Webcam Modeling And Surviving Mental Illness

Webcam Modeling And Surviving Mental Illness

Many reports reveal that suicide numbers are increasing. We all know what the only things that can encourage people to take their own lives are. It is none other than mental illnesses and disorders. – depression, anxiety, and PTSD, to name a few. 

Fighting these is a challenge. People view having these as a weakness, and no one likes to be called weak. So, those who have mental illnesses rarely bring it up in conversations. But that’s running away from the problem. Keeping quiet does not solve anything, especially since mental illnesses do not just go away. 

Webcam Modeling And Surviving Mental Illness

Nina. a webcam model, used her work to face mental illness head-on. And, she says that it helped her survive.

Nina’s Case

Nina says she has what she describes as a “disoriented mind.” She often experiences panic attacks. To illustrate how “severe” her case is, Nina says that just the thought of going to school triggers these panic attacks. Unable to handle this, combined with the pressure of keeping up with school, she dropped out at sixteen.

Typically, doing that is frowned upon, as dropping out of school means struggling later in life. Nina was aware of that. She has actually given up on life. She even hinted at being suicidal in the memoir that she wrote. The sixteen-year-old version of herself thought there was no place for someone like her – who cannot even finish high school – in the world. With her depression, anxiety, PTSD, and executive function disorder, she thought living a full life is unachievable. That kind of life is only for people who know how to be happy, and she’s certainly not one of them. So, she decided to live like a zombie or a slave of life. She would continue living until the struggle is unbearable and it becomes too tiring. “Then I’d be gone,” she wrote.

How Nina Became A Webcam Model

There was still a part of Nina that desired to succeed. A fire inside her encouraged her to forge on and prove to the world she’s not a sorry excuse for a human being.

So when Nina turned eighteen, the first thing she did was sign up to several webcamming sites. She says that her older friends introduced her to this type of sex work. Since she has always been interested in sexuality and psychology, their stories about their work caught her fancy.

Nina wanted to move out of her parent’s house as soon as possible. It is an essential step to proving that even she could accomplish something. Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity.

Nina found success in her webcam modeling career. She makes enough to make ends meet. But more importantly, she’s able to work on something that inspires her to put in the effort. That’s big for someone like her who has mental health problems. Gone was Nina who wants to just go with the flow of life until she passes out. The new one likes her hands on the wheels and taking control of it. 

In hindsight, dropping out of school – which many would call a stupid decision – is the best decision she has made. If not for it, she may never have found out about webcam modeling.

How Exactly Did Webcam Modeling Help Nina Survive Mental Illness

Managing Burnout

Nina says that webcam modeling allowed her to train her mind. It taught her “how to overcome the inertia of mental illness.” 

The key to the training is avoiding burnout. Burnout is something that is experienced not only by adult entertainers but by all content creators. It is the phenomenon when someone wants to do more but has no will to do it. 

Webcam Modeling And Surviving Mental Illness

Nina has an executive function disorder. So when presented with a challenge, her mind gives her two options. The first is to give up, and the second is to try to finish the task as fast as possible. You would think that this is a no-brainer – the second option is obviously the better one. But actually, both options are bad. If she tries to do the task as fast as possible, she will attack it with such ferocity that it will quickly tire her out. In the end, she’ll complete nothing.

But thanks to webcam modeling and the things she learned while trying to avoid burnout, she can now measure her energy. Thus, she can now handle tasks more effectively.

Not Too Restrictive Environment

One of the things that prevented Nina from succeeding in school was the rigid structure. There are so many rules to be followed, and you have to stick to a schedule. The teacher also tells you what tasks to do. Nina, who’s suffering from mental illnesses, cannot thrive in that kind of environment.

In webcam modeling, Nina found freedom. While her work requires her to prioritize being on camera, she does not need to do it when she doesn’t feel like it. She can instead use the time for other tasks that are still productive. For instance, she can clean her sex dolls, promote her account on social media, or organize her cam space. Nina considers making her workplace a place she enjoys being in very important. It keeps her away from getting sick of what she’s doing. In other words, it allows her to have fun. And having fun is good for fighting mental illnesses.

Webcam modeling also allows her to have some time to relax. She encourages other models to grab the opportunity to take mental breaks whenever it presents itself. 

Webcamming taught Nina that it’s okay to take a break. Life is not a race; you don’t have to rush things. Whenever you cannot pick yourself up, you can hit pause. Breathe. Relax. Nina advises dedicating time for yourself. This should prevent you from constantly feeling down.

Webcam Modeling And Surviving Mental Illness

Nina says webcam modeling and fighting mental illness has a lot in common. They both require close monitoring of her emotional state. Because of webcam modeling, she has learned to do it effectively. 

Nina is no longer the self-destructive teenage girl. She is now a woman who is excited about her future. It is webcam modeling that renewed her.

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