Cleaning Tips For Sex Doll Wigs

Cleaning Tips For Sex Doll Wigs

For sure, what you consider as the most important part of a sex doll is her vagina. Or maybe her nus or her mouth, depending on which is your favorite experience. But they wouldn’t be sex dolls if not for the other parts. Therefore, they deserve some attention too. 

Among the other parts of the sex dolls, the wig needs the most care. The wig is one of the parts that make your sex doll pretty. And unlike, say, the nipples, it is always visible. Now, who wants their partners to look like someone who hasn’t showered for years? The messy look can be hot, sure. But there’s a limit to how messy one can look to be considered hot. Too much is too much. 

Cleaning Tips For Sex Doll Wigs

That said, you should learn how to maintain the wig properly. Taking care of the wig is not as simple as taking care of your hair. There are extra – and essential – steps that you should take. And if not done correctly, you may end up damaging the appearance of the sex doll instead. You wouldn’t want that, won’t you? Yes, you can just buy another wig. But that is inconvenient.

In this writing, you can learn how to make your love doll’s wig is always in good condition. So follow along and make sure you do not miss any word.

The Basics of Brushing the Love Doll’s Wig

Depending on the type of wig your sex doll has, the process of brushing it may vary. But only slightly. And regardless of that, the basics remain the same.

Removing The Wig Off of the Sex Doll’s Head

You don’t brush the sex doll’s wig while it is attached to her. What you want to do is remove it first. But don’t rush. Pulling the wig forcefully will damage it. It would be best to be gentle – as gentle as you would be when deflowering a woman. Should you find the wig stuck, you have to delicately unstuck it first before continuing the procedure.

Preliminary Cleaning

After you take off the wig, do not immediately go into brushing. As wigs are made of real hair, you need to handle them with utmost care. Your sex doll’s wig likely has tangles. It would be best to untangle them first using your fingers. The best way to do it is by starting from the very tip of the hair. Afterward, you should wet the wig a little bit – just like how you shower before you groom yourself. But don’t pour water into the wig. That’s going to ruin it. Instead, you should use something like a water spray. Dampen the wig and then proceed to the next step. 

Cleaning Tips For Sex Doll Wigs

Brush, Brush, Brush

Now that is all done, it is time to finally get to brushing. The brush you should use is soft and smooth, so it will not ruin the wig. Also, your strokes should have the right amount of force. It should be soft, but not too soft that the brushing becomes ineffective. But, it should also not be too hard so it would not cause hair loss. Remember, this is a wig – hair does not grow back. But don’t worry. Once you master the correct way to brush the wig, this will not be a problem.

Washing the Wig

When there’s so much dust and foreign particles on the wig, just brushing it will not be enough. You would have to wash it. And by now, for sure, you have understood that the wig is sensitive. One slight mistake, and you would need to buy a new one. Follow closely to do it right.


Fill your sink or get a basin and fill it with lukewarm water – not hot water, not cold water. The volume should just be enough for the wig to sink in easily. After that is done, add in shampoo. Again, the amount needed lies in the exact middle between what’s too much and what’s too little. You have to make sure that the water is just soapy enough to get the job done. 


Carefully submerge your sex doll’s wig down the soapy water that you have prepared. Then, leave it there for a few minutes to let it soak some soap. When you come back to it, wash it with clean water. Rinse it until the soap has been completely removed.

Then, get rid of the excess water by gently squeezing the wig – emphasis on “gently.” You do not want to squeeze it so hard that you’d rip it apart. All the effort you spent cleaning the wig will be wasted. 

Last, dry the wig by wrapping it with a soft towel. 

Drying the Wig Completely

The towel would not be enough to dry the wig. Like clothes, you also have to hang the wig. Choose a spot in your house that is dry, sufficiently warm, and not exposed to sunlight. Check it from time to time to see if it has dried completely. Then, put it back on the doll.

Cleaning Tips For Sex Doll Wigs

Putting the Wig Back on the Doll

So, the wig has been brushed and has been washed. Now it is time to attach it back to your sex doll. Bobby pins or Velcro are the most recommended things for the job. Meanwhile, bright-colored wig caps, glue, adhesives of any kind, and tight elastics or straps should be avoided. These will damage your love doll’s skin texture.

To do it safely, put a wig cap on your sex doll. Then, lay the wig on top of it. Set the wig by using four bobby pins – one on the front, back, left, and right. And then you are done. 

You can use the same technique if you are using double-sided Velcro instead. Doing it is super easy. Put the Velcro straps between the cap and the wig, then put them together. And that is it. 

Now, the only thing left to do is check if the wig was attached correctly. And that concludes this guide.

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