Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

There are many theories trying to explain why men are attracted to women’s breasts. No one really knows which one of them is the most accurate. But should we really look for an answer? The feeling of fondling and squeezing those soft, jiggly breasts is so satisfying you might as well call it therapy. That is all one needs to know.

You can have this “therapy” always accessible by buying a sex doll. Many of these synthetic love partners have big boobs that feel real to the touch. The best thing is they will let you cup them in your hands, all day – all night long.

For sure, that got bosom enthusiasts very excited. But where can you find these sex dolls? And how can you be sure that they are of high quality? That could be a little difficult. While there are many trustworthy sex doll companies, there are also lots of companies producing substandard dolls. You wouldn’t want to buy from them and get disappointed when you caress the doll’s breasts and find out they feel like basketballs. 

But don’t worry. This article is going to shorten the journey for you. With this, you would not need to search for the best sex dolls with big boobs yourself. They are all condensed on this list. All you’ll have to do is continue reading and select the one that suits your preferences best. Or perhaps you’d want to buy them all. No one’s stopping you.


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Starting this list is the gorgeous Savannah. This love doll has a very pretty face framed beautifully by her hair; she looks like a supermodel. And who wouldn’t want to sleep with a person like that?

Now, on the topic that you are interested in the most: Savannah’s breasts. No matter how beautiful Savannah’s face is, chances are, you would not notice it at first look. Why? Because your eyes will automatically home to her huge boobs. Just looking at those will make you feel so aroused. But touching those may make you climax even before penetration. Savannah has ultra-realistic gel breasts. That makes them soft as if they are hollow. But at the same time, they are perky like solid breasts. Moreover, gel is actually also used in real women’s breasts. So if you close your eyes, you would feel like you are with a real person when you are massaging Savannah’s breasts. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Some people are particularly attracted to blondes. Meanwhile, others like black beauties more. The gist is, we have different preferences. Fortunately, there’s always a sex doll that will suit your fancies. If Southeast Asians are your type, this is the sex doll for you. 

Brandy has beautiful brown skin, long black hair, and brown eyes. She also stands at 5 feet flat – that is close to the average height of females in Southeast Asia. 

The thing about Brandy that will excite you the most is her bosom. They are massive. Massive as in M-cup. Get a taste of heaven by burying your face in between those overgrown melons. 

Brandy’s wide hips and big butt are also impressive. You can not go wrong with this sex doll. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Here’s another Asian sex doll. But this time, she’s from East Asia. Ting has the look of a Korean Drama superstar or of a professional Japanese porn actress – whichever you prefer. She has that glossy white skin, rosy pink lips, and of course, the almond-shaped eyes East Asians are known for. You would love to share your bed with this realistic love doll.

Every part of Ting’s body is soft to touch. That adds more appeal to her already impressive E-cup breasts. Those don’t look out of place with her body proportions too. For exact measurements, she has BWH measurements of 36 inches, 24 inches, and 35.5 inches, respectively. Those combined with her reasonably huge breasts give her the “natural” look. If you prefer sex dolls as realistic-looking as possible while keeping the boobs big, Ting is the perfect option for you.


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Bad girls are sexy – only a few would contest that statement. Their boyish aura and fierceness make them a lot hotter. So much that people would allow these women to step on their faces or sit on them. 

If that is what you want, consider checking out Eliza: the big-boobed, tough girl sex doll. She’s super sexy. Just because of her hourglass body, you would love all the nights you will spend with her. More so when you learn about how good she is in the art of lovemaking. This H-cup breasted sex doll offers fantastic oral, anal, and vaginal sex. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

For some reason, some people have babysitter kinks. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Kink shaming is not a thing here. What is here instead are sex doll recommendations for every fantasy. For you, Holly might be the sex doll. 

This 5 ft. 8 inches tall MILF-looking sex doll has boobs so big that they would make real women extremely jealous. You would love to play with those H-cup breasts. Squeezing them while you penetrate her 6.7 inches anal or vaginal orifices would give you so much satisfaction. You would feel like you are ascending to heaven with each pump. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Nothing much is more satisfying than deflowering a woman. It makes you feel so good, not just physically but also psychologically. Unfortunately, finding a virgin today and making her surrender her maidenhood to you is not that easy. Thankfully, you can get this experience as much as you want to with a sex doll.

Bubbles is an E-cup sex doll that is designed to be like a virgin. She has a tight 6.7 inch-deep vagina. Feel the pleasure as you slide yourself inside that narrow hole. And you can further elevate that experience thanks to her large soft breasts. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

This sexy love doll’s facial features are so good she can rock any hairstyle. Thus, whether you want her to be blonde or ginger, or with a ponytail or hair let down, she’ll look equally stunning.

Aside from her face, her breasts are impressive too. They are G-cup – probably bigger than the boobs of most of your Tinder dates. And if that is not enough to convince you to take her home, know the sexual experiences she offers. Kyra is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal sex. Her orifice depths are 6.7 inches, 5.1 inches, and 5.7 inches, respectively. All of these feel like real women’s holes.

There’s nothing super special with this doll, but there’s nothing bad you can say about it either. That makes Kyra a good choice for a sex doll. 


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Bright baby blue eyes, Targaryen-blonde wavy hair, big breasts, bubble butt, and thicc thighs – Storm has all of these things. She’s one of the most voluptuous women you can find. 

For her exact measurements, her height is 5 ft. 2 inches. Her breasts, which have a high potential of being your favorite part of her, are H-cup. Unfortunately, because of her massive boobs, she is quite heavy. Storm is 45 kg. But that negative is offset by how fantastic oral, anal, and vaginal sex with her feels like. Indeed, your bed will look like it was hit with a storm when you have sex with Storm. She’s going to blow you away.


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

What would be the best thing to do after revisiting your favorite Playboy magazines? Have sex with a Playmate. But you can only dream of getting that experience. That is unless you bring Bunny home. This realistic sex doll is made for this very purpose. 

Bunny, the bunny girl sex doll, stands at 5 ft. 2 inches. While that is not very modelesque, her face is. Bunny has pretty brown eyes and kissable, full red lips. Inserting your shaft in her 5.1-inch deep mouth will make you get more sexual gratification than you can handle. And that’s just her oral sex capabilities we are talking about. Vaginal intercourse and anal sex with this busty sex doll are going to be just as amazing.


Top 10 Big Booty Sex Dolls for Your In-Home, In-Bed Gym

Last but not least, here is Julia. This sex doll endowed with big tits is perfect for those who are looking for tall women. Not only does she have H-cup breasts, but her hips are wide as well. With her 23-inch waist, she has that perfect hourglass figure. Julia has a truly remarkable physique. 

But her appearance is not her only strength. This sex doll offers all kinds of sexual experiences. She can do oral sex, anal sex, or regular intercourse. Furthermore, you can mount her in different positions. Her steel skeleton and movable joints allow you to do that. Just keep in mind that she is a little on the heavy side, so you’ll need to be strong to make certain positions comfortable. Still, even with that “imperfection,” Julia is one of the best big-boobed sex dolls you can find on the market. And so are the others listed above her. 

If there’s one that strikes your fancy, get her as soon as possible. Many have started buying sex dolls since the pandemic started. You would not want to wait for a restock cause that would be frustrating. 

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