

We can take a look at Ainslee Divine’s story to see how much opportunity awaits those who choose to become webcam models. She chose the life of a webcammer over that of a property management company owner. From that alone, we can say that webcamming is a lucrative career option.

How Ainslee Divine Found Webcamming

Ainslee Divine – not her real name – admits that she has always been a people pleaser. So, when she lost a ton of weight, she wanted to show it off on Instagram. Thankfully, her husband is very supportive. He did not only give her the green light, but he also encouraged her. “Go ahead, show the rest of the world how beautiful you are,” he said. And with that, she began posting sexy pictures of herself.

There is one particular post that brought her to prominence. It was a picture where she was shown wearing a Malibu String bikini. The brand found it, loved it, and reposted it on its feed.

Within 45 days after that, Ainslee Divine’s Instagram followers kicked to 20,000. Her newfound fame connected her with people she had not known before. One of them was a guy who introduced her to webcamming. 

According to Ainslee Divine, the person suggested that if she wants to make a name and earn money, webcamming is the way to go. Clueless that she was as to what it entails, she was dubious at first. But, the person gave her a brief rundown on what being a webcam model is all about. Also, the person gave her a list of the things she would need should she pursue it. The list includes a laptop, a camera, lighting equipment, a strong internet connection, and sex toys, among others.

Aside from that, they discussed what she is willing to do on her cam shows. The person clarified that she’s also not required to always be naked. Building a strong connection with viewers by being friendly and showcasing the model’s personality is also important. Divine found all of these about webcamming interesting, and she wanted to give it a try. Again, her ever-supportive husband said go. 

Ainslee Divine: A Property Management Company Owner Turned Webcam Model

0A00in010slee Divine As A Webcam Model

Our then 42 years old businesswoman transformed the guest room of their house in Scottsdale, Arizona, into her studio. There, she put a laptop, a 4K camera, and a big screen where she hooks everything up. By the side, there’s a rack of clothes, sex toys, and a sex doll she can use while camming. 

Ainslee Divine went live for the first time on October 4, 2016. “The combination of excitement and nervousness on my face must have been priceless,” she says. But, viewers received her warmly, and thus, she found herself drawn to it.

Now that she’s an experienced webcam model, she does not need to be in her studio to go live. She says she can work from anywhere for as long as there’s an internet connection. So, even when on vacation, she can stream when she feels like it. Ainslee Divine cites that she interacted with fans while in Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, California, Oregon, and Bora-bora. Furthermore, she excitedly announced that they are getting a boat soon, and she is looking forward to camming from that. 

For anyone interested in seeing her in action, Ainslee Divine streams on Streamate from Friday through Monday. Her streams start at 8:30 am, and she does not end them before reaching her minimum daily goal. The goal is to earn $1,000 to $1,800. If you can’t attend her streams, she posts content she makes on Tuesdays through Thursdays on OnlyFans. “I’m making more money than I ever imagined,” she says. She says that she makes five figures every month from each platform. According to her statement, the most she got in one month is just a little below $80,000.

Ainslee Divine: A Property Management Company Owner Turned Webcam Model

Not A Stressful Work

Ainslee Divine is pretty famous – partly due to how extremely popular MILFs are in porn or in webcamming. In fact, she won as the Best MILF Cam Model for the XBiz 2020 Cam Awards. However, though she’s familiar with the term, Ainslee Divine has never embraced it. Even so, she acknowledges that aside from her looks and personality, her age contributes to making her brand. Because of these three, she receives over 3,000 direct messages a day on Instagram – coming from people all across the globe. And most of which are words of praise. What Ainslee Divine is most proud of is all of her fans are organic. She claims that she neither paid anyone to advertise nor did she buy followers.

Now, with her prominence and her working all throughout the week, you would think she’d be stressed. However, that is not the case. She stresses that finding balance is important, so she takes lots of breaks. Ainslee Divine mentioned that she lays by their pool, plays with their dog, or plays golf during these breaks. Either that or she does chores like laundry and picking up groceries. 

 “I have way more freedom than I did in corporate America,” says Ainslee Divine. 

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