Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

The most wonderful time of the year – Christmas time – is here. Christmas is about celebrations and being happy. It is a time when people spend joyous time with their loved ones. Also, it is when you forget all your worries and focus on the bright side of things.

But, when you are single and alone, you may not feel as festive as others. There is no one to cuddle with you, make you feel warm, and share the excitement. That’s not how you want to spend your Christmas. You want it to be merry.  

How about we change that this year? Forget Tinder and Bumble; it’s not guaranteed that you will find partners in those. Also, you can not be sure your date from those will stick and stay in your life. 

Instead, what you need to do is check some sex dolls. They will keep you company this Christmas and the days after that. And because they look realistic now, they will really make you forget that you are alone. 

Now, what would be more Christmassy than a Santa sex doll? That’s just perfect. So, let us present you with the top 5 Santa sex dolls. Any of these will make your Christmas merrier. 


Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

You do not have to be jealous of the nice kids for the presents they are receiving. The North Pole has something better for naughty men like you – Pammy, the Santa sex doll. Don’t worry; she is not as fat and old as Santa Claus. This woman with yellowish platinum blonde hair is the opposite of that. She is young – but of legal age, of course – and super sexy.

If you are into long-legged girls, Pammy is the Santa sex doll for you. She is a tall woman – she is 5’9″. Aside from her legs, she also boasts round D-cup breasts, a tiny waist, a nice ass, and a sweet-looking vagina. 

On top of her appearance, you will love this Santa sex doll for her sex expertise. With three orifices and an articulated metallic skeleton, Pammy can please you in more ways than you can imagine. 


Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

Maybe Pammy is too tall for you. If that is so, you will like this sex doll better. Blonde Santa Meryll is 5 foot 7 inches tall. Like Pammy, she has a body and a face that belongs on the runway. This gorgeous woman has cute B-cup breasts and a big bubble butt. Touching those will surely please you since Meryll is a TPE sex doll. That means her skin is extra soft, and her assets are jiggly. 

Now let’s talk about her downstairs. This sex doll has pubes. So that’s another win for people turned on by that. But if you want her clean-shaven, you can customize her to be like that. 

That hair trail leads to a glorious treasure. This Santa sex doll has a 7.8 inches deep vagina. That will brighten your Christmas more than any amount of Christmas lights could. 

Meryll also has anal and oral capabilities. So indeed, she is a Santa sex doll that can make your December nights merrier.


Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

Here is another Santa sex doll bearing a fantastic gift for men seeking sexual pleasure. Monique, the creamy blonde-haired sex doll, will bless you with her breathtaking body. She is 5 foot 3 inches tall with assets that will fill your days and nights with lust. This sex doll has majestic D-cup breasts with adorable nipples that you would love to suck on. Also, she has a sexy shapely butt that would make you addicted to taking her from behind. 

And speaking of that, this sex doll indeed has anal sex capabilities. Additionally, she also offers oral and intercourse. Her vaginal orifice is 7.09 inches deep, while her anal is 6.3 inches deep, and her oral orifice is 5.12 inches deep. With these holes of hers, Monique will make you mad with desire. You would consider making love to her a priority and sleep only a secondary. 


Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

You would be singing “Feliz Navidad” non-stop once this sex doll arrives at your doorstep. She will really make your Christmas merry. 

Felice looks like a Christmas angel – so pure, youthful, and innocent. If that’s the type of woman you are looking for, well, here is your match. This Santa sex doll is also as white as the winter snow. That complexion, topped with pink lips and nipples, makes her seem even fresher. 

You will also love Felice for her curves – she owns a pair of D-cup breasts, a tiny waist, and an irresistible butt. These will make your sex hard as an icicle. Of course, you would want to do something about that boner. You can put that in either her mouth, anus, or vagina. All these choices will give you fun experiences that you will never forget. You can’t go wrong regardless of which orifice you pick. 


Top 5 Santa Sex Dolls to Make Your Christmas Merrier

Celebrate Christmas with a bang by banging this beautiful Santa sex doll. Claus is a 5 foot 3 inches tall sexy tan brunette. With her body, she will make you feel hot despite the cold December breeze. She has F-cup breasts that will bob as you give her some pounding. Also, her sexy body will bounce back as you penetrate her, which will surely be a huge turn-on. 

Claus is fully equipped with three orifices. So, there are multiple ways to enjoy your time with her. You can make her give you a blowjob like an obedient girlfriend. Or, you can engage in rough anal sex or intercourse with her. No matter what you do, you will arrive at the same ending. That is an intense, full-body orgasm. 

If you don’t like Claus’s looks, you can give her a makeover. Customization is free of charge.

This Santa sex doll can be whatever you want her to be. Hence, she is one of the best holiday gifts you can give yourself.

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