Absolutely Orgasmic: The Benefits of Masturbation

Absolutely Orgasmic: The Benefits of Masturbation

Though masturbation is a topic that everyone wants to avoid altogether, it still stands that masturbation is a normal part of our daily lives, and almost everyone does it. Yes, talking about masturbation in public might seem inappropriate and could be grounds for sexual harassment if done in front of children. And yes, if your mother caught you talking about masturbation right in front of her salad, then you might get an earful or two. However, the fact remains that masturbation, be it by pulling your padge or through sex dolls, is a natural part of our daily lives that also comes with several advantages that everyone could have a hand in as well. 

Absolutely Orgasmic: The Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation And You: What “pulling the padge” Can Do For Your Body.

If everyone had a dollar every time they got obsessed with masturbation after discovering it after their teenage years, then everyone would already be millionaires. It might seem like a bad addiction at first, but honestly, who can blame them? The sensation of orgasm is unlike any feeling that a pre-pubescent schoolboy has experienced – the feeling of absolute pleasure taking over your whole body is something that everyone is familiar with. Yes, it is an amazing feeling unlike any other – but not everyone does it as frequently as they should in order to reap its benefits. 

Although even with that said, some still do not prefer to do the act – and for a plethora of reasons. Yes, not masturbating in and of itself is not a bad thing per se; it can be seen as an incredible display of discipline and religiosity after all. However, you might still want to let loose a little every now and then, too. 

Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

One of the prime advantages of masturbation is the fact that it can singlehandedly reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men. Though it might sound like a lie fabricated by big tissue companies to get more men to buy tissue, worry not – science is here to back up that fact.

A study conducted by Leitzman, et al. has shown that men that frequently touch themselves (an average of 21 times in a month, to be precise) have at least a 33% lower risk of getting prostate cancer. A follow-up study conducted in 2016 with the same group of men has also shown that men who did it 8 to 12 times a month have their chance of acquiring prostate cancer lowered by 10 percent. 

More endurance in bed

Though Google (and this website) might suggest that frequent masturbation might lower your sensitivity in bed, the founder of the love coaching program of Loveology University, Ava Cadell, Ph.D., suggests the opposite. 

In fact, this study had even gone to lengths that states that pulling the padge an hour before your hook up can help you last much longer than when you did not. Dr. Cadell even suggested trying and elongate the time you masturbate. For example, if you usually reach the point where you see renowned tennis player Jimmy Connors in two minutes, try to aim for the three-minute mark the next time. After you’ve achieved that, aim for four, and so on. This practice can help you achieve long hours of pleasure while training you for the real thing, too. 

Improve the quality of sleep

Yes, it’s true – pulling your badge before going to sleep can help improve the quality of your sleep. Though improving your sleep quality can also be achieved by eating certain foods like cheddar cheese and turkey before bed, masturbating is relatively healthy and can help you if you’re on a diet, too. 

Absolutely Orgasmic: The Benefits of Masturbation

How is this so? Well – it is because semen is not the only thing that is released after you orgasm. Your body will also be releasing chemicals such as oxytocin, prolactin, and serotonin into your brain. Though it might seem complicated, all that this science mumbo jumbo means that you will be going to bed feeling relatively happier and oddly relaxed. This sensation, in turn, will make you fall asleep more effortlessly in the long run. 

Reduces the risk of a heart attack

Though urban legends (and several online discussion boards) might suggest that regularly having sex can increase your chance of having a heart attack, the truth cannot be more different. 

A study from the Massachusetts Aging Study has uncovered that men who have sex at least once a month are 45% less likely to die of a horrible cardiovascular death than men who have an orgasm once or twice a week. If you want to read more into the study, click this link to continue reading. 

Defy the signs of aging

Don’t worry; this isn’t an advertisement for a serum cream. All these means is that regular orgasms will be able to help you prevent signs of aging that are most obvious in men – and those are erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and the deterioration of hip muscles. 

Why? It’s because masturbating at least three to five times a week can help oxygen circulate better inside your penis. And consistently beating your meat means that the smooth muscle of your penis will be consistently getting oxygen, too. This, in turn, can help you prevent erectile dysfunction in the long run. 

Absolutely Orgasmic: The Benefits of Masturbation

The Bottom Line: Just Do It!

Yes, masturbation is a topic that is not often discussed even among males. Yes, the topic of masturbation is avoided by many, even if it is something that everyone has done. But is masturbation a bad thing? There might be thousands of terms for it; pulling the padge, beating the meat, and whatever else Urban DIctionary might want to call it. But the fact remains that masturbation is not just expected but advantageous to your body as well. So, what are you still waiting for? Take your sex doll, or open up your favorite site and beat away! After all, masturbating is your body’s way of letting you know that you need more than just rest – you would also need to take an extra minute – or two – of your private time!

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