The Renamon Sex Doll: The Most Elusive Sex Doll?

The Renamon Sex Doll: The Most Elusive Sex Doll?

People falling in love with anime girls or cartoon characters is not unheard of. Most of the time, the characters they are attracted to are humans. Although, there may be some variations, such as humans with cat ears or a foxtail or whatnot. But so long as they appear primarily human, lusting over them isn’t considered weird at all.

However, furries are a different breed. They can find even something that the only human-like quality is bipedalism sexy. Or even those that look a little like a human but are explicitly explained are not.

Take Gardevoir, for example. She is the most sexualized Pokemon. Come and type the name of the Pokemon on Google, and you will find many fan arts depicting her as a sexy lady. She’s often pictured with big boobs added to her body and in an erotic pose.

Renamon, from Digimon, receives the same treatment. And who can blame them? Admittedly, this bipedal, golden fox-like monster is very sexy. She is based from Kitsunes, after all. 

Anyway, despite what some close-minded people may say, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to these characters. You are not disrespecting anyone, so it’s all good. 

There is one glaring problem, though. These characters aren’t real. Will you be content with only fapping on their pictures? Certainly, you sometimes wish they were real, so you can feel their flesh wrapped around your shaft. 

Let sex dolls help you then. Sadly, there isn’t a sex doll that looks exactly like Renamon. Manufacturers only produce models that would appeal to the general population – human models. Digimon, Pokemon, and any of that kind are not included on the list. 

But, there are sex dolls that have traits similar to Renamon. You can opt for these and consider them the human form of the character. Yes, that means you still have to rely on your imagination. The thing is, the orifices of these models feel leagues better than your hands. So it is clear which is the superior option. 

With that out of the way, here are the best “Renamon sex dolls.”


The Renamon Sex Doll: The Most Elusive Sex Doll?

Ynnah is a sex doll posed as a catgirl. Yes, she’s not a fox, but as the people say – foxes are like fusions of dogs and cats. So it is still close. 

Like Renamon, Ynnah looks cute, cool, and sexy at the same time. She also has that cold, distant look that adds an air of mysteriousness around her. Furthermore, just like Renamon, Ynnah has a slender build. 

Then again, Renamon is based on Kitsunes from Japanese myth. Ynnah is Japanese herself, so there’s this strong connection between the two. 

Now, off to what makes this sex doll an excellent option. She is 5’4″ tall. This height ensures that handling her will not be as difficult. That’s fantastic because since she has a steel skeleton, you would want to try different sex positions with her. Needless to say, some of the positions would require you to do some lifting. 

Ynnah is also hyper-realistic. Not only is she made of TPE, but she also has believable proportions. Her D-cup breasts are slightly larger than the average C-cup, but it is not out of the ordinary. 

This Renamon sex doll offers oral sex that will make you feel like your tool is really in a person’s mouth. Likewise, her deep and tight vagina feels like a real woman’s vagina. 

That said, sex with Ynnah is going to be amazing. You will never regret getting her as your Renamon sex doll. 


The Renamon Sex Doll: The Most Elusive Sex Doll?

This sex doll is a super gorgeous one, just like Renamon. She also has that cool but aloof look the fox Digimon has. It is like she needs someone to show her affection, just like in Renamon’s story. Perhaps, you could take Rika’s role and be the one to give it to her. And you would not have trouble giving it to her. With her great looks, all you would want is to cuddle with her all day.

There are more things you can do to make the experience feel even more authentic. Nica has beautiful hair, but it is brown. It is nowhere in Renamon’s color palette. What you can do to make her look more like Renamon is customize her to have blonde hair. Hair options #5 and #8 are both fantastic options. Either of these will make Nica a blondie, but with option #8, there are also accents of blue – just like in Renamon’s body. Aside from the hair, you can also customize Nica’s nails. Make them black to match Renamon’s nails. Similarly, you should change her eye color to blue. After customization, she’ll look a lot more like Renamon. 

You would be pleased to know that Nica’s body is fully articulated. You can position her any way you like it. And that would be easy to do, thanks to her weighing only 31 kg. Coupled with her realistic vagina, this will make sex with this Renamon sex doll very exciting.


The Renamon Sex Doll: The Most Elusive Sex Doll?

This sex doll sports a foxy smile that makes her look competent. It is as if she’s saying to the other sex dolls: “I am better in sex than you.” From that, you can draw parallels. Renamon is a fox, and she is stronger than other Rookie-level Digimon. Off you bat, you can see why Leona is a top candidate for a Renamon sex doll.

Leona also has a light brown skin color, so imagining her as Renamon will not take that much brain power. There’s also a great customization option for Leona that will make her look closer to Renamon. For her eyes, you can select the shining blue option. Combine that with a blonde wig to reinforce the illusion that she is Renamon in the flesh. 

This Renamon sex doll offers oral, anal, and intercourse sex that and she will surely give you sexual experiences you will never forget.

Now that you know about these dolls, there’s only one thing that could stop you from fulfilling your desire. That is yourself. Can you overlook the fact that they are not really Renamon, and they are just representations? Or will you not accept it? Out of the two, one will let you experience more pleasure. 

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