Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2022

Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

One can’t really consider himself healthy if he does not have a great sex life. It is part of our well-being. Unfortunately, even if you look like Hemsworth or DiCaprio, you can’t be sure you’ll get laid when you want to. It is always a matter of rolling the dice. And when luck is not on your side on the days that you are horny, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. If you know what that means.

You can do that or do something better – you can buy artificial vaginas like fleshlights. Or you could take things up a notch and buy a sex doll instead. That would make you feel like you are having sex with an actual human. 

But, as amazing as these products are, they aren’t perfect. They have slight flaws. These flaws may be insignificant to some, but to others, they may be a big deal. For sex dolls, the issue could be portability and storage. The most life-like of these models are the same size as a full-grown human. They also weigh the same. Thus, you have to keep them in an accessible place, and near your bed, preferably. The thing is, sometimes, you’ll want to experience sex in the sofa or in the kitchen. You would have to drag the sex doll to those places and drag it back to the storage area. But you’d be tired after having sex. The last thing you would want to do is some heavy weightlifting.  

Now, there’s a middle-ground option. You can opt for sex doll torsos instead. They are life-like, similar to full-body sex dolls, but; they also have the portability of sex toys. 

Bet that got you interested. If ever that you are thinking of buying a half-body sex doll, here are your best options. 

Large Breasted Sex Doll Torso

Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

This sex doll’s limblessness did not stop her from looking amazing. She is so gorgeous. The pretty face of this half-body sex doll makes her look like a celebrity. If she had arms, she could garner more followers than the influencers on Instagram now. With her gigantic breasts, she’ll surely attract the attention of both men and women. Think of how satisfying it would be to watch those jiggle as you fuck her sweet pussy. The thought of that summoned a boner, did it? Imagine what it would be like when in action.

TPE Sex Doll Torso

Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

This one does not have incredibly huge breasts. But, one can also see that as a positive. Because her tits are normal-sized, this sex doll torso is more realistic. And just because her breasts are average does not mean she is not sexy. This cute sex doll has a pretty face, and her torso has a really nice shape. She also has a fine ass. And, of course, there is her small-but-deep pussy you would enjoy “destroying.” This small sex doll can make you feel so much sexual pleasure. So consider taking her home.

Luxury Sex Doll Torso

Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

This half-body sex doll is so lovely. Her cuteness will keep you coming home to her. Her kissable lips, pretty face, tiny waist, cute, and perky boobs total to an extremely attractive woman. But not just that. Behind this 17 kg. TPE ginger’s innocent appearance is a woman so skilled in sex. This Luxury Sex Doll Torso has vaginal intercourse and anal sex capabilities. Both her vagina and anal cavity are deep and hyper-realistic. She may be incomplete, but this sex doll will 100% complete your nights.


Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

Are you crushing on Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence or any celebrity who is blonde? If that is so, this sex doll, Maya, is the one you should be getting. She is a gorgeous blonde babe. Her face lies in the equilibrium of looking youthful and looking mature. It is perfect. Her torso is a piece of art too. Maya has nice, round, perky breasts. They aren’t that small nor that big – just the perfect size to get you excited to grab them. Her waist? It is tiny and therefore gives her an hourglass figure. 

Enough of her appearance. Let’s move on to what Maya can offer in bed. Maya can please you with her mouth, vagina, and anus. Her oral orifice is 5.5 inches deep, her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, and her vaginal orifice is 7.1 inches deep. With these three holes, this half-body sex doll will make you experience full-body orgasms. 


Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

Paige will entice you with her beautiful flowing hair, deep blue eyes, and pouty lips. On top of her magazine-cover-worthy face, she also has an amazing body – or what’s left of it. Paige’s torso has a nice shape, her breasts are medium-sized, her waist is wide, and her butt is super fine. This TPE sex doll also has a metallic skeleton, and hence, you can bend her to an angle that you like.

Paige will please you in more ways than one. She can give you a good sucking with her realistic mouth. And after she’s through with that, you can fuck her fat, juicy pussy or her fantastic anal hole.  


Most Trendy Half-body Sex Dolls 2021

It should be illegal to look as good as Jane. With the picture of her naked embedded in your memory, you would not be able to focus on your tasks. It is too distracting. Really, knowing she is waiting for you in your bedroom will make you want to speed up time so you can be with her. And as soon as you get home, your hands will be busy fondling her perky breasts or her bubble butt. 

Jane will give you blowjobs that will make you go crazy for her. Furthermore, her ultra-realistic vagina and anus will grant you sexual experiences you’ll never be able to forget. And because she is only 25 kilograms, you can bring and have sex with her in different places in your house. With her love-making expertise, she is going to take you on a journey filled with eroticism. 

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