FAQs About Male Masturbation

FAQS About Male Masturbation

Even now, when the pandemic has highlighted how important sexual health is, it is still considered an awkward topic. As such, many of those who buy sex dolls and sex toys are embarrassed to admit it. Though, there is nothing inherently wrong with what they are doing.

Now, not all people buy these products, so you can somehow understand why it is quite embarrassing. However, when it comes to masturbation, it’s a different topic. Almost all men masturbate, and it’s common knowledge. Even still, they do not bring it to public conversations. Because of this, it is hard to tell if your masturbation habits are in the normal range. You might ask questions like, “Am I doing it too often?” There are also myths about what happens if you overdo it. But since, again, no one talks openly about the subject, you may never know the answer.

FAQS About Male Masturbation

Fortunately, there are experts on sexual health who wrote about it on the internet. Here, you will find your answers.

Average Frequency Of Masturbation

It is difficult to collect data about how often men masturbate because they do not readily talk about it. But FiveThirtyEight has collected data in 2009 and submitted them to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior. The respondents of the survey are men between 25 to 29 years old. 

Among the men, 17% said they have not masturbated in the past year. Then, 15% masturbate a few times a month per year while 25% do it a few times a week per month. 23% of the respondents admitted to masturbating 2 to 3 times per week. And last, 20% said they self-stimulate more than four times a week. 

A more recent survey by Cosmopolitan revealed that men in their twenties masturbate at least once a day. 

Sex and relationship therapist Shadeen Francis, LMF, says there are tons of variations with regards to how often men masturbate. She also notes that stress, schedule, and partnerships make the number fluctuate throughout people’s lives.

What Happens If You Do It Daily?

There are several myths about masturbation, and they could scare you from doing it. Perhaps, you are here because you heard of them. Some say that daily masturbation causes genital shrinkage or infertility. Do not worry. None of those are true. daily sex does not cause those problems, so why would 

Though, that is not to say there would be no negative impacts. If you masturbate in a very specific way too often, there might be risks. 

Francis explains that if you masturbate vigorously without enough lubrication, it may cause tissue damage or skin irritation. Then, if you get used to a particular stroke or speed of stimulation, you might find it hard to orgasm during partnered play. You may even have difficulties staying erect.

So, it is recommended that you change things up every now and then. Try using your less dominant hand, do it in a different position, or using a sex toy. As long as you do this, it does not matter if you masturbate every day.

When Should You Stop Masturbating?

You might be wondering how often you should masturbate. Board-certified urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., says there is no set standard for the frequency of masturbation. Do it every day, every week, or never if that is what you want. But, you should know the limitations. 

Francis says that if masturbating feels painful or no longer pleasing, it would be best if you stop. Do the same if it feels like a need more than a choice. Also, if it goes in the way of being a responsible man, Francis suggests you take a break from it. If you have a sexual partner, and your self-stimulation habits interfere with your sex life, take that as a hint to stop.

FAQS About Male Masturbation

The bottom line is that no amount of masturbation is “too much.” As long as it gives you pleasure and it does not interfere with other aspects of your life, it’s okay to do it.

Can You Run Out Of Sperm?

Rumors about this could be why men are shying away from masturbation. The thing is, you cannot run out of sperm unless you have medical complications. Your body will continuously produce sperm for as long as you are alive. 

But if you are trying to conceive, it would be best to refrain from masturbating. Building back sperm and sperm fluids take time, Brahmbhatt explains. While masturbation will not deplete your sperm, it will reduce the sperm count and quality in your next ejaculation. 

Brahmbhatt also says that even if you have ejaculated five times in a day, your ejaculate will still have sperms. However, the first one will contain more than the next ones. But it will never reach zero.

Are There Benefits From Masturbation?

Yes. Masturbation is healthy, both physically and mentally. First of all, masturbation helps release sexual tension. On top of that, it helps improve your mood and relieve stress by making your body release endorphins. Also, it can improve sleep and libido. 

But the most known benefit of masturbation is the reduced risk of prostate cancer. According to a study, men who ejaculate 21 times a month are less likely to get diagnosed with the disease. That is in comparison with men who only do it seven times a month.

How About Not Masturbating? Does It Also Have Benefits?

Abstaining from masturbation also has its own benefits. So if you choose this route due to spiritual, religious, or personal reasons, do not feel left out.

FAQS About Male Masturbation

The most obvious benefit is having a better sperm quality since you only ejaculate during partnered sex. According to some studies, it also helps increase testosterone.

People who abstained from masturbation also say they develop more self-control and self-awareness. Those are very good skills to have.

Here is the takeaway. There is nothing wrong with masturbating daily. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with not masturbating at all. Both are healthy and normal behavior. Do whichever floats your boat. 

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