Mia Isabella Sex Dolls of 2022

Mia Isabella Sex Dolls of 2021

People’s sexual preferences vary a lot. Most men and women are attracted to people of the opposite gender. But the people sitting on the rainbow between these two clouds are different. Gay men like other men while lesbians like other women. Meanwhile, bisexuals will do it with either a man or a woman. And then there are the pansexuals who can be attracted to anyone they think is a wonderful person. 

As such, the porn industry is not filled with only erotic videos featuring a man and a woman. There are tons of videos catered to each sexual orientation. Of course, that means there are also a lot of non-cisgender sexy stars.

One such artist is Mia Isabella. She is one of the most known transgender porn stars. Mia Isabella won the Transsexual Performer of the Year in Urban X Award and XBIZ Award in the year 2011. And in 2012, she won NightMoves Award for Best Transsexual Performer (Editor’s Choice). Aside from these, she has also been nominated for a lot of other awards. That shows how excellently she performs in bed and how many people admire her work. 

Unfortunately, this trans person of French, Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent has long stopped making porn. She retired in January 2014. So, the only way you can “experience” her again is to watch her old videos again and again. As time goes by, that will become less and less satisfying. 

Here is a solution. Instead of just watching people have sex with Mia Isabella, why not have sex with her yourself? If you don’t live near her, that may be a little on the impossible side. But, don’t worry. That is not what we mean. What we are suggesting here is buying a Mia Isabella sex doll. 

Admittedly, there aren’t any real Mia Isabella sex doll replicas. But, there are sex doll models that look like her so much like the actress; you might as well call them replicas. 

Which among the thousands of sex doll models are they? Meet them below.


Mia Isabella Sex Dolls of 2021

Made by Iron tech Doll and sold by joy Love Dolls, you can rest assured that this sex doll is of high quality. Technically, she is a female sex doll. But, with a transgender insert, aka a detachable penis, you can make Lola a Mia Isabella sex doll.

What makes this sex doll one of the two best candidates for a Mia isabella sex doll is, of course, her appearance. Lola and the transgender then porn star’s looks don’t match 100%. But, no one can’t deny that the resemblance is there. The two both have strong facial features. They both have piercing eyes, gorgeous cheekbones, and kissable lips.

You may argue that Lola’s skin is too dark for a Mia Isabella sex doll. And you may be right. But, it is a problem that can be easily solved. You can customize the sex doll so she will have lighter-colored skin. 

This sex doll’s body is as explosive as her pretty head. Lola has a pair of perky C-cup boobs. Now, the world knows that Mia Isabella underwent breast augmentation surgery. Because otherwise, she would not have breasts like that. Why was this brought up? Because you can make this sex doll’s breast feel exactly like Mia Isabella’s breasts. Lola is a TPE sex doll, meaning her skin feels like human skin. Then, if you scroll to the customization section, you will see the “Soft & Natural” option under breast type. Lola’s breasts will be filled with the same gel used for breast augmentation if you opt for this. That said, Lola’s breasts will be very much like Mia Isabella’s breasts.

Moving on, between this 5 foot 6 inches tall sex doll’s legs, you will find her 7.5 inches deep vagina. But that’s only for when you want to have intercourse with the transgender then porn actress. As Mia Isabella does not really have a vagina, it’s there only to fulfill a headcanon where she has one. But if you want to make the experience more authentic, you should get her a detachable penis. Don’t worry; there are still her anal and oral orifices if you want to be her boss.

Overall, Lola is a fabulous sex doll and is a fantastic choice for a Mia Isabella sex doll.


Mia Isabella Sex Dolls of 2021

Rachel is an excellent choice for a Mia Isabella sex doll for the same reasons that Lola is. She has a resemblance to the retired porn actress. All you need to do is a little bit of tweaking, and the doll will look more like Mia Isabella. For instance, the change you can do to Rachel is swapping her wig with a longer one. 

Now, why should you opt for this sex doll over Lola? You should do it if you want to cup bigger boobs. While Lola only has average-sized C-cup breasts, Rachel has above-average G-cup ones. You will love having them in your hands – especially if you made them have gel implants. 

This sex doll also has anal, oral, and intercourse capabilities. Her oral depth is 5 inches, while her anal depth is 6.3 inches. Then, her vaginal depth -which is arguably the least important orifice in this case – is 7 inches. All of these holes are textured to be hyper-realistic. 

You might have noticed that there is an integral part missing in this Mia Isabella sex doll. She does not have a penis! To add that part, you should include a shemale kit in your order. You have two options here. There is a 7.5 inches and 6 inches penis for options. Choose whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Both options have the capability to hit your G-spot and make you orgasm while you are bouncing on them.

Try this sex doll to get the transexual experience of your life. You will love every second you will spend with this Mia Isabella sex doll. 

What are you waiting for? Go and make your order now.

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