Top 3 Emma Watson Sex Doll Available in the Market

Top 3 Emma Watson Sex Doll Available in the Market

“It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA” – that is one of the iconic lines of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. And the actress who played her in the films definitely helped popularize the statement. The actress is none other than Emma Watson. 

As a kid, Emma has captured the audience’s hearts with her fantastic acting and her adorableness. And as the films progressed, the world saw her grow. Emma has aged like fine wine. She developed into a gorgeous woman that became the object of desire of many men. That’s why none had complained when it was announced that she would be the one playing as Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. The title fits her to a T.

But Emma Watson is not just pretty. She is also smart and kind hearted. The celebrity has participated in many programs that helped people. 

Because of Emma’s great qualities, many men desire to date her. But, since she is an extremely popular celebrity, it is likely that she is way out of your league. Unless you are a star yourself, chances of her noticing you are low. That might be hard to swallow, but that’s the truth. Don’t worry, though, because you are not out of luck. 

You may never have the real Emma Watson by your side, but you can have an Emma Watson sex doll. Are there really dolls like that? Yes and no. They aren’t really replicas of the actress. The manufacturers would land in trouble if they made something like that. But, some sex dolls show enough resemblance to the actress that all you would need is a little bit of customizing. 

Here is a collection of sex dolls that looks a little like Emma Watson. If you really want to experience what it is like to have Emma Watson’s company, you should check these dolls out.


Top 3 Emma Watson Sex Doll Available in the Market

You may not notice how similar Aaryanna and Emma Watson look at first glance. But that’s because the sex doll is not wearing the right wig and right eye color. Customize her to have brown eyes and buy her a wig that looks similar to Emma Watson’s hairstyle. After that, you would see there’s an uncanny resemblance.

Like the actress, Aaryanna has strong facial features. It gives her that independent and assertive look – very sexy. And speaking of sexiness, this sex doll is overflowing with it. For starters, she looks fit and healthy with her athletic build. 

 This 5 foot 2 inches tall Emma Watson sex doll has nice-sized boobies. They aren’t too big, and certainly not too small. The tits are just big enough to make you aroused but small enough to be as realistic as possible. And if you look at pictures of Emma Watson, you’ll see that’s the kind of breasts she has. 

Aaryanna is a sex doll and not a dress-up doll. So aside from her looks, for sure you are also curious about how good is she as a sex partner. She is terrific. This Emma Watson sex doll has vaginal, oral, and anal sex capabilities. Her vagina is 7.1 inches deep, her anus is 6.3 inches deep, and her mouth is 5.5 inches deep. All of these will make you experience full-body orgasms on the daily.


Top 3 Emma Watson Sex Doll Available in the Market

Saying that this sex doll is beautiful is an understatement. Kiyomi is super gorgeous. Just like Emma Watson. And that’s not referring to her face only. Kiyomi’s slender body is perfect too. It will make you think of her the whole day, so impatient, waiting for the evening to come. You would want the sun to set immediately so you can come home ASAP. And when you get home, the first thing you’ll do is strip Kiyomi off her clothes. You’d be the beast head over heels for Beauty. But unlike in the story, you would be wild. And none can blame you for acting that way as this Emma love doll is undeniably very sexy.

So, how does this Emma Watson sex doll fare in bed? After you are done removing all your clothes, she can entertain you with her mouth. You’d love receiving blowjobs from her because of how realistic her mouth is. After that foreplay, you can fuck her juicy pussy. And because of how real it feels, you would fuck her like there is no tomorrow. As you do this, you’ll see her soft breasts bouncing and jiggling. They will make you very entertained. And on days that you want some anal action, this Emma Watson sex doll will also be there to tend to your needs. She is also equipped with an ultra-realistic aal orifice.

This love doll looks like Emma Watson, and she is amazing in bed. What more can you ask for? 


Top 3 Emma Watson Sex Doll Available in the Market

This sex doll is as feminine as one can look. Who else looks like that? Emma Watson. Do some customization, and you can make Lana a replica of the star. Admittedly, this sex doll is shorter than Emma Watson. But, the things you get in exchange for the few missing inches of height will make you overlook that. Because this Emma Watson sex doll is tiny, she is very light. She weighs only 23 kilograms. That means carrying her around will be easy. So if you want to have sex with her in the kitchen or in your living room, you can bring her there without breaking your back.

Also, this sex doll has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Thus, it is possible to put her in different poses and have sex with her in different positions. With heavier dolls, that can sometimes feel like a chore. But since this Emma Watson love doll is lightweight, you can change her pose with relative ease. If you are someone who enjoys doing different sex positions per sexcapade, you will appreciate this greatly. 

This sex doll has oral, anal, and intercourse capabilities, in case you are wondering. Lana, and the two dolls listed above her, are your best options for an Emma Watson sex doll. 

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