What Makes Elsa Sex Doll Seductive?

What Makes Elsa Sex Dolls Seductive?

When buying sex dolls, many checkboxes need to be ticked. But, only two of them must always get the checkmark. First, the sex doll has to be high quality so your money will not go to waste. And second, the sex doll should be attractive. Because admit it or not, one’s vagina alone is not enough to give you an erection and keep you hard. That is regardless of how good it makes you feel. You must like the face, or at least the body of a woman, to remain excited. Picture yourself watching porn where the star is an older adult. Not a MILF but an actual older woman. Unless you are into that kind of stuff, your boner will probably die. 

That said, it is imperative that you make sure the sex doll you are buying is sexually attractive. This task is not really that difficult to do since most sex dolls sold in the market are designed to be seductive. 

In this article, let us discuss what makes two sex dolls, both named Elsa, work. For what reason should you opt for these models over others? What makes them sexy, and why should you consider buying them? Find the answer below.

Seductive Sex Doll Elsa

What Makes Elsa Sex Dolls Seductive?

This blonde sex doll is not the Ice Queen from Frozen, but she’ll make you “let it go” ad shoot your cum all over the place. Elsa’s gorgeousness and sex capabilities will make sure that happens. 

This sex doll looks like the popular former porn star Mia Khalifa, but blonde version. So if you were her fan, there’s already a reason to take Elsa home. Change the doll’s hair and eye color to match the internet sensation, and you can enjoy evenings with your crush. You would feel like you are a sexy, hunky porn star yourself by doing so.

But Elsa’s likeness to Mia Khalifa is not the only thing she has got going. She is really stunning. Elsa has all of these things: medium breasts, tiny waist, wide hips, and large ass. The combination of these will make you strip right after she arrives at your home. And you know a sex doll looks super fantastic if she can make you feel as eager for sex like that. 

The good news is, she’s not only pretty. She is also very good at sex. Elsa has oral, anal, and intercourse sex capabilities.

Her mouth is already impressive as is. With it, you can receive great blowjobs from her. But, if you have an extra $120, it would be worth spending it to make her have a sensual moth with a uvula and a tongue. These add-ons will make oral sex with Elsa feel even more realistic. That makes her extra sexy.

Unfortunately, you can do nothing to improve the anal sex experience you can get from this love doll. Not that it needs improving, as it already feels like real anal sex. For her already impressive and realistic, tight and deep vagina, though, there is something you can do. You can opt for a lubricant-free vagina. Also, if pubic hair turns you on, you can add that to the list. Moreover, if you want quality of life improvements, you can customize Elsa so that her vagina becomes removable. This will make cleaning a lot easier. There are also two size options here. Both removable vagina options are 7.8 inches deep, but you can pick between a 0.8 inches wide one and 0.98 inches wide one. 

Elsa could be anyone you want her to be. And that makes her seductive.

Brunette Sex Doll with Big Ass – Elsa

What Makes Elsa Sex Dolls Seductive?

This 5 foot 5 inches tall brunette is the biggest seductress in town. The news is, men who had slept with her became obsessed with her after their night together. Seeing how gorgeous and model-like this Elsa sex doll looks, their condition is understandable. 

Elsa is a Latina made of high-quality TPE – her skin feels soft to the touch. You would like to cuddle with her since she feels like an actual person. And you can fondle her large breasts while you’re on it. Since they feel real, you would love the feeling. By default, Elsa’s tits are hollow – they are incredibly soft and jiggly. Watching those jiggle as you give Elsa some pounding will surely give you great satisfaction. But if you want to add a little bit of meat to those breasts, you can give her solid breasts. This option will make them perkier. And for an ultra-realistic experience, you can opt for gel-implanted breasts instead.

Gel-implanted breasts are as soft as hollow ones, but at the same time, firm and perky as the solid variants. Also, their journey is the closest to how real breasts move. Of the three, this is the most advanced and, therefore, the best option. 

Now, if a sex dolls’ breasts are already that impressive, it is safe to have high expectations for her vagina. Elsa’s pussy is tight and deep. Moreover, it is anatomically accurate. It will make you feel like you really are having sex with a human rather than a love doll. 

Besides intercourse, Elsa is also capable of oral and anal sex. Like her vagina, her mouth and anus are also realistic.

What Makes Elsa Sex Doll Seductive?

Elsa’s flexibility, granted by her articulated metallic skeleton, will make you love her holes even more. It allows different sex positions, and Elsa loves being fucked in different ways. Hopefully, you know a lot so you can please her. 

This life-like, absolutely sexy woman will take you on wild sexual journeys. She will make all of your fantasies come true. So if you are dying to fulfill all of your desires, buying this sex doll will be a great idea. 

These Elsa sex dolls are ultra-realistic, super attractive, and experts at pleasing men. The combination of all these awesome things is what makes them seductive. So if you are looking for a woman to warm your bed, try Elsa. 

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